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Fangs [edit]
by Falling Up | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: March 24, 2009

Falling Up returned in 2009 with their fourth full-length album, Fangs, a mystical concept record telling a story of hope. Years in the works, Falling Up brought to life a lush musical journey that began as a story penned by lead singer Jessy Ribordy. Heros and villains, good and evil, trials and tribulation. The band teamed up with critically acclaimed producer Casey Crescenzo (The Dear Hunter, Receiving End Of Sirens) to create a beautiful guitar-driven soundscape, accompanied by Falling Up's trademark experimental keys/synths and loops.

Track Listing
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01. The Colour Eoptian
02. Lotus And The Langourous
03. Streams Of Woe At Acheron
04. Magician Reversed
05. Golden Arrows
06. The Kings Garden
07. Panic And Geo-Primaries
08. The Moonn And Sixpence
09. Goddess Of The Dayspring, Am I
10. The Sidewinder Flux
11. The Chilling Alpine Adventure
12. Swimming Towards Propellers

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An Okay Release But Not Falling Up's Best | Posted May 13, 2010
After the wonder that was Captiva, I thought Falling Up's fourth album "Fangs" would be amazing, and when I heard lead single "Streams of Woe At Acheron" and then later "Goddess of Dayspring, Am I," I thought I was going to be right. Unfortunately, I was misled.

Now, don't get me wrong, this album is not BAD. I'd even go as far as to say it's a decent album, definitely interesting and it has many memorable moments on it. But when all is said and done, it's forgettable and I feel that Falling Up could've done a LOT better. The album definitely has it's highlights and all songs have some good moments, but if I were going to recommend an album to somebody to introduce them to Falling Up, I'd direct them to "Captiva" or "Dawn Escapes."

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Falling Up [Fangs] | Posted March 17, 2009
Falling Up returns with their 4th full length album, ?Fangs?, a mystical concept record telling a story of hope. Years in the works, Falling Up has brought to life a lush musical journey that began as story penned by lead singer Jessy Ribordy. Heros & villains, good and evil, trials and tribulation. ?The story of our hero begins as he crash lands into a great sea on this mystic planet called Neptuenn. We follow along on his quest as he embarks to discover the history of the planet, and just like anytime one travels to a distant land, he is shocked to notice just how strange the place that he comes from really is.? This album, along with the introduction, is an account and summary of chapters 1-5 from the book ?Fangs!? adapted from the original screenplay "Neptuenn's Cavern" by Jessy Ribordy.

This is unlike any Christian release I?ve ever heard and it is a truly brilliant musical journey. I?ve enjoyed previous hit songs by Falling Up including ?Flights?, ?Contact?, ?Exit Calypsan? and ?Hotel Aquarium?. If you liked those songs, you won?t be disappointed with the stand-out songs on ?Fangs? which for me are the first 3 songs ?The Colour Eoptian?, ?Lotus And The Langourous? and ?Streams Of Woe At Acheron?. Those 3 songs set the stage for the concept of the album, which is unique and fictional. The music and Jessy?s singing voice blend perfectly with the synth-rock sound of Falling Up, musically more like the ?Exit Lights? remix album. I?ve already listened to the song ?Lotus And The Langourous? over a dozen times, and it is my favorite new rock song of the year. There is nothing offensive in the song lyrics although they are obscure. The album reminds me of last year?s stand-out album ?With Arrows, With Poise? by The Myriad, including more arrow references in ?Golden Arrows? and ?The Kings Garden?, part of a mellow middle section of the album which continues until the rock kicks into high gear with the guitar intro on ?The Moon And Sixpence?. The album closes with 4 more story songs, including more references to the ?golden arrows? in ?Goddess of the Dayspring, Am I?, and ?Swimming Toward Propellers?.

If you like praise and worship or lyrics that you can immediately identify with, this album is not for you. If you like alternative rock like The Myriad, Anberlin and Radiohead, then this concept album is for you.

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Nathan (188)

First Look | Posted March 30, 2009
The progressive efforts of Falling Up that fans have noticed have originated from heavy rock (with the occasional rap tunes) on their debut disc Crashing to their light alternative latest Fangs. While no one expected a pure rock album from Falling Up, Fangs may take many fans by surprise by the lack of energy displayed.

Songs like “Streams Of Woe At Acheron” and “Goddess Of The Dayspring, Am I” seemed to indicate that the music would be a more organic direction but still draw from the bands very impressive third album, Captiva. However lead singer/songwriter Jessy Ribordy took the album on a very different and, depending on how you look at it, less complex journey which hit it’s lowest spots on “the kings garden” and “Magician Reversed” where the music could be seen as artistic boring or both. Fans of Falling Up are sure to appreciate “Panic and Geo-Primaries” which includes a nice throw back to Captiva, but the change was soft in origin.

One thing that we did know about the album was the lyrical direction was going to take a closer look into the ‘intriguing world of fiction and fantasy’. However the ‘vivid metaphors’ that were supposed to ‘draw poetic parallels to spirituality’ to indicate ‘unquestionably anchored in faith’ of the band was lost in transition thus Fangs has become the most vague Falling Up release.

Fangs isn’t a bad release, in fact it’s rather good but the end result is different than we might have expected. Some changes will generate a new love for bands while other changes might be setbacks rather than leaps ahead.

Full review coming soon.

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A sweetly Awesome CD | Posted June 12, 2009
I was surprised how amazing this cd was it has every thing u want in a falling up cd Don't Question just buy it.But sereoisy streams of woe and the golden arrows are my favorite songs

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username2 (375)

Captiva Part 2 | Posted April 29, 2009
Falling Up has taken there sound to a whole different place in the 5 years since Crashings. This one called Fangs really should be in a genre of it's own. Fangs is the 1st part of a screenplay that was written by lead singer Jessy Ribordy which is soon going to be turned into either a book or a movie. The album is a summerization of the first 5 chapters of the book. It sounds like an interesting story except for the fact that I can't decipher the actual story from the wonderful poetic lyrics. The music is amazing. The band really strived to make this the most beautiful album they could have ever put out and in my mind, they succeeded.

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Fangs! can be scary, but this is just good. | Posted March 24, 2009
I will say going into this review that Falling up has always been one of those bands that never registered much on my radar. I worked at a Christian rock radio station for over a year and have been a fan of Christian rock my entire life, but yet they never did catch my attention. I have always liked the singles played on the radio and the free mp3 downloads here and there and yet they never made me want to buy their albums to hear more. Until the new single from Fangs! "Streams of Woe at Acheron" registered on the chart for my show.

I was intrigued.

Once I got a copy in my hands, I listened to it once, then again, and now it is still playing even as I write this review.

This album is a concept album, based on a screenplay written by Falling Up's guitarist and lead singer Jessy Ribordy. The sci-fi storyline it follows is introduced in at the beginning of the liner notes and sheds light on the albums lyrics. The story even makes the odd yet intriguing album cover and art layout make sense. I won't reveal more about the storyline than that, but I will just say this, it is fascinating.

As far the sound of the album, it is still recognizable as Falling Up, but as the sci-fi theme of the album might imply, it has a space rock sound. Still aggressive and heavy in places, don't expect to rock out and mosh to much of anything from this disc. Fangs is very atmospheric and a joy to listen to, and this is coming from a person who usually prefers his music hard and heavy from beginning to end.

This is a great album. I honestly don't know who else to compare it to. Fans of Falling Up should pick Fangs! up for sure, and if you ever wished that bands like Radiohead would tame it down a little bit and be less experimental and ramp up the heaviness a little then I think you will like it too. It's a keeper.

4 out of 5 stars

~Paul Gibson

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