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After The Music Stops [edit]
by Lecrae | Genre: Rap/Urban | Release Date: May 01, 2006

What happens after the music stops and the show is over?
Lecrae is back with his gritty, southern style and versatile delivery that captivated audiences on his debut release Real Talk. Poised to deliver more truth to the world, Lecrae returns with a much-needed message on his sophomore effort "After The Music Stops."

From the beginning of his music ministry, Lecrae's heart has always been dedicated to broaden the fans' view of who God truly is. Now after extensive touring opportunities across the U.S. to large and small venues, from churches to outdoor stages with audiences ranging from the inner-city to the suburbs, Lecrae has gained a first-hand insight of the issues and struggles that today's youth are facing. After having a chance to see how so many music fans, particularly the youth, are infatuated with modern-day rappers and multi-media stardom, Lecrae wants them to instead become infatuated with Jesus Christ.

While many may look at him as a star or famous rapper, Lecrae's only goal in "After the Music Stops" is to urge listeners to glorify God with their lifestyle by pointing them to the person of Jesus Christ. Lecrae has purposed to let them know that God is more concerned about what life looks like after the music stops. "I'm all about representing Christ with your whole life whether that's in a crowd or in everyday life," says Lecrae. He desperately wants everyone to understand God's call is about a complete lifestyle devoted to the Lord, not just about performing at shows.

Introspective songs like "I Did It For You" and crowd-pleasing tracks such as "Run" showcase Lecrae's unique ability to mix his distinctive southern style into a versatile sound of authentic Hip Hop. Keeping a tight connection to his listeners while delivering a heart-convicting message with passionate energy, "After the Music Stops" is sure to be an inspirational tool in the arsenal of youth striving to live for the glory of Christ.

Track Listing
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01. After The Music Stops
02. Jesus Muzik
03. I Did It For You
04. The Truth
05. Run
06. Send Me
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07. Its Your World
08. Grateful
09. King Intro
10. The King
11. Invisible
12. Get Low
13. Praying For You
14. Nobody
15. Death Story
16. Unashamed
17. El Shaddai
18. Jump

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namzy (134)

After the music stops | Posted August 17, 2014
So this album has been in my collection since 2006/7 cant really remember but it has shown me that it is possible to preach Christ through hip-hop. With the following tracks just lighting it up, send me, unashamed, Jump, Jesus Muzik, praying for you and King including intro is just amazing.

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justrun7 (14)

Classic Album | Posted November 30, 2009
This album is amazing. The album makes you think so much about everything in your life and gives you so much conviction and growth at the same time. While there are many great songs on this album,it also includes one of the biggest songs ever with "Jesus Muzik" and also features a great song called "Prayin For You". The song "Prayin For You" is great because you think of a friend that you have been praying for in your life, but then a twist comes at the end of the song that leaves you wondering about yourself. This album should be purchased by anyone that likes hip-hop music.

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Just buy it. | Posted November 14, 2009
This album was, to be honest, the first album that was a Christian rapper. I had never even had an interest, it was categorized as cheesy in my mind. I got this album like three years ago, and it was amazing. I know the words to every part of every song, and the words really aren't just not bad, they are true Christian songs with the message of God in them. I think that Lecrae is a blessed man of God who had and probably will reach people for God through his music. I would tell any non-Christian that is listening to garbage, to pick up this album instead.

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Good | Posted November 09, 2009
Lecrae is amazing. This is better than his first, but not as good as his latest release. My favorite songs are Jesus Muzik, Prayin For You, Run, and Send Me. his lyrics are the best part about his music, they're amazing! He is one of the most talented people lyrically.

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ATMS | Posted August 10, 2009
Reach Records artist Lecrae's sophomore album proves to be another amazing release. The album opens up with a bang on the album's title track "After the Music Stops" and closes with the hidden track Leap of Faith/Jump. For anyone who is looking for an amazing Christian rap artist and an amazing album, I would recommend listening to "After The Music Stops" or any other Lecrae release. I hope you won't be disappointed.

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So true | Posted May 27, 2009
This CD is a must have in anybodies rap collection. Every song on this album speaks the truth from start to finish. My top 2 songs that really impacted me are "I'm praying for you" and "The King". If you haven't purchased this CD yet go get it A.S.A.P.

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aylaeh (203)

really enjoy it | Posted February 28, 2009
i recently purchased this album because i wanted to get some music that was different than what i normally listen to. this is the album that i chose. it did not disappoint. i really enjoy the album. it, as someone else said, gets the point across. i like what it has to say.

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Fantastic!! | Posted November 20, 2008
I am a music fan and like a wide variety of styles of music both Christian & secular too. I have a big problem with most mainstream secular Rap & Hip Hop because the lyrics are so full of so many negative things. This guy Lecrae is amazing! Every song on this album is great & he packs every track with solid scriptural influence. The quality of the music here is outstanding, the beats are fresh and Lecrae's skill with words is magnificent! Go buy this album, you won't regret it!

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"After the music stops, what's next?" | Posted March 03, 2008
Christian rapper Lecrae's sophomore album After the Music Stops certainly does not disappoint. Lecrae's southern style combines with hot beats and lyrics that challenge every believer to form a musical masterpiece. The album opens with Lecrae asking the question "After the music stops, what's next?" When the concerts are over and the music is done playing, is that just it or are you going to go home and apply the music to your life and read the Bible, pray, witness, fellowship, and just get closer to God? That's Lecrae's question for every listener.

The album also includes the chopped-and-screwed Southern-style banger "Jesus Muzik", the convicting "Send Me" that speaks of the importance of missions and witnessing to the lost, and the theme song for the all-saved, all-serious Christians out there "Unashamed", among others.

If you like southern style rap"Christian or secular, this album is for you!

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lta362 (26)

goood christian rap | Posted September 02, 2007
i like his one song jesus music

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