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Take Everything [edit]
by Seventh Day Slumber | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: March 10, 2009

Seventh Day Slumber returns with a strong praise and worship release to inspire listeners to surrender. This album includes a mix of covers of already popular worship songs, as well as originals. The album features "How Great Is Our God" and "Famous One" originally by Chris Tomlin, "Surrender" from Vineyard Worship, "Lead Me To The Cross," "Mighty To Save," and the hit "From The Inside Out" from Hillsong, "Everlasting God" from Lincoln Brewster, "I Can Only Imagine" originally by MercyMe, the classic hymn "Nothing But The Blood," a remake of an old Seventh Day Slumber classic "Oceans From The Rain," and two originals, "Take Everything" and "Carry Me."

Track Listing
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01. How Great Is Our God
02. Surrender
03. Lead Me To The Cross
04. Everlasting God
05. Mighty To Save
06. From The Inside Out
07. I Can Only Imagine
08. Take Everything
09. Carry Me
10. Famous One
11. Nothing But The Blood
12. Oceans From The Rain

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Seventh Day Slumber [Take Everything] | Posted April 15, 2009
Seventh Day Slumber has been a Christian rock band I’ve enjoyed since I first heard “Caroline”, “I Believe” and “Oceans From The Rain” from their BEC Recordings debut album “Once Upon A Shattered Life” in 2005. They kicked it up a notch with the rock in “Finally Awake” in 2007, and I listen to “Missing Pages” and “Undone” regularly. All of their songs have a worship component so it is natural for them to release a worship album, “Take Everything” on March 10, 2009. The first thing that caught my eye about the album was the song titles of familiar and amazing worship songs of the past decade. In fact, the best comparison is to fellow BEC artist Kutless and how they recorded worship songs and a few Kutless originals on “Strong Tower” in 2005.

“Take Everything” is a very strong collection of 9 great worship songs by Chris Tomlin (“How Great Is Our God” and “Famous One”), Hillsong (“Mighty To Save”, “From The Inside Out”, and “Lead Me To The Cross”), Brenton Brown (“Everlasting God”), Matt Redman (“Nothing But The Blood”), Vineyard Worship (“Surrender”) and the all-time classic “I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe. The songs are newly recorded with the rock styling of Seventh Day Slumber and in my opinion includes 5 of the top 50 songs of the decade: “Mighty To Save”, “How Great Is Our God”, “Everlasting God”, “From The Inside Out” and “I Can Only Imagine”. The versions of all of the classic worship songs are well made and sung with passion by Joseph Rojas. Personally, I prefer the Hillsong United version of “Lead Me To The Cross” sung by Brooke Fraser and the original Brenton Brown version of “Everlasting God”, however the versions of “Surrender” and “Nothing But The Blood” are amazing and add to the original recordings.

There are also 3 original Seventh Day Slumber worship songs including 2 brand new songs “Take Everything” and “Carry Me”, which are both great and uplifting songs. The closing song “Oceans From The Rain” is a stripped down recording of the hit song from “Once Upon A Shattered Life” and is a great way to close out a very fun collection of some of the greatest hits in worship of the decade.

“Take Everything” is a great companion album to “Strong Tower” by Kutless and a must-have for any fan of Seventh Day Slumber.

Rating: 9.1 out of 10 (91%, A-)

Review written by: Kevin Davis | Review can also be found here.

This review has been reprinted on NRT with permission from ChristianMusicReview.org. Click here to visit ChristianMusicReview.org today!

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Take Everything | Posted November 04, 2011
I really loved the idea of this release, having modern worship songs performed by one of the top bands in Christian hard rock. Overall this release did not connect with me as strongly as many of the bands earlier works though. The strong focus on worship is amazing, but overall I felt the vocals just felt a little tired and didn't move me. Thankfully others seem to have been really ministered to through this release.

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New SDS | Posted April 23, 2010
this is by far sds best album. i love it! all the worship songs i love in one cd sung by one of my favorite bands. i love the passion sds puts into it's music. you can hear it in the music and in the vocals. i recommend everyone get this album.

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Rockin worship | Posted June 07, 2009
This is a good solid musical album but what really gets me is the songs. I haven't heard these songs done in this way. The closest comparison would be kutlesses worship album. It ROCKS!

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Very Interesting | Posted May 26, 2009
When I first heard that SDS was recording a worship CD, My first thought was "This is going to be interesting". They did not dissapoint with this album, I started playing the CD before looking at the track listing, and I had absolutely not idea what song the first one was until they started singing, they put a really good twist on some classic worship songs.

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Seventh Day Slumber Amps Up Everyone's Favorite Worship | Posted May 05, 2009
To be honest, when I first heard that Seventh Day Slumber was recording a worship project, I didn't know what to expect. Didn't know if they were writing their own stuff, or if they were doing covers of worship songs. Turns out, they did both.
The result is one of the best worship albums to date.
To fully understand the sound of Take Everything, one should imagine Passion Conference: Chris Tomlin, David Crowder* Band, Charlie Hall, etc. Imagine the bands taking the stage at one of the biggest worship experiences in the world. Modern anthems are being sung, and everyone is loving it.
Now imagine Louie Gigilo announcing the newest band to take the Passion stage: Seventh Day Slumber. You know, Seventh Day: Finally Awake, Caroline, etc. The hard rock band plugs in and goes crazy like usual. But the lyrics are different. The same style you heard the others perform has the same words as these that Seventh Day is doing.
Welcome to Take Everything.
From the get-go, Take Everything rocks you with the usual Seventh Day Slumber hard rock intro. If you played Track 1 without knowing the album, you would have zero idea what the song would be called. Try "How Great is Our God".
The Chris Tomlin cover starts off the newest album from Seventh Day, which turns into one of the best worship albums ever created. Great modern worship songs soon follow ("Everlasting God", worship song of the year "Mighty to Save", "From the Inside Out")and are coupled with some amazing worship tracks from the past ("Nothing But the Blood" and "Surrender").
The songs that Seventh Day Slumber wrote for Take Everything are great, too. "Take Everything" and "Carry Me" are really good worship songs that you would expect from SDS lead man Joseph Rojas.
Bottom line: Hard rock junkies will love the sound of Take Everything, the tone of classic Seventh Day Slumber. And, whoever listens to Take Everything will also get to hear the real heart behind Seventh Day Slumber as well. Get ready for a great worship project: Take Everything takes the cake.

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SDS nailed it! | Posted April 08, 2009
There has not been a rock worship album this good since "Strong Tower" by Kutless. SDS original songs blend well with their covers. The way Joseph sings the songs on this album is spine-tingling. He sings with such conviction and passion. However much I like the original versions of the songs on this album, SDS arranges them in such a way that they bring new life to them; a different edge. "Take Everything" is by far my favorite song on this album. This song clearly points to the fact that it is not what we do for Jesus that matters; it matters that we trust him and submit ourselves to him. Buy this album, you won't be disappointed.

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