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Lost in Egypt [edit]
by Code of Ethics | Genre: Electronic/Dance | Release Date: February 10, 2009

After almost a decade from the music scene following a near-fatal motorcycle accident, Barry Blaze returns with his most ambitious project to date, filling a void for dance music fans.

Track Listing
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01. Smile
02. People are People
03. Lost in Egypt
04. Beautiful Lamb
05. Were You There
06. Somebody's Waiting
07. Perfect
08. Goodbye My Friend
09. Can't Live A Day
10. Something Real
11. Lost In Egypt (Desert Sand Mix)

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IronJedi (112)

Not So Lost in the 80's | Posted July 15, 2010

Code of Ethics, one of the quintessential, if sparse purveyors of dance music from a Christian perspective, makes its return to the scene with the delightfully retro and classically 80's / 90's Lost in Egypt. Despite a five year absence from the music scene, Barry Blaze and Co. serve up a head-bobbing, hyper-tempoed set of electronica that is imminently danceable and spiritually comprehensible.

While the songs of Lost in Egypt are not necessarily musically prescient, they are well-crafted, multi-layered examples of electronica creativity at its best. Blaze and Co. adhere to the conventional conventions of electronica: high beat counts, loops, samples, repetition, and glisteningly slick production; but also add enough modern nuances to keep things fresh and provocative.

CoE’s brand of high energy techno holds its own with genre-definers Tears for Fears and Depech Mode, as well as peers Ultrabeat and The Echoing Green. In fact, Blaze’s cover of Depech Mode’s “People Are People” is like cloned mimes doing a reflection routine; and it remains as morally relevant today as was the Mode’s version. Welcome back Code of Ethics- your music and message have been missed.

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Nathan (188)

A reentry rather than an Escape | Posted February 16, 2009
Code of Ethics might not register very high on the house hold-name-list but it’s not for a lack of involvement in Christian music because Code of Ethics first CD came out 1991 (Visual Paradox). However over the years the band dropped off the radar and seemed destined to disappear completely when lead singer Barry Blaze was involved in a very serious auto mobile accident. Overcoming injuries, both emotional and physical, Barry Blaze has retooled Code of Ethics techno pop/dance music to appeal to the latest generation of listeners. Those new to Code of Ethics will get hints of retro style music sprinkled within Escape in Egypt, however Blaze does a commendable job of synthesizing his music to keep up with the higher quality of music. The greatest flaw is the techno beats driving the music in nearly every song on the album rarely change throughout the course of the song.

The title track is heavily synthesized, and while the beat is complex, the techno music undergoes little change which causes the song to be overly repetitive. It’s easy to say ‘same song, second verse’ but it’s more like ‘same album, next song’ with the next track “Beautiful Lamb” which includes very repetitive techno music along with a worship atmosphere. The techno “Can’t live a day” is rather weak except for the complex bridge, and although the piano driven bridge is also redeeming on “were you there” the song is far from cutting edge. Among other uninteresting tracks such as “something real” and “perfect” some of Code of Ethics electronic music shines through. “People are people” has an entertaining upbeat techno pop act going and the “Lost In Egypt (Desert Sand Mix)” is a step up from the original as it smartly incorporates the presence of guitar riffs.

It should come as no surprise that the major theme of Escape of Egypt is praise and worship, considering that Blaze was a worship leader in Florida. However there are some pleasant surprises’ along the way. “People are people” takes a thoughtful look at the anger people can have while trying to be understanding and loving (‘I can’t understand/What makes a man/Hate another man/Help me understand’). There are some inconsistencies with the strong songwriting in the cases of “escape from Egypt” and “were you there” that make the song more confusing than necessary. The title track focuses on the war between the flesh and spirit before wondering, in awe, Gods humility in becoming a man (‘A slave to my own sin/Can’t find my way out …I want to know the reason/Why would a King become a man’) and some of “were you there” connections to us are a little strange but are still well put (‘It was me that cursed your name/I rolled the dice your robe to gain/I forced a spear into your side’).

Sadly not everything is nearly that complex as several tracks on the album approach insipidity. “Perfect’s” lyrics are limited as the total song consists of ‘You’re beautiful/And perfect are your ways/Let all creation sing your praise’ and “Beautiful Lamb” is very similar only it’s far longer. The previously mentioned are the most extreme of some pretty simple tracks which leads to another flaw in with the lack of tracks. Not counting the remix of the title track and “perfect” the Escape from Egypt is only nine songs long, a disappointing display after being out of action for so long. On the positive side the overall complexity is good and the techno pop/dance is a unique quality which will probably be inviting to old fans of Code of Ethics.

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ruthw7 (55)

Code Of Ethics' Lost in Eygpt | Posted February 15, 2009
There were some songs on this album that I plain didn't like. There were some songs that were ok. Sometimes with a new album, I would like to listen to the album again. I do not have any desire to listen to this album again and I would not buy this album.

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Lost In Egypt review | Posted February 10, 2009
I like the album. I like the techno sound - glad to know the sound can still be fresh and interesting. I like the words of the songs. I like that, even though it was the same style throughout, it was not boring.

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