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Oh Snap - EP [edit]
by Philmont | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: April 21, 2009

Pop-punk rock outfit Philmont made its home in Charlotte, NC, but quickly developed a national following by crafting catchy guitar riffs and massive hooks that brought about many new friends and fans show after show. With a mission to reach the hearts and ears of music fans across the world, Philmont’s music delivered a high-energy, rock experience that quickly drew references to Relient K, Green Day, and Hawk Nelson.

Track Listing
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01. I Can't Stand To Fall
02. The Difference
03. Another Name
04. My Hippocratic Oath
05. Photosynthetic
06. The Ascension

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Philmont [Oh Snap EP] | Posted March 16, 2009
Rising rock act Philmont?s rhinoceros emblazoned teaser EP certainly made listeners take notice in the summer of 2008 with the digital release of "Oh Snap". The album comes out with the additional track "The Ascension" on April 21, 2009. They are randomly named after a small town in New York. If you like up-tempo punk rock like The All-American Rejects, Fall Out Boy and Hawk Nelson, you should enjoy Philmont.

I?ve been enjoying the excitable opener ?I Can?t Stand to Fall? since last year. The lyrical hook of ?tear down these walls that separate us now? well represents Philmont?s overriding goal to always stay on the same page as God in every facet of life. The focus on spiritual matters is one of my favorite aspects of this solid debut EP. My other favorite song is ?The Difference? This song addresses the difference between life as a Christian and life as a non-Christian. Our actions and words should reflect the difference that Christ has made in our lives. I also like the mix of a slower song like ?Another Name? with the great guitar intro and lyrical intelligence of ?My Hippocratic Oath?. The latter song parallels a doctor?s promise to always work in the patient?s best interest to God?s offer of salvation: ?I can save your heart even though it?s destined to fail ? I guarantee you?ll never make it out alive without me.?

Nice combination of songs and sound. I?m looking forward to a full album release in the future from this promising band. If you like Hawk Nelson, Nevertheless and Everyday Sunday, you?ll enjoy Philmont.

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Nathan (188)

OH Snap! Another EP! | Posted April 20, 2009
With three previous EP’s under their belt, touring with bands like Capital Lights, MxPx, and Gasoline Heart, working with producer Rob Hawkins (Fireflight, Jackson Waters, and Esterlyn), the pop punk act Philmont is poised to release their most daring project: another EP! Philmont’s years of work has now come to fruition after re-releasing the Oh Snap EP, which was originally available digitally (minus the acoustic version of “The Ascension”).

It’s easy to categorize Philmont as just another pop punk group arriving late to a scene which doesn’t lack upbeat cliché-ridden rock bands. Those who are willing to take a chance on the Oh Snap EP, or are just looking for the next slightly-big-thing in pop-punk, will be pleasantly presented with a solid selection on songs. The flawless starting track, “I Can’t Stand To Fall”, uses typical fast-paced punk tunes to attract those who are looking for something to dance to. Philmont’s brief adoption of Relient K vocal style in the bridge may inspire criticism, but at least the young group is taking notes from the best. “I Can’t Stand To Fall” metaphorical play on ‘Tear down this wall’ with ‘Tear down these walls/I'd climb but I can't stand to fall without You’ is just one of the symbolic lyrics used by Philmont which is common among other clever punk rock artists. The best of these is “My Hippocratic Oath” which takes an emergency medical situation and turns it into a portrayal of salvation: ‘(Patient:) "There's a pain in my chest and I'm told by the best/They can't save me/What make You think You can?/"(Doctor:)"The drugs they prescribe and procedures they try/Will not save you/But I swear to you I can."’ “My Hippocratic Oath” is very guitar driven and takes on the most intense rock role on the EP.

What stands out about “The Difference” is that it doesn’t. Despite its strong message to stick out in this world (‘It's gotta be significant/If You're really inside changing my life/You would shine, You would be evident/’), the punk rock beat is rougher than “I Can’t Stand To Fall” and the song, overall, sounds too generic. The early vocals on “The Ascension” are reminiscent of David Josiah Curtis (Run Kid Run), and the piano-fueled acoustic version is surprisingly artistic. The other progressive light-pop ballad gets most of its aid from lead singer Scotty McTaube and its lyrics--which speaks from God’s prospective on forgiveness (‘You have all been livin'/A life I have forgiven’). The catchy song "Photosynthetic" isn’t the most cutting-edge track on the album, but it sports an attractive pop punk tune.

Ever since the band’s birth in 2005, little has come from the Philmont studio. Although the acoustic version of the “Ascension” is a nice addition to the Oh Snap EP, the project isn’t one that will inspire more fans to jump on the Philmont bandwagon. However, even though no ground breaking was done, and there is little real indication of future progression in that area, I think we can at least expect a positive full-length album whenever Philmont releases one.

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Philmont's "Oh Snap EP": A Review | Posted September 10, 2008
by C.E. Moore

Random. That’s how I would describe Forefront’s newest signing Philmont’s Oh Snap EP, which serves as a 17-minute primer for their forthcoming 2009 debut. One moment they sound like a punk band in the same vein as bands like Green Day and Relient K. The next moment they sound like a melodic rock band like Maroon 5 while attempting to be as contemplative as Chris Rice. Maybe that’s the point. It’s an EP. Maybe it’s meant to be a random sampling of who they are trying to be as a band. Question is, does Philmont know who Philmont is trying to be as a band?

“I Can’t Stand To Fall” kicks things off and is a raucous, noisy teen anthem-in-the-making. Lead singer Scott Taube belting out, “Tear down these walls/I’d climb but I can’t stand to fall without You/Tear down these walls that separate us now/I can’t make them fall without You,” as fellow band mates Josiah Prince (guitar) and Todd Davis (drums) grind things out on their respective instruments. They don’t break any new ground from a creative standpoint. “The Difference” is, quite literally, more of the same. When this track came on I really hadn’t noticed that the songs had changed. “Another Name” is where the band changes up their style and moves out of the punk genre and into the modern rock genre, producing a strong ballad. Honestly, I think the band would do better to stick to modern rock, because the sound here is a bit fresher than the overdone punk thing. “My Hippocratic Oath” is an amalgamation of the two styles and didn’t win any real points with me beyond Prince’s great guitar licks. “Photosynthetic” is a good piece of writing and ends the EP on a solid punk rock note.

I’m hoping Philmont’s Oh Snap EP isn’t all there is to the band. They show a lot of promise and continue Forefront’s youth-oriented paradigm shift, but this sampling of songs sound just like every other pop punk band I’ve heard over the last four years. When their full-length album drops in early 2009 let’s hope there’s a little variety mixed with musical maturity.

This review has been reprinted on NRT with permission from The Christian Manifesto. Click here to visit today!

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LauraCC (256)

Awesome | Posted February 19, 2010
I've loved "The Difference" ever since I saw their music video for it. Great lyrics, great sound. "I Can't Stand To Fall" and "Another Name" are awesome too! I can see what Andrew means about "My Hippocratic Oath"; when Jesus fixes us we don't go to sleep and get numbed. The only song I don't have is "The Ascension"

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Pop punk music with melodic tones | Posted June 09, 2009
North Carolina based pop punk band Philmont’s EP “Oh Snap” is by far one of the most thought provoking and catchy albums I’ve heard this year. Even though this is only a sample of what the band has to offer, I can already tell that these guys are going somewhere.

With drives and riffs to make any punk rocker happy, Philmont also offers up melodic choruses that make their way to your heart. You will be sure to have your face melted off with the catchy, yet rocker friendly “The Difference.” But, be prepared to reveal your softer side as you mellow out on and ponder the lyrics of “Another Name.” Both of these tracks, along with the four others on this album, offer up a bit of something for every rocker at heart.

My suggestions, get this album now, then go to a show and get an autograph. Trust me, you’ll want it because these guys are going to be big.

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For Fans of Reliant-K | Posted April 22, 2009
There are many differences between Philmont and Reliant-K. However, for fans of Reliant-K, Philmont will be a great addition to the CD rack. The vocals are smooth and energetic, and the music flows fluidly through tempo breaks. Very solid release. Definitely a band to watch.

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ruthw7 (55)

Philmont Oh Snap | Posted April 21, 2009
This is a good album. I was listening to the album in the background while doing other things and I found myself drawn to the album. I was intently listening to the lyrics and patiently waiting to see what the next lyrics would be.

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Great Job | Posted April 01, 2009
I must say, I was pretty surprised by this EP. The songs are so catchy that I can't stop listening to it. My favorites are probably the first two, but I love them all. I think Philmont made a great debut with this and I can't wait for a full length CD from them.

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Maybe not the most original... | Posted September 28, 2008
Eventhough there are plenty of bands out there that sound like these guys,I still love them. Their music is super energetic,the melodies are catchy,and they're from North Carolina.(Represent!!)Can't wait for the full-length in February!:-) I love their song "The Difference"!

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