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Limbs And Branches [edit]
by Jon Foreman | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: October 28, 2008

Jon Foreman is known as the frontman for multi-platinum-selling rock band Switchfoot, but he’s quickly developing a unique following of his own with his solo work. His Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer EPs have connected deeply with fans and have earned widespread acclaim from press and media. The music has also connected with TV and film audiences, with “The Cure For Pain” featured in Grey’s Anatomy and the film Bella.

Limbs And Branches collects the most popular songs from those 4 EPs and adds two new songs.

Track Listing
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01. Your Love Is Strong
02. Behind Your Eyes
03. The Cure For Pain
04. Resurrect Me
05. Southbound Train
06. Broken From The Start
07. House Of God, Forever
08. Instead Of A Show
09. A Mirror Is Harder To Hold
10. In My Arms
11. Learning How To Die
12. Over The River

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Nathan (188)

The conclusion to Forman's great seasons | Posted January 12, 2009
One reoccurring theme over 2008 was Jon Forman and his acoustic seasonal EPs. Though the set of EP’s started with the Fall EP back in November of 2007 it wasn’t until October of the following year that Forman’s beak from multi-platinum selling rock band Switchfoot was concluded with Limbs And Branches: The best of all four EP’s with two new songs thrown in.

What made the acoustic pop/rock/folk rock survive boredom was a steady dose of powerful ballads with the occasional oddball song and some up tempo song at the right time. “Behind your eyes” has a very upbeat tune, which is very energetic compared to most of the unplugged songs while “resurrect me” sounds like Switchfoot performing acoustic along with some pretty innovated music. A solemn feel surrounds the entire CD and it helps many of the songs including the impressive light pop ballad “the cure for the pain” even though it could be argued that Forman’s attempt hit the high notes fall short.

The single “Your love is strong” is a basic acoustic song among the 26 overall songs released by Forman but the emotion that is brought to the guitar driven chorus is greatly effective. The music reflect the title of “southbound train” because of the harmonica and the very country style of music and the duet with Sarah Masen on “the house of God” also has a southern sound. Not every song has diversity or a solid sound though. In the cases of “a mirror is harder to hold” and “in my arms” which are simply guitar driven ballads and new song “over the bridge” lacks an artistic touch. The other new song, “Broken from the start”, doesn’t lack much with its upbeat acoustic tune that uses a haunting piano in key places.

The lyrics have been a key part of the attraction of the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer EP’s as it seems that Forman’s has been allowed to free himself up to talk about faith and life in places he could not as a part of Switchfoot. Many songs take their roots in the scripture such as “your love is strong” which features a slightly altered version of the Lord’s prayer (nothing is taken away) and the song also underscores God’s faithfulness (‘So why should I worry?/Why do I freak out?/God knows what I need’). “The house of God forever” borrows heavily from the 23rd psalm a “mirror is harder to hold” seems to originate from James 1:23-24 and Matthew 7: 3-5 (‘You’ve got nothing I could ever hold/against you/I got fatal flaws to call my own’).

Gems surface on “the cure for the pain” which is about a man struggling with pain who won’t give up despite his difficulties/admits the futility of searching elsewhere for the cure for sin (‘Oh my Lord! to suffer like you do.../It would be a lie to run away’) and “learning how to die” which is a though provoking look at our mortality. “Instead of a show” is a very blunt song against the modern American Church and a call to live righteously (‘Instead let there be a flood of justice/An endless procession of righteous living’). Although “behind your eyes” and “in my arms” leave something to be desired the song writing is usually very solid and, in the case of “broken from the start”, spectacular.

Of the 24 starting songs the final ten that made the final cut are very good (though “equally skilled” would have been a nice addition), but even with the strength of “broken from the start” it’s a no much off an incitement to those who have the previous EP’s. But the point of the all the EP’s and Limbs and Branches (at least in my eyes) is to give more credit to Jon Forman’s work and which will certainly add more anticipation to Switchfoot’s next album.

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Davidq | Posted November 23, 2017
The Limbs And Branches represent something beautiful from here. I've checked with the just recently and they told me about its beauty. I'm totally mesmerized by the whole of it.

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Amazing! | Posted July 01, 2009
Jon Foreman has an amazing ability to write brilliant lyrics. I love this CD because it has cool melody lines, and of course, beautiful lyrics. "Your love is Strong" and "The Cure for the Pain" are a couple of my favorites. This album is well worth listening too. Good job Jon!

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