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WOW Hits 2009 by Various Artists -

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WOW Hits 2009 [edit]
by Various Artists - "WOW" Series | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: October 07, 2008

Your wait has ended! The newest installment of the multi-platinum-selling WOW series is here! The must-have collection of the year includes 30 top CCM hits such as "Cinderella" (Steven Curtis Chapman); "Every Man" (Casting Crowns); "God with Us" (MercyMe); "In Better Hands" (Natalie Grant); "Mighty to Save" (Michael W. Smith); "Jesus Messiah" (Chris Tomlin); "How You Live" (Point of Grace); "Call My Name" (Third Day); and more on two jam-packed CDs. Looking for the best in Christian music? Look no further than WOW Hits: 2009.

Track Listing
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01. Every Man - Casting Crowns
02. God With Us - MercyMe
03. Call My Name - Third Day
04. Jesus Messiah - Chris Tomlin
05. Let It Fade - Jeremy Camp
06. You Are Everything - Matthew West
07. Cinderella - Steven Curtis Chapman
08. How You Live (Turn Up The Music) - Point of Grace
09. Mighty To Save - Michael W. Smith
10. All Because of Jesus - Fee
11. Set The World On Fire - Britt Nicole
12. Your Grace Is Enough - Matt Maher
13. Song of Hope - Robbie Seay Band
14. In Better Hands - Natalie Grant
15. Sound of Your Name - Above The Golden State
16. Everything Glorious - David Crowder Band
17. This Is Home - Switchfoot
18. Friend Like That - Hawk Nelson
19. The Best Thing - Relient K
20. Love Is Here - Tenth Avenue North
21. Washed By The Water - needtobreathe
22. Give Me Your Eyes - Brandon Heath
23. I'm Letting Go - Francesca Battistelli
24. Lose My Soul - tobyMac
25. Jesus Loves You - Stellar Kart
26. Count Me In - Leeland
27. Unbreakable - Fireflight
28. Already Over - RED
29. All Along - Remedy Drive
30. Sleeping In - Nevertheless

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Two Different Tastes, Two Different CDs | Posted November 17, 2008
I recently purchased this 2 CD album at my nearby Lifeway because 1) it was on sale and 2) I always try to get the newest WOW album. And I have to say, the guys at WOW did a great job splitting the CDs up. Disc 1 is for fans of contemporary music (Casting Crowns, Selah, etc.), and Disc 2 is for people like me...the ones who want harder stuff (Hawk Nelson, RED, etc.). I enjoy a mix, and this is the album to purchase. Great for all-around Christian music junkies like me.

Starting off with Disc Uno:
Call My Name by Third Day, All Because of Jesus by Fee, and Song of Hope (Heaven Come Down) by Robbie Seay Band are the Top 3 songs on this disc. Third Day continues to amaze me with putting out great songs year in and year out, and Fee and RSB are the new breakout praise bands this year. Micheal W. Smith did a good job of Mighty to Save, and Above the Golden State's track surprised me on this CD.

Disc Dos:
My favorite CD, so this one will get a little more spotlight. The CD starts off with Everything Glorious by DCB, one of the best songs from Passion. This is Home by Switchfoot and Friend Like That by Hawk Nelson, two of the biggest hits this year, follow. The Best Thing by Relient K and Love is Here by Tenth Avenue North are next, two different songs that both are great additions to this year's addition of WOW. Needtobreathe's blues-like Washed by the Water is one of the best songs on the album. Brandon Heath's upbeat Give Me Your Eyes was a song for me that I didn't like at first, but after listening to it for awhile, it grew on me. I'm Letting Go is my only minus on this disc, could have been left off and replaced by another track. Then a triple shot of WOW is next: TobyMac busts out Lose My Soul, Stellar Kart tells everyone that Jesus Loves You in their unique way, and melodic rocking Leeland finishes it out with Count Me In. Fireflight's Unbreakable and RED's Already Over comes in with a Metal One-Two punch, and then Remedy Drive sneaks up with All Along. Then WOW finishes out with the best song, the newest hit, Sleeping In by Nevertheless.

Starting and finishing with a bang, WOW Hits 2009 is a must-have for any Christian Music fan. Now I can have the best songs on my Zune for the price of one album, instead of downloading the rest. If you call yourself a fan of Christian Music, then go out and buy WOW 2009! You won't be disappointed.

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thank you | Posted December 05, 2010
this was my like my very very first christian cd ever. i only bought it because i had recognized a few names from my youth group and rock the river. this album has turned me on to sooo many of the bands i currently listen to and have found coulntless more artists because i knew these artists
so i just want to thank you for watering the seed for my love and knowledge of christian music
if anyone out their is looking for some very good basic artists and songs,wow is one great place to start c=

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WOW Hits 2009 Doesn't Disappoint | Posted December 19, 2009
I've been a fan of the WOW series ever since I was a young kid. My parents first bought WOW 1997 and we have continued to buy the series every year when they come out. WOW Hits 2009 doesn't disappoint the high expectations that come with the WOW series, with a lot of the songs already being favorites due to Christian Radio and TV.

The first CD is filled with many contemporary hits and powerful worship songs like Everyman - Casting Crowns, Call My Name - Third Day, Jesus Messiah - Chris Tomlin, Cinderella - Steven Curtis Chapman, & Your Grace is Enough - Matt Maher. There are also songs by Michael W. Smith, Matthew West, MercyMe, Jeremy Camp, Fee, and many others.

The second CD takes the rockier road and contains many rock hits such as Friend Like That - Hawk Nelson, Lose My Soul - tobyMac, Unbreakable - Fireflight, & Already Over - Red. It also contains songs from David Crowder Band, Switchfoot, Reliant K, Brandon Heath, Francesca Battistelli, and Leeland.

Both CDs are filled with fantastic new artists for example Matt Maher, Francesca Battistelli, Brandon Heath, and Fee, but also has a lot of your favorite artists for instance tobyMac, Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Third Day, Switchfoot, & Reliant K

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Pretty Good | Posted October 20, 2009
I like the songs: Your Grace Is Enough by Matt Maher, All Because of Jesus by Fee, Mighty To Save by Michael W. Smith, You Are Everything by Matthew West, Let It Fade by Jeremy Camp, Jesus Messiah by Chris Tomlin, Call My Name by Third Day, God With Us by MercyMe, All Along by Remedy Drive, Every Man by Casting Crowns, Unbreakable by Fireflight, Jesus Loves You by Stellar Kart, Lose My Soul by TobyMac, Give Me Your Eyes by Brandon Heath, I'm Letting Go by Francesca Battistelli, Love Is Here by Tenth Avenue North, The Best Thing by Relient K, Friend Like That by Hawk Nelson, This is Home by Switchfoot, and Everything Glorious by David Crowder Band. The other songs weren't worth being in the album to me.

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Wow Hits | Posted July 08, 2009
I really like this Cd. They did an awesome job at picking which songs to put on it. There's only one song that i do not like which is "How you live" by point of grace, but other then that i love, love, love this cd. Some of the songs i did not know but i love them now after listening to them. I really like how there are a lot of upbeat songs on it.

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LauraCC (255)

One of the best WOW hits ever! | Posted July 04, 2009
I'm so glad they have lots of rock songs. I never knew I had such a taste for rock before. I also love "Call My Name" and "In Better Hands" (I've memorized the latter and love singing along with it.) A truly awesome compilation!

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LampaFan (179)

Okay. | Posted November 15, 2008
This CD i just okay. I like some of the songs, such as "In Better Hands" and "Lose My Soul", but I'm disappointed that artists like Casting Crowns, Chris Tomlin, MercyMe and others KEEP getting on the WOW releases, while songs and artists like "God Speaking" by Mandisa, or "Always" by Plumb or "Shine" by Krystal Meyers are all shunned. Okay release, but I would have liked to see a more vast array of artists and not all this AC/CCM music.

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WOW Hits 2009 | Posted November 14, 2008
Overall I thought that this cd had a great line-up but i feel like they are missing a couple of songs and that some songs shouldn't be on it. Some songs that i thought should've been on it would be "Voice of a Savior" by Mandisa because it is a wonderful song and it did well on the music charts plus the radio station over here just plays that song out. Another "missing song" that i would say (my opinion) would be "Give Me Words to Speak" by Aaron Shust. Another great song that did well on the charts. Also I never heard Michael W. Smith's version of "Mighty to Save", i thought for sure that Laura Story's version would make the cut but i guess i was wrong allthough i do prefer her version. Now some songs that souldn't be on it would be Michael W. Smith's "Mighty to Save" as i mentioned before and Casting Crowns "Every Man". Dont get me wrong "Every Man" is a great song but it didn't do as well as its previous songs. I guess it does deserve to be on a wow but not as the number one song. Honestly i thought that Steven Curtis Chapmans song "Cinderella" would be number one overall but i guess that people are used to seeing Casting Crowns, MercyMe, and Chris Tomlin as being on top altough i'm so ready to see that change. Again this is all of my opinion becuase i know lots of you may disagree with me. Again good line-up though. There were many songs that i liked and that deserve to be on there and many songs that i learned just from listening to it. With a few adjustments to the line-up Wow 2009 would be a perfect cd and gift for any christian music fan.

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WOW Hits 2009 | Posted November 12, 2008
An excellent compilation of contemporary Christian music. A lot of tracks to enjoy and find your favorites. Though I'm not a big Toby Mac fan, I find myself singing along with "Lose My Soul". And needtobreathe's bluesy "Washed By the Water" is another favorite.

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grest cd! | Posted October 07, 2008
awesome cd !!!! i love all the songs featured on it. but there's just one little problem. Set the world on fire by britt nicole has already been on sooo many other wow discs! they need another song from her on there, not the same one every time !!!

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