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WOW Hits 2009
Posted November 14, 2008
By jasoncolon21,

Overall I thought that this cd had a great line-up but i feel like they are missing a couple of songs and that some songs shouldn't be on it. Some songs that i thought should've been on it would be "Voice of a Savior" by Mandisa because it is a wonderful song and it did well on the music charts plus the radio station over here just plays that song out. Another "missing song" that i would say (my opinion) would be "Give Me Words to Speak" by Aaron Shust. Another great song that did well on the charts. Also I never heard Michael W. Smith's version of "Mighty to Save", i thought for sure that Laura Story's version would make the cut but i guess i was wrong allthough i do prefer her version. Now some songs that souldn't be on it would be Michael W. Smith's "Mighty to Save" as i mentioned before and Casting Crowns "Every Man". Dont get me wrong "Every Man" is a great song but it didn't do as well as its previous songs. I guess it does deserve to be on a wow but not as the number one song. Honestly i thought that Steven Curtis Chapmans song "Cinderella" would be number one overall but i guess that people are used to seeing Casting Crowns, MercyMe, and Chris Tomlin as being on top altough i'm so ready to see that change. Again this is all of my opinion becuase i know lots of you may disagree with me. Again good line-up though. There were many songs that i liked and that deserve to be on there and many songs that i learned just from listening to it. With a few adjustments to the line-up Wow 2009 would be a perfect cd and gift for any christian music fan.

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