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Healing Rain [edit]
by Michael W. Smith | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: October 26, 2004

Known for his prolific songwriting and a driving passion to see lives changed, Michael W. Smith stands as a pillar in the Christian community and beyond. With a catalog full of impactful worship and pop music, Michael could rest on his reputation, but instead he strives to keep making music that is relevant to the human experience and God's love for us. He writes music that meets us where we are and ushers us into the healing presence of God.
This is the mission behind Michael's highly-anticipated new album, "Healing Rain". With poignant lyrics, moving musical expression, and a sound that seems fresh, yet familiar, Michael delivers an album that perfectly blends his pop sensibilities with the worship experience that has endeared him to so many. Listeners will hear what is closest to his heart and hopefully will let it impact their lives. "Worship is a lifestyle," says Michael. "Embrace God fully and let him embrace you. Don't be afraid to be washed in heaven's rain."

Track Listing
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01. Here I Am
02. Healing Rain
03. Live Forever
04. Hang On
05. Fly To The Moon
06. Human Spark
07. We Can't Wait Any Longer
08. I Am Love
09. Bridge Over Troubled Water
10. Eagles Fly
11. All I Want

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namzy (134)

Healing Rain | Posted October 23, 2014
The 11 tracks are just amazing, if you first listen to this album and do not know MWS, you will not even guess that it is him. The reasion is because it has a bit of rock to it as compared to the current albums which have diverted to more of worship. I believe his background and where he was coming from inspired his music. I totally love it because it is speaking truth and what will be seen in the future. Music relates to people and will capture even those that don't know the lord and then the message or lyrics will get them!wink God bless MWS

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awesome! :D | Posted November 29, 2011

Healing Rain came out about the time i discovered Michael W. Smith, plus it was also given to me by a dear friend who only a couple years later died of cancer. She'd loved the song Healing Rain, but GOD's rain hadn't healed her like we'd all prayed and hoped. Her passing was saddening, however, that following week both her daughter, and granddaughter decided to be baptized and make that outward commitment of faith, so her death had a purpose. I think of her fondly when listening to this album..

Originally the song Healing Rain was going to be called Healing Train, with the idea of a train going around delivering aid and medical supplies etc, to people in need, and you can still hear a little of that aspect throughout the song. It was changed however, to depict a Divine source of healing that only GOD can bring. That slight change is what makes this album even better.

My favorite song on this album is definitely Here I Am, and it was the first song i ever heard that truly inspired me to live out my faith, and boldly proclaim His Word. I've never been the same since hearing it.

Some of my other favorite include, the title track Healing Rain, Live Forever, Can't Wait Any Longer, and Bridge Over Troubled Water. :D

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Healing Rain | Posted November 17, 2011
On this release MWS returned to his pop CCM roots and a released an album with some strong songs and shows once again that he is a diversified artist who can successfully create in multiple genre's. The more I listen to this album the more it grows on me. Initially my favorite track was "Live Forever", but at this point, I enjoy almost all of them. The recordings, instrumentation and mixing on this release are top notch, sounding full, attractive and engaging. A dual disc edition of this release is also available and probably the best choice for anyone who is interested in the DVD included.

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The best! | Posted September 09, 2008
All of the songs on here are so powerful!!! i lvoe the song "Healing Rain" .. Michael W Smith has always been one of my favoite inspirational worship artists! He is wonderful and his music is powerful. Keep it up! God bless you!

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Great Work From Smitty! | Posted June 23, 2008
Another great album from the awesome voice of Michael W. Smith! He has been making great music ever since the 80's and continues to do so today. If you want an album with great music from him this is one to pick up. This album opens up with the great track "Here I Am" then moves on to the beautiful title track "Healing Rain". This album continues through with great music of all sorts. Even a little bit of gospel on this album with the song "Hang On" (well it sounds a bit goespel to me). This album also has a powerful song, which is my favorite on this album, called "We Can't Wait Any Longer". This song talks about how we as people, whether Christian or not, should be reaching out and helping those in the world who are less fortunate than us in many ways. That song speaks to me everytime i hear it and the music and Michaels voice just adds more to the greatness of that song. This album also has a remade classic song called "Bridge Over Troubled Water" which is a great remake from Michael if you ask me! So agin if you are looking for great music form Smitty this is definitely one of his albums to pick up. You won't go wrong with it!

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=] | Posted June 23, 2008
although I'm not usually a fan of slower worship songs, I really liked this cd. My favorite songs would have to be "Healing Rain" of course, and "Bridge Over Troubled Water".

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