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Satisfied [edit]
by DecembeRadio | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: August 26, 2008

It's here--the highly-anticipated sophomore project from GRAMMY Award nominees and rockers DecembeRadio! With a stage show that leaves crowds wanting more, terrific momentum in the marketplace and a couple more years under their belts, DecembeRadio has delivered a project aimed to please fans.

Known for their hit ballads, DecembeRadio has weaved easygoing, radio-friendly melodies onto the new release combined with laidback medium-tempo grooves reminiscent of their classic rock influences. Bringing the project full circle, the Rock-Album-of-the-Year-winning band offers up their signature, driving guitar rock with skill and energy like never before.

The music is a canvas for messages that range from God's faithfulness through our questions and hard times to the band's desires to become better men through the daily struggles they encounter. Other messages include the power of living out love in our everyday lives as well as the celebration of realizing that only God can satisfy who we are as human beings.

And with their listeners and concertgoers in mind, DecembeRadio has created a release that should leave fans everywhere feeling SATISFIED.

Track Listing
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01. Better Man
02. Satisfy Me
03. Believer
04. For Your Glory
05. Gasoline
06. Falling for You
07. Look for Me
08. Love Can
09. Peace of Mind
10. Be Alright
11. Powerful Thing
12. Find You Waiting

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Excellent 2nd Album by DecembeRadio | Posted December 03, 2008
DecembeRadio is one of the best new "southern" rock bands to emerge in the last few years along with NEEDTOBREATHE, Grey Holiday, Jackson Waters and Remedy Drive, all favorites of mine. If you are in your 30's or older like me, then this Grammy nominated and Dove Award winning band (Best Rock Album 2006) will also remind you of playing air guitar (we didn't have Guitar Hero) along with legendary classic rock bands Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kansas, Boston, Bad Company, AC/DC and Kiss with their guitar crunching rock (think "All Right Now" by Free) and also their beautiful rock ballads (think "Waiting For A Girl Like You" by Foreigner).

Satisfied is an excellent 2nd album by a great rock band. I would welcome an opportunity to see this band live as the energy just resonates from every song. The opener Better Man is a great example of straight up rock with a great message. The next track, Satisfy Me is one of the best southern rock songs I've heard in the last 10 years. Amazing anthem and guitar work. Believer and For Your Glory are a couple more of the stand-out songs to me. Both are anthemic and personal and have excellent worship lyrics. Gasoline and Falling For You keep the rock going, and the album closes with the excellent ballad and hit song Find You Waiting. For me this album just misses my top 10 of 2008 and I score it 90% out of 100%, 4 1/2 stars.

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THE LIVE VIBE COMES TO LIFE | Posted September 29, 2008
Very rarely does any band (faith-based or otherwise) connect in concert to the scalding degrees of southern-streaked rock & rollers DecembeRadio. Taking cues from The Black Crowes, plus anyone with a rebellious streak from the 1970s, the group unloads with a gargantuan wall of guitars and the ferocious howls of front man Josh Reedy. Not only does that sound translate to the studio on the group’s sophomore CD, Satisfied, but the band comes across with more self-assurance and blissfully controlled chaos than on its already exceptional GRAMMY-nominated/Dove Award winning self-titled debut.

Put on a seat belt before the blazing guitar grinds of “Better Man” blast out of the stereo, and expect the old-school intensity to continue throughout the half soulful/half swampy “Satisfy Me.” Even with the blistering amplifier assault, DecembeRadio still has plenty to say, and the stacked sounds are never at the expense of a meaningful gospel message. The mid-tempo southern blues howler “Believer” talks about growing up in a Christian household and making the commitment to maintain those beliefs into adulthood, while the string-enhanced ballad “Look For Me” is a call for non-believers who are tired of trying to fill the void with worldliness to, instead, embrace the Lord.

From a purely musical perspective, there are still plenty of other concert classics in the making, from the gospel-infused retro rocker “Powerful Thing” to the organ-drenched sing-a-long “For Your Glory” and the no holds barred blare of “Gasoline.” Amidst all the rumblings and fist pumping power, DecembeRadio effortlessly blends a simultaneous throwback to yesterday, an unconventional taste of tomorrow and a private concert experience during each and every personal playback. –Andy Argyrakis

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DecembeRadio [Satisfied] | Posted October 07, 2008
After much success with their self titled album, Decemberadio returns with their sophomore album Satisfied. I was really excited when I first received this album.  I had been waiting for it for a while.  The first time I listened to it I knew it was worth the wait.  God is present and powerful in this album. 

As I began listening to the album a couple of the songs spoke to me.  My favorite song on the album has got to be “Believer”.  It teaches us that no matter what we are good enough for Christ.  He doesn’t care what we look like.  We are believers, and we should never be ashamed.  In the world today people may look at us funny or we may not be popular for being believers but heaven is not a popularity contest and we should have the attitude as believers that nothing is going to hold us down.

My next favorite song is “For Your Glory”.  This song really made me think about things.  So many times I feel as if I have nothing to give.  But, this song showed me that I don’t have to rich to give God and offering.  An offering just needs to be what you have.  No matter how large or small it may be God takes what I bring and somehow uses it for His glory.  The song says it may not add up but it’s enough.  We as Christians must give it all to god.  We were created, our life is a gift.

I have had the privilege of hanging out with these guys on a couple of occasions.  After spending time talking to them it quickly and clearly became apparent about where their hearts were.  God is using these guys to get the word out and in a way that reaches out to people.  Josh, Eric, Brian and of course Boone are all humble individuals that are grateful for the talents that God has given them and thoroughly enjoy using them for His glory.

This album was wonderful.  These guys are amazing.  They are full of raw talent.  It’s not often that you find a band that is versatile in many different styles of music.  It takes pure God given talent and the willingness to work hard and give up everything to God.  Listening to Josh play the bass while singing lead is incredible.  The bass lines that are played while singing lead is an art.  They are two totally different things that Josh pulls off flawlessly.  Boone on the drums has to be one of the most amazing drummers I have ever heard.  Brian and Eric on guitars really drive the music and set the tone.  And even though he is not on the album Josh Loveless on the keys add the final ingredient to the mix.  As a whole they are DecembeRadio.

I thank you guys for following God’s plan for you.  The lives that have been touched by your music and the souls that have been lead to Christ is what it is all about.  I pray continued success to you individually, as a band and to your families.  If things ever get rough on the road remember why you are doing this and know that there are plenty of people out there praying for you including myself.  I look forward to the next time we get to see you guys play and hang out afterwards.  Continue to always put God first.  Thank you!  God Bless!

Rating: 9.7 out of 10 (97%, A)

Review written by: Ben Collins | Review can also be found here.

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Satisfied | Posted October 02, 2008
As I opened this CD and popped the disc in I remembered that about 50% of sophomore efforts by bands don't stack up to the debut. Sometimes bands just try too hard to capture the sound they had and they end up releasing the same one again. Other times bands try to reinvent themselves but fail miserably. I also think record labels can be to blame with wanting success (it is a business after all) and so they tell the band what they want. It's rough, no doubt, but when a band can build and grow on their debut that's very promising.

Thankfully, DecembeRadio did just that and have crafted a better album than their debut. A few of my complaints from the all around enjoyable debut have been fixed here, though a few still linger. DecembeRadio create hook-laden southern rock anthems with a couple power ballads. The good news is they do that very well and stick to it. The bad news is... well... they stick to it and there's no originality. Whether that's good or bad depends on what you look for in music.

I'm happy to say that those moments in the rock anthems of their debut where I was frustrated with them not cutting loose on the guitars more are no where to be found. The guitarist, Brian Bunn, is an amazing talent. From the moment the song 'Satisfy Me' busts out with a killer guitar solo you know they aren't holding back this time. I'm of the opinion that if you're going to do some anthemic southern rock you have to do it right. Catchy riffs are all over the place and when things quiet down an acoustic guitar takes over to set the mood. Again, a bit predictable but executed wonderfully.

Speaking of something executed wonderfully, there's no better voice for this sort of thing than Josh Reedy. He has excellent range to belt out the high notes in the sing-a-long style choruses or to hit a mood with the worship ballad 'For Your Glory'. This man is clearly annointed to sing and thankfully it's for no better cause. He loves singing about his faith too and is certainly not ashamed to show it(he sings as much in 'Believer').

The album is paced pretty well with a few rockers in a row and then a slow song, rinse and repeat. 'Gasoline' did take me by surprise with the very creepy chant done by kids at the end with some 50's style music in the background. I wasn't sure if I wasn't listening to the same album when that came on, but it was a great change of pace. Their hit single, 'Find You Waiting' is back and unchanged. For those that missed the Special Edition of their debut you can at least have it now. The only difference is there's a one minute quiet space before a hidden jam track kicks in. I've listened to it once but I've heard better jams from Robert Randolph and the Family Band. All in all I'm glad to have this in my collection as it's one sophomore album that doesn't disappoint.

Gems of this album are: 'Satisfy Me', 'Gasoline', 'For Your Glory', 'Better Man'

Overall - 9.2/10

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Nathan (188)

Enough "gasoline" to keep December Radio going | Posted August 26, 2008
An early comparison of December Radio’s debut was “Third Day on ten cups of coffee”. That is still an accurate description of the band and their sophomore album Satisfied. However listening to radio would have given you the wrong impression because their two big singles “drifter” and “find you waiting” have a completely different sound than southern rock. But with a huge audience sucking in the heavy ballads it does bring about an obvious change in their new record.

Although the guys in December Radio didn’t originate from the south, where their music is based. Add a lager base, big riffs, and a hugely aggressive guitar to the southern style and you have pinned down their music. While lead singer Lou Gramm may not sound as twangy as Mac Pollew of Third Day, his vocals fit the southern approach well approach with the booming electric guitar in back of him like on the gritty, tough rock song “better man”. “Gasoline” features a lot of banging on guitars and a beat which is reminiscent of rock and roll, the children’s choir at the end will leave listeners wondering about the ingenuity to add something new to a song or the fact that it’s so disjointed. A problem that is noticeable is that there isn’t any noticeable stand out rock tracks on the album. Among the loud and blaring guitars of “Falling for you” is an energetic pace but not a flashy beat.

“Satisfy me” is an impressive southern hard rock track, but by the time “powerful thing” rolls around the fire of novelty of the rock tunes is gone (though the band does give it a good try in the end of the song when they get very animated). Adding a few more ballads to the album isn’t really surprising considering that is what made a big portion of the splash in the first place but it does disrupt the flow of the rock tunes which will be favored for some fans and anger others. Unfortunately most of their softer material isn’t even close to the quality of their hits. “For your glory” is simple and “Love can” doesn’t capture the emotion of “find you waiting”. Speaking of “find you waiting” the band included the light country song with a great guitar bridge in their Satisfied for those were lacked the ambition to get expanded edition of their debut.

December Radio is similar to Third Day in music and in lyrics as well, but only to a point. While the band discusses some topics that one might find on a Third Day project their execution is usually shallow. “Find you waiting” is feel good song which is probably easy to find on a secular station, and “love can” parades the phrase ‘love is all you need’ often but it is a little unfair because the song does talk about God’s love in a slightly more in depth way than that. However lyrical shallowness isn’t the only problem with the song writing, it’s the man center focus in the songs which are meant for God’s glory. “For your glory” sounds a little puffed up and unrealistic (‘And I do everything/For Your glory, for Your glory’) and “falling for you” claims that he is lifting God higher. Aside from that and more shallow songs (“powerful thing” and “gasoline”) good stuff does show up “better man” says ‘The only way I will survive/Is to take up my cross’ and there is a nice song from God’s prospective about telling people that if they are hurt come to him or “look to me”.

In a market where their style of music isn’t flooded with many talented artists it’s easy to see how one band with competence and some inspirational lyrics could step into the spot light. That’s what December radio has done in their time on the Christian music scene so it will be hard to see what is just good and what is really cutting edge. Lyrically December Radio is still stuck on the milk and don’t expect much improvement. Satisfied may satisfy fans but it will leave them hoping more is coming soon.

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Are you kidding me??? | Posted August 21, 2008
A lot of people say they don't like Christian music cuz it's not on the same quality level as "secular" music. And guess what? After listening to this sophomore cd from Decemberadio I have to agree...... IT'S SO MUCH BETTER!!!

Are you kidding me? THIS is Christian music? Some good ole' Jesus lovin boys from Virgina just knocked it out of the park! Yes they did! So far out that there's no point looking for where it went.

THIS is the Christian Rock cd to set the standard going forward. Way to set the bar high guys! Now don't get me wrong, I LOVED their first cd (if you don't own it buy them both) but this one just proves that cd wasn't a fluke and it also proves that this are some young guys that are growing and improving with age.

Congratulations guys! I'm really happy for you!!!

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Good Follow Up | Posted August 19, 2008
This is a great follow up for Decemberadio to their debut.

It features 13 very diverse tracks, and quite a few that will more than likely find their way to different radio formats.

In listening, it seems they have added a lot more keys to this project, and it really adds a ton to their sound. There's still the same old southern style guitar action going on too.

This project is a must have for Decemberadio fans, and for any Christian music fan, and for fans of music in general.

Decemberadio's 'Satisfied' stands out from the crowd with it's sound, and with it's lyrics.

Check it out, it will leave you 'Satisfied', but wanting more.

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FLIPPIN ROCKS!!! | Posted August 19, 2008
OMG I've started listened to it and it's absolutely AMAZING!!! That song Love Can I am not sure of the exact title but wow that was awesome! Gasoline and Satisfied just freakin rock!!! I am soooooo glad I pre-ordered this one! I won't regret it! Rock on guys!!!

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Satisfied | Posted August 19, 2008
The CD is great, but I might be a bit biased. I met the guys in DecembeRadio back in 2005 when they were an unsigned band playing as the house band at an outdoor beach concert that was sponsored by the local Christian music station in Brunswick, GA. Among other things I was assigned to help work the merch table for DecembeRadio. In addition to being the house band that day they also got to play a few of their own songs. I was hooked from the first song they played. I left the concert with the two indie CDs (Noise and Dangerous). I have the 1st CD that was released on Slanted as well as the expanded edition.

You may say, well, that is all find and dandy, but what do you think about Satisfied. I liked Satified the first time I listened to it. I can hardly wait to receive the 7 copies of the CD I have pre-ordered. Every song has a different sound but every song is DecembeRadio. The music and lyrics are both fantastic. Brian Bunn is recognized as one of the top guitar players in Christian music today. I'm sure there will be some that will not like it, but for most folks, I think it is a must have CD. If you are between 45 and 60 and yearn for the southern rock music of your youth, this is a CD for you. Crowds at DecembeRadio concerts contain alot of middle-aged folks.

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The New Standard | Posted August 26, 2008
Way back when, DC Talk sang Jesus Freak because they were not afraid to praise God, and asked others to do the same. Well, later down the road, here comes DecembeRadio who sing the same message, although with a different tune. With being--so-so--new on the scene, they fit right in and are helping with setting the new standard for Christian music. This album is awsome with is southern rock and I love the songs that have the choir on them. I love this record!!.

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ruthw7 (55)

DecembeRadio - Satisfied | Posted August 21, 2008
I liked the album. Some of the songs may find there way into our church and we may be singing some of the songs in the future. I liked the overall sound of the album. The lyrics were clear and they had a very powerful message.

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