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Wonder Of The World [edit]
by Rush Of Fools | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 16, 2008

In 2007, Alabama-based Rush Of Fools self-titled debut exploded at radio, producing Radio & Records' 2007 Song Of The Year with “Undo.” The record was also the second-best-selling new artist release of the year, and garnered four Dove Award nominations.

Much like their debut release, sophomore album Wonder Of The World provides passionate lyrics and contemporary, hooky melodies.

“We always put our hearts and souls into the lyrics, because if we’re going to be writing songs about God, they better be true, they better be good, and they better be honest,” Kevin Huguley says. “It’s that creativity in our lyrics and now our music as well that shows where our progress has been. We strived hard to not shy away from the tough lyrics about our own sins and struggles. But now we’ve created this new version of our own band because there’s a new musicality to it.”

“It doesn’t matter what aspect of life you’re working on, you always have to learn how to recreate something,” Wes Willis says. “You always have to learn how to grow and change, and from a musical aspect, that’s definitely what we’ve done with this album. There was a lot of growth, I think, but not too far away from worship, because that’s who we are.”

Track Listing
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01. There Is Nothing
02. Wonder Of The World
03. Holy One
04. You Are Glory
05. Lose It All
06. Escape
07. The Only Thing That's Beautiful In Me
08. Freedom Begins Here
09. Tonight
10. No Name
11. Never Far Away

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Rush of Fools [Wonder Of The World] | Posted February 09, 2009
Rush of Fools has made quite an impression with 2 albums in less than 2 years, including an impressive self-titled debut album that made several top 10 lists in 2007 with the stand-out songs ?Undo?, ?We All? and ?When Our Hearts Sing?. The band was nominated for best new artist of 2007 and ?Undo? was nominated for song of the year. That is a pretty hard act to follow and if you liked ?Rush of Fools? as much as I liked it, you probably had pretty high expectations for their newest album ?Wonder of The World?, released September 16, 2008.

For awhile, I only had the title track and had to remind myself I was listening to Rush of Fools when the song came on in a playlist as the sound and style of the song is different from the first album. Now, the second single ?Lose It All? is doing very well and although also has a different sound, reminds me why I like this band so much. I downloaded the entire album ?Wonder of The World? about 1 month ago and I highly recommend it. The opening song ?There Is Nothing? sets the tone nicely for the album with the biblical and uplifting lyrics ?There is no wilderness, no desert place, no sickness, There is no sinking ship, no history, no weakness, That You can?t save me from?. The entire album is full of very worshipful and uplifting lyrics such as the opening line of ?Wonder of The World?: ?Father, How can it be that You are Father to me, Savior, How can it be that You are, Savior for me, Everything I need?.

Every song has a similar sentiment of praise and worship to our Savior set to catchy melodies and sung with emotion by Wes Willis who co-wrote every song with fellow band member Kevin Huguley and producer and songwriter Jason Ingram. One song I keep coming back to is ?Lose It All?, which is one of the highlights of the album and very catchy, upbeat and worshipful. The second half of the album is pretty mellow and contemplative and I enjoy listening to the entire album in order and sharing in the worship experience with the band. I?m looking forward to seeing them in concert the next time they come to my area.

If you like Building 429, Ruth, Sanctus Real and Above The Golden State, then you should really enjoy this solid worship album. I score it 88% out of 100%, solid B+.

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Rush of Fools [Wonder of the World] | Posted October 07, 2008
“Following on the heels of an unmatched debut year, Midas Records group, Rush Of Fools is preparing for the release of its highly-anticipated project, Wonder Of The World. Slated to release nationwide September 16, 2008, the sophomore effort is reminiscent of the band's debut release, filled with passionate lyrics and contemporary, hooky melodies, yet takes the band to a new level musically, personally and spiritually.”
This album was an exciting one.  It was interesting to hear what the band had in store for us after such a great debut album.  Some of the songs just spoke and grabbed me immediately.  The first song on this album “There is Nothing” speaks about just that, there is nothing.  There is nothing that we can do on this earth that you (the Lord) can’t save us from.  No matter how much we mess up and how bad things get You are always there ready to save us from it all. 
The next song that stood out was “Holy One”.  This song speaks.  Part of the chorus says “All other noise, fades away / Like all of the fear, when your voice I hear / You’re beckoning me, to come and just be a child at your feet / seeing my need for thee.”  The last verse in this song says “Your’re enough to satisfy / When the world has left me only dry.  Enough to save my life, when the world has left me here to die.”
The eighth song on this album, “Tonight” also had some interesting lyrics.  It speaks about God’s unconditional love.  It says “Cause You give when You should take away / And You take what should have been my pain / And You offer good when I've none in me / You're the only love that makes me complete.”  God will never walk away from us.  We don’t deserve the love He bestows upon us but He is always there to give to us.
These couple of songs I have picked are just a sample of what the rest of this album has to offer.  I don’t know what I would do without the love of God.  If you ever have any doubts on God’s love, then this is the album to pop in the CD player and be reminded as to why we were created and what our duties are as to while we are on this earth.

This was a good follow up album.  I enjoyed listening to the music and what the lyrics had to offer and how it affected me personally.  This album (compared to the first) to me seemed a little more mellow.  It had more of a worshipful attitude.  It showed how versatile the band is.  I would like to wish continued success in there ministry and future albums.  Always keep your focus on God and continue to give everything up to him and you will be greatly rewarded and truly blessed.  Thank You.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10 (85%, B)

Review written by: Ben Collins | Review can also be found here.

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Coming out of the studio with all-new material and playing to its strengths, Rush of Fools’ sophomore release, Wonder of the World, is distinctly worshipful. After releasing a successful debut and garnering multiple Dove nominations, there has been great anticipation for what’s next from these Alabama natives. With a considerable amount of self-proclaimed growth over the past two years musically, creatively and lyrically, Rush of Fools confidently picks up the musical reigns with clear direction in mind to stick to who they are and to their calling for worship.

Opening track “There is Nothing” quickly leads right into a big chorus that begs listeners to sing along. Many tracks contain agreeable, familiar beats with catchy melodies that crescendo into massively powerful choruses, including the title track and first single, “Wonder of the World,” as well as “You Are Glory” and “Escape.”

Fools’ more up-tempo rocker and sure to be crowd-pleaser is “Lose It All.” With balance and good measure, there are also strong, yet more contemplative offerings such as synth, piano and acoustic driven songs like “Holy One,” “Tonight,” “Never Far Away” and “The Only Thing That’s Beautiful In Me.”

With ultra-ambient and progressive instrumentation, what appears to be most intentional in the band’s approach to this release is that these songs appeal and move the live audience. Collectively, the tracks are extremely corporate worship friendly and invite you to join in singing along with a big crowd, certain to incite a passionate live experience. The lyrical content contains straightforward elements of Biblical truth. Rush of Fools has succeeded in its transparency about the “Wonder of the World” and continually points listeners back to God, His word, His purposes, His timing and His ways. –Penelope Stone

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Wonder Of The World | Posted October 26, 2011

Overall I felt this was a solid release, but did not catch me as much as their initial release. My favorite songs are "Wonder of the World", "Holy One" and "Tonight". In many ways I think this is an album that I just need to listen to a little more as there are some really strong songs presented here but it just needs to grow on me a little more.

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Jackie (39)

Lose it All | Posted September 03, 2009
I love their music!!! My favorite song on their album is 'Lose It All'. I love that song! The first time I got it on my ipod I listened to it over and over again. They are great!

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Really Good! | Posted March 14, 2009
The second album for Rush of Fools is another really good record. The first album from them, "Rush of Fools" was great but this one, "Wonder of the World" is greater. They have stepped it up with their songs of worship to the Lord. They have grown as a band. These songs are great that are featured on this record. You've got your upbeat songs as well as your slower worship songs. It's a great album.

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over all a better album | Posted December 16, 2008
Rush of Fools has grown a lot as a band. This album is evidence. It lacks the truely amazing song that their self-titled work had in undo but over all, a much better album.

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GuiRi (34)

Beautiful Lyrics | Posted November 18, 2008
I guess this album is better than the last one!! Lose It all is too cool!!! I believe they need more upbeat songs!! Freedom Begins Here have a lot of potencial!! The chorus don't get out of my head!! And for me this is awesome!

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This is the best! | Posted November 09, 2008
I enjoyed this album because it is a little rockier than their first album. They should keep it up and they will because they're awesome. Thanks Rush Of Fools!!!

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