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Shine Through The Stars [edit]
by Chasen | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: April 15, 2008

The South Carolina based band Chasen is an inspiration, bringing their positive message to audiences of all kinds. For their debut record Shine Through The Stars, the group chose award winning producer Noel Golden (Matchbox Twenty, Edwin McCain, Willie Nelson) to help craft their sound.

The result is a diverse group of uplifting songs that center around trying to live a life of conscience and conviction amid a society where that pursuit can be polarizing. Not complicated or evangelical, Chasen's songs manage to remain a simple, humble and grateful acknowledgement of the Divine at work in our lives.

For Fans Of: Switchfoot, Goo Goo Dolls, The Afters

Track Listing
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01. If It Comes Down
02. Crazy Beautiful
03. Nothing Like You
04. Drown
05. Doubts or Disbelief
06. All Creation
07. History Tonight
08. All I Can Say
09. God & King
10. Desires
11. You and I
12. Don't Walk Away
13. Stars Are Meant to Shine

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Nathan (188)

Clouds block some of Chasens shine | Posted June 23, 2008
At an early age Chasen Callahan was ambitious, and performing with Relient K, KJ-52, and Everyday Sunday has been one goal set for Chasen. After releasing Chasen (a five song disc) the band has come out with Shine through the Stars, their first full length album.

The hit single “crazy beautiful” might mislead listeners, for the pop rock is not much of a theme in Shine through the Stars, as Chasen is a worship band who tests the limits on the genre. The verity of music is a nice touch, because they may have a straight up beat worship tune most of the time, the acoustic songs can be very sharp (“drown”, where Chasen Callahan sounds like Daughtry, and “don’t walk away”), some brief bits of twang, and the brief heavier pop (“crazy beautiful”). However Chasen does fall in the middle to end of the album when the worship songs are unconvincing and often don’t test the limits of anything.

The emotion in the chorus is a plus on the pop song “If it comes down” which could be a future hit and “all creation” has a pop opening and a nice beat, but it does lack something more intricate. Chasen’s acoustic songs often are too simple and end up being too boring (“nothing like you” and “Doubts or Disbelief” which sounds like Jars of Clay without the emotion and the extra strength in the music), but “drown” really is an excellent acoustic adult contemporary song. The middle of the album is really where the album lacks drive. Whether it’s Chris Tomlin, Aaron Shust, or Lincoln Brewster, it seems like the worship songs that Chasen throws out there have already been completed. “All Creation”, “history tonight”, and “God and king” all sound similar and sound like average songs on the radio. While the final song is good it’s also short, but the thing to stay around for is the spectacularly played hidden song which is the pinnacle of Chasen.

Being a worship band often doesn’t allow for a lot of awe inspiring lyrics, as so much of the genre is so repetitive. “Crazy beautiful” talks about the beauty of individuals (‘We're different but the same/In the eyes of the King’) and while “drown” is not clearly written, Chasen Callahan based it off of overcoming lust. But some of Chasens’s songs don’t quite shine like “desires” and “all I can say” which talks about unity, but its focus is worshiping God (which is not bad but the abundance on the album is tedious). Some of the songs have solid messages, but most are repetitive and nothing new.

With songs like “crazy beautiful” “drown” and the hidden track, its clear Chasen has potential to be a good adult contemporary/pop music band. But as long as they keep it simple with their worship music and lyrics it’s unlikely that Chasen will hit it big time. But some of Chasen’s shine definitely shines through on Shine Through the Stars.

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CRAZY GOOD | Posted September 29, 2008
Featuring “Crazy Beautiful,” one of the catchiest songs in recent memory, new OMG Records band Chasen brings simple, raw-sounding songs on Shine Through The Stars. In a world of over-produced music, Chasen is a refreshing throwback to genuinely good tunes.

A definite highlight of the album is “Drown.” Featuring the lyrics, “I fell in love with somebody like you/And I know that, yeah, you wanted me to/You taught me who I was/ but…I don’t want to drown,” the song is a movie soundtrack waiting to happen.

Although most of the songs have an acoustic feel, upbeat tracks are delightfully dispersed throughout the CD to shake up the tempo and keep the listener’s attention. Worshipful lyrics and straight-up worship songs flow fluidly with the rest of the album and remind the listener that Chasen seeks to glorify God and not themselves.

The best and worst part of Shine Through The Stars happens on the same song: the hidden track. The best part is this is the best hidden track heard in years. The worst part is that it’s a hidden track, and listeners have to fast forward to get to it. However, considering how great of a song “Shine Through The Stars” is, that’s the best worst-case scenerio to have. –Lindsay Scranton

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Chasen [Shine Through The Stars] | Posted September 24, 2008
Indie powerhouse pop/rock band Chasen will release its OMG Records debut Shine through the Stars on April 15, 2008. The project is the first from a newly announced relationship between EMI CMG Distribution and Greenville, S.C.-based OMG Records. The new long-term, worldwide distribution agreement gives EMI CMG exclusive rights to distribute all OMG Records artists to Christian and mainstream retail, and all digital and mobile outlets.

Even without the release of an album Chasen has tasted early success. Their hit single “Crazy Beautiful” has lasted 20 weeks and reached #2 on CRW’s Christian Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) chart. It is currently Top 10 on R&R’s CHR chart. They have been traveling and opening for Christian and mainstream bands such as…Relient K, NEEDTOBREATHE, Edwin McCain, and Sister Hazel.

Chasen is a self-taught musician and says the ability runs in the family. At age 13 he started playing drums for his dad’s band. His dad went on to encourage him to start his own band and become involved with that ministry in the church. Chasen went out and found fellow band members Aaron Lord on drums and guitarist Evan Silver. The band started writing praise and worship choruses for Sunday service and youth events. After doing that for a while they decided to compile a disc of songs they had performed at various summer youth camps and soon the disc landed in the right hands and here they are today.

The hit song “Crazy Beautiful” offers a healthy perspective on the pressure we all feel to maintain a camera-perfect image. “This song is for the ones who think they’re not pretty enough or cool enough,” Callahan explains. “The next time you look at yourself in the mirror, remember that God looks at us all the same. He’s capable of making you exactly how you were intended to be.”

Other songs on the album include “Drown”. This song talks about overcoming lust. Then a normal teenager like you or use to be, Callahan was struggling with making responsible choices about dating and sex. “God has a way of teaching us through everyday life,” he recalls. “Drowning in those circumstances I was dealing with at the time was not an option, and this song is about finding redemption from that situation.”

“Christ didn’t stay within the four walls of a church,” Callahan says. “He went to the streets. That’s where I feel led to go too. People need to know that Christ loves them no matter where they are.”

I have had the chance to listen to this album several times. I for the most part have enjoyed listening to it. I catch myself singing the songs in my head. This album is very catchy. The music on the album is best described as rootsy pop. I found myself relating to some songs and hearing the message clearly where as in other songs I was left searching for the message they were trying to get across. I also thought the album could have flowed a little better and there seemed to be a lot of dead space between songs. This is Chasen’s first album and I would enjoy waiting and seeing what they come out with on their next album.

Rating: 7.9 out of 10 (79%, C+)

Review written by: Ben Collins | Review can also be found here.

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IronJedi (114)

Shining Brightly | Posted May 07, 2008

Shine Through The Stars, the latest release from indie label OMG band Chasen, is sure to put Greenville, South Carolina on the musical map. Chasen's contagious blend of folk/pop rock is the perfect synthesis of Jars of Clay and Caedmon's Call, with just a touch of the southern styling of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

With namesake Chasen Callahan handling lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Evan Silver on electric guitar, and Aaron Lord on drums, this trio produces some of the most enticing folk-flavored pop rock in recent memory. Rhythmic reinforcement is ably provided by bass, piano, B3 synth, banjo, fiddle and percussion studio musicians. Their buoyant sound is further enhanced by live strings provided by the inclusion of viola, violin and cello courtesy of the renowned Nashville String Machine.

It is obvious that the three friends that make up Chasen love to create music together; their tunes are infused with an upbeat lightheartedness yet still communicate something profound. Fans of modern rock/worship bands Starfield, Ruth, Foolish Things, Robbie Seay Band, Big Daddy Weave and Telecast will find something to brighten the gloom of recycled pop music with Chasen's Shine Through The Stars.

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Chasen | Posted April 15, 2011
The main theme in Shine Through The Stars can be summed up in one word: Adoration.
At first listen, most of the tracks struck me as human. A lover pouring his heart out to his beloved. Harmonizing about their perfect traits. Assuring his unadulterated loyalty forevermore. Bubbly, feel good lyrics abound on the surface level...but listen to the album a second time and suddenly you see what the band was really trying to articulate. All 13 tracks are, in fact, wonderful worship songs to Jesus Christ! They sing of His greatness, His promises for us, and (especially evident in “If It Comes Down”) His great love for us.
Favorite Tracks: Crazy Beautiful, Drown, Don’t Walk Away, Stars Are Meant To Shine

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:) | Posted February 28, 2010
crazy beautiful. wow. the first time i heard that song i knew i loved this band. with their awesome writing, awesome vocals, and awesome hearts for God, chasen has got it made! check these guys and this album out! :)

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Best Album of the Year | Posted October 08, 2009
I am going to be honest. I only bought the CD because I got it on sale for $7.99 and I thought I'd give it a try. It has barely came out of my stereo since. Drown and Crazy Beautiful are known hits but songs like Doubts or Disbeliefs and others are hidden gems. The album is good from start to finish. Must buy.

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Chasen | Posted March 08, 2009
These guys are definitely one of my favorite bands right now! They are in the same category with TONS of other bands their style,but they seem to bring their own spin on this genre. I think the songs are well written and I can't seem to stop listening to"Crazy Beautiful." I love these guys!

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