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Rock What You Got [edit]
by Superchick | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: June 24, 2008

Inpop Records' sister-fronted band Superchick followed up 700,000 career albums sold and 70 film, television, and video game placements with the premiere of its boldest, most unapologetic project to date, 2008's appropriately-titled Rock What You Got.

Three years in the making, Rock What You Got came on the heels of Superchick's most successful album ever, Beauty From Pain, which landed three No. 1 radio singles, including "We Live" and "Stand In The Rain." With this album, Superchick 'rocks what they've got' and reinvents itself with a more progressive, in-your-face sound the band dubbed 'rock-o-tronic.'

Seeking out world changers in the lost corners of a generation, Superchick noisily challenges the status quo, while journaling the band members' battles with depression and cancer in the quieter moments of the record. Produced by the band's own Max Hsu (Superchick, tobyMac, newsboys), Rock What You Got features the stand-out title track in addition to the songs "Breathe," "Crawl," and "Cross The Line," for which Superchick's spring 2008 headlining tour was named, among others.

Track Listing
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01. Rock What You Got
02. Alive Prelude
03. Alive
04. Hey Hey
05. Hold
06. Breathe
07. So Beautiful
08. Cross The Line
09. One More
10. Crawl (Carry Me Through)
11. Stand In The Rain (Symphonic Mix)
12. Dave Ghazarian: Guitar Hero

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Nathan (188)

What Superchic[k]'s got | Posted June 19, 2008
‘We believe that every person regardless of age, gender, size or any other reason you can come up with, was created on purpose and for a purpose… Every person has greatness in them and something special and unique to offer the world… We have a world out there that is a mess and looking for someone or something to give them a reason to live… You could be the next Mother Teresa that shows millions love or a janitor that shows one person love. It's not in the big or in the small it's in the doing...' – Superchic[k]

It’s been nearly three years and three hit singles since Superchic[k]’s last, and most successful, album Beauty from Pain. Always musically strong weather from the excellent and infectious beats to Trisha Brock’s star vocals their latest album Rock what you Got is poised to bring all that along with their lyrics about challenging the status quo.

Leading off the much anticipated CD is the title track “Rock what you got” which is a rock song which doesn’t flatter their usually cutting edge music, as the rock music is amateurish, the chorus is repetitive, and Brock’s vocal’s a little whiney. When it comes to “alive” much of the same applies, very repetitive beat and refrain, whiney vocals, and a tune which makes it seem like Superchic[k] is a debut band rather than a very accomplished one. The first radio single “hey hey” starts awkwardly with the basic stanza and the wimpy whispering, but with the infectious beat of the upbeat chorus it quickly turns “hey hey” into a favorite. The album slows down somewhat as the style of music reverts into classical Superchic[k] on “hold” which uses a light pop rock tune where Brocks voice shine. “Breathe” is a acoustic song where it’s mainly Brocks vocals and the piano; the end result is a solid song which brings balance to the formula of the CD. It’s like “So beautiful” is taken right out of Barlow Girls “million voices”, the rock style of music is similar and so is the chorus of singers in the background, the only thing different is there is a little techno.

The album really jumps into gear in “cross the line” which starts and doesn’t stop, as the really upbeat music is very smooth and almost punk/rock is solid. The opening verse in “one more” sounds very muffled at first, as if to disuse the rock outburst that is to come, and when it comes it’s in the form of a repetitive (but impressive along with the bridge) rock song that is heavier than a former Superchic[k] song “it’s on”. The album doesn’t end with “Crawl (Carry Me Through)”, but it could very well be the ending with the format of the album. Sounding like a slightly weaker version of “beauty from pain”, “Crawl” is a light acoustic rock song which is solid. Previous smash hit “stand in the rain” is featured on the end of Rock what you Got, the medium emotional rock is amazing, although the song is very unnecessary for the album, especially the ending piano bit. The album is thrown into a pointless, but fun, last minute electric guitar frenzy (“Dave Ghazarian: Guitar Hero”), where in one part of the noise there is a bit that sounds exactly like Marty McFly in Back to the Future.

It seems that when Superchic[k] is in a Christian outlet, they are more than ready to talk about their faith in God, but when it comes to actually saying something to their ever increasing mainstream audience they shy away. What kind of a message is Superchic[k] conveying on their title track? ‘rock what you got and don’t let them stop you’; wow deep message. How about “alive”? ‘I'm alive, I'm alive/that's what I say/I'm alive and gonna live today’, a great theological song. “Hey hey”? ‘Why kiss the feet of the people who kick you /When you can be anything that you want to’ very impressive. The first three songs are about being alive, rocking what you got, and not following the status quo and saying “hey hey”, but that’s okay because so many Christians don’t take a stand for their faith so good message right? Wrong, because there is absolutely no reference to Christ or any higher power mentioned. “Hold” doesn’t state who is the ‘you’ in the song, but following the trend, it is probably not God.

The song “breathe” doesn’t specify much, and “so beautiful” is probably not talking about outer beauty, but inward, but still there is no reason behind why there is a need for an army anyway. Just when you think “cross the line” is an opening for Superchic[k] to say something eternal (‘everyone dies but not everyone lives’) it goes on to talk about not succumbing to the natural order of things without telling the listeners why we should or who was the one that dies and rose again. “One more” is pathetic, but the bright lyrical spot in the album is when Superchic[k] asks the Lord not to forget then, but as deep songs go it’s still pretty shallow. Although “stand In the rain” is held in such high regard the song really doesn’t say anything; just about standing through the pain (nowhere is God mentioned).

Overall the music is better than solid, most of it is cutting edge, and while a few songs are a little cheesy, the album as a whole is strong. Maybe not quite as good as Beauty from Pain (especially the 1.1 version), but certainly not a anything to be ashamed of. The real problem is with the lyrics. It’s clear that Superchic[k] needs to stop recycling the “be strong, “your life is worth living”, and do something with your life”, and just move onto something new and fresh, as it seems like half of the messages on the album are the same (just with different beats). Superchic[k] is all about taking a stand and not conforming to this world, but when it comes to God and his values Rock what you Got does just that.

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Superchic[k] [Rock What You Got] | Posted October 07, 2008
The world will always put you down, but Superchick is back again to tell you that with God’s help, you can overcome the world.

This band has been featured in movies, commercials, television shows and magazines, and has headlined and co-headlined on more tours than I can count. They are continuously touching the lives of Christians and non-Christians alike with messages of encouragement and hope. There could never be too much Superchick in the world.

“Rock What You Got” is album number five for these innovated artists. Superchick once again jumps right in shouting out to the world that you are beautiful and strong. The album is filled with encouragement about getting up when you are down, becoming a leader, not following trends, being alive, and starting your own revolutions.

The title track, “Rock What You Got,” dedicates the music to “the beaten down / The ones who lost their rock and roll… / Welcome misfits, orphans, all / The ones who feel they don’t belong / you were made to rock, so stand tall / Go rock the world and prove them wrong.”

Something listeners might not realize right away is that many of the songs from Rock What You Got are based on examples from the Bible. ”Hey Hey” talks about standing up for what you believe in. “Some people you can never please… / But I won’t bow down, even if the whole world thinks I’m crazy… / Why kiss the feet of the people who kick you / When you can be anything that you want to?” Ancient Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar, anyone? No bowing down to anyone or anything but the one true God. Superchick member Max Hsu (keyboards, DJ) said in a press release that “Actual rebellion takes a lot more courage than appearing to be rebellious.”

“Alive” is the kind of song you’ll want to rock out with in your car. It is a get up and dance kind of sound that tells listeners that pain is what lets you know you are still alive. “Don’t give me drugs, no Novocaine / I must be alive ‘cause I still feel pain / We were born with wings / We were made to fly…” There are a few unexpected surprises along the way too… see if you can spot Dr. Frankenstein yelling, “It’s alive, it’s alive!”

I don’t want to give away every song, but “Rock What You Got” has a lot to offer its listeners. The music itself is very eclectic. Overall it’s pop rock with a few energy metal rifts early on, but songs such as “Breathe” and “Crawl (Carry Me Through)” slow things down with some reflective melodies.

“Stand in the Rain” closes out the album with some awesome instrumentals and inspiring lyrics. It is a scenario about a girl who is lost, feels alone, and is afraid to cry because one she starts, the tears will keep falling like rain. But when fears are engulfing you, the song says it is time to “Stand in the rain / Stand your ground / Stand up when it’s all crashing down / You stand through the pain / You won’t drown / And one day what’s lost can be found…” This is definitely an album to listen to when you are feeling down or alone and need a reminder that God will be there to hold your hand or carry you.

I have never been disappointed with Superchick, and this album continues to rock my world. Superchick has produced another staple for the music library of every young guy and girl, but especially all the girls out there. My favorite thing about this band is that they are positive. There is nothing superficial about the message, music, or artists themselves. They are real people out to spread God’s message that He has great plans for everyone’s life. Superchick knows that life most certainly will be hard, but is a constant reminder that we live for One who has already “overcome the world.”

Rating: 9.0 out of 10 (90%, A-)

Review written by: Liz Zelinski | Review can also be found here.

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THE PERFECT SUMMER SOUNDTRACK | Posted September 29, 2008
Sweeping piano melodies, haunting strings, ethereal vocals… Wait, this is a rock band? Yep. Superchick is back. After three years void of new studio content, the girl-powered innovators have emerged with an album so good it virtually demands listening. Don’t get the wrong idea, though, they’re here to rock. Tracks “Rock What You Got,” “Alive” and “Cross the Line” rely on the hefty guitar riffs that Superchick is happy to provide. On “So Beautiful,” the Brock sisters give girls everywhere another anthem with lyrics like “We were meant to be more than these shadows of girls,” backed by a gutsy guitar that definitely means business.

Creative genius and member Max Hsu dons the role of producer on this album, and he somehow outdoes himself on every track. His meshing of crisp vocal stylings looped through orchestral arrangements is flawless, and it reaches a crescendo on “Stand in the Rain (symphonic mix).” Here, Hsu proves Superchick has evolved well beyond its “Barlow Girl” days by masterfully mixing an urgent and beautiful vocal with soaring strings and a piano solo that marks this track as true art. This project will surely become the band’s defining moment, and listeners will be hitting repeat on tracks like “Hey Hey” all summer long. –Grace Cartwright

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A Great CD, Just Not Jaw-Droppingly Phenomenal | Posted July 10, 2008
Superchick's album "Rock What You Got" exceeded my expectations (which were pretty high), but not by a lot. The band called the new album "rock-o-tronic" and "progressive", and I could tell that the album was heavily influenced by the techno sound. That's neither a good thing nor a bad thing, but it tends to lean towards the latter on some tracks.

One of the (few) flaws of the album I observed is the vocals. They sound like they were carried over from one song into the next, and didn't have much diversity. Another was the fact that for an album titled "Rock What You Got," the rock wasn't as hard as the stuff from Beauty 1.1 Other than that, the album is a solid one that Superchick fans and non-fans alike will enjoy.

The album's beginner, the title track, is one of the best songs on the album. I haven't gotten tired of listening to it yet. The best part of it is near the end when the chorus is backed by high-school-game sounding drums. However, it has a few flaws that don't really take much away from the song when it is taken at face value. The first lines, "This one's for the beaten-down", too quickly reminded me of the opening track to the band's best work, Beauty From Pain 1.1, Anthem, which opened with "Here's to the ones who don't give up." Also, the lyrical content seems to be recycled from many of their other songs about self-value and empowerment. But it is the second best song on the album

The "prelude" to Alive was, in my opinion, a really bad idea. While it must have been a neat idea in its planning stages, the Frankenstein audio clip (from IT'S ALIVE! to IT'S FREE! RUN!) didn't really add anything to the song, and I don't believe it was nessecary at all. The track itself is great, like most Superchick songs, but it had too many electronic-techno elements for its rock sound to really shine through. But it's good. Very good.

Hey Hey is another great song. My only problem with it was the music, which didn't seem to fit the lyrics except for in the chorus.

"Hold" is a powerful, touching rock ballad, and a highlihgt of the album, despite the lyrics being a tad bit unoriginal.

Breathe was OK. I guess I'm kind of partial to faster songs, even ones like "Crawl." The sound kind of reminded me personally of "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap (the song made popular by the Dear Sister SNL skit).

Now to "So Beautiful". The song is my least favorite, and not because I'm a guy. Heck, I love songs like "Anthem" and "Courage." But the musical composition was very weak and too techno-y, and the left a lot to be desired. Not to mention the fact that their "girl power" songs are getting way too generic and similar. I mean, really, just consider the fact that both this song and Anthem have the theme of "we are ".

Cross The Line. Now here's a completely rock-based song that is the standout of the entire album. It's no wonder that they named their tour after this song. This is officially my favorite Superchick song of all time. The lyrics, while conveying the same message as some of the other songs, do so in a very effective and original way. For some reason, I just can't get enough of the lines "everybody dies, but not everyone lives".

One More is another song that I thought was good, but the chorus is repetitive and the overall song is forgettable.

Crawl (Carry Me Through) was the "Beauty From Pain" of this album, and it really borrows heavily from the latter. But it is still very good, and the third highlight of the album. I could picture Hillsong United or UK performing with only minor changes to the song.

"Stand in the Rain" was one of the absolute best songs on "Beauty From Pain", and the Symphonic Mix is different enough from it to be considered a remix, but not exactly enough to be worthy of a "Regeneration" kind of album.

"Dave Ghazarian: Guitar Hero" was pretty random, and though it was totally cool and sick, it feels like a way to make the album longer more than anything.

Overall, this album was Superchick's second best, but not BFP1.1 quality. I recommend it and am definitely buying it when it comes out.

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Superchick not so Super | Posted June 23, 2008
Okay first and foremost, I'm a hugh Superchick fan. I have all their albums and my 13 year old daughter loves them as well. The new album, however, Rock What You Got is a dissapointment on several levels. First, it just sounds rushed. I wonder if it was written on the road in between stops on the last tour, because the lyrics are sophmoric. The only song the comes close to the lyrical excellence of the last album is Crawl (Carry Me Through). Secondly, gone is any indication of any Christian message. What is there is so watered down, it might as well be non-existent. Lastly, the songs seem to be about nothing of any consequence and the music, just sounds like a bunch of noise covering bad lyrics. Most everything that made me love this band as a Christian and as father, who appreciated the postive messages for young girls in the lyrics, is gone. I will probably download the only good song on the album (Crawl), but sadly will not pay to see the band on the current tour or spend money on the new album.

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pmoos (1)

Yah, where is Christ? | Posted June 21, 2008
I love Superchic(k) and have seen them live a few times at Lifest. Their music rocks and I am very fond of all of it. But I tend to agree with Nathan, if they are primarily in a Christian outlet where is Christ in their lyrics? Jesus asks us to be bold in our faith. They have an opportunity to minister to many teens with their music. Their message is good don't get me wrong but I would love to see them mention God more. Our "job" on this earth as Christians is to spread God's word and bring the lost to Him. I have found Him through music and know that it is a powerful tool for Christ with today's youth. As I said, they rock and I love them, just would love a song with more God in it.

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The Best One Yet | Posted June 23, 2008
This album by Superchick is amazing. The lyrics are powerful and the execution was astonishing. I think they've outdone themselves with Rock What You Got and made it a fantastic collection of songs that are destined to speak to all of its listeners. Keep recording and keep performing Superchick!

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They Rocked It! | Posted June 20, 2008
Superchic[k] most definitely rocked what they got! I have been a fan of theirs for years, and this is by far their best album yet. Amazing. I found myself rocking out with it right away. I will most definitely be buying this album!
Good going Superchic[k]!

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WOW! | Posted June 20, 2008
This is going to be one of their best albums ever!
In this album they present a great style that is very cool. I love songs like "Hey Hey", "Rock what you got", and "Beautiful". It's obvious they put tons of effort into this one. I will recommend it!

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Superchic[k]...even more amazing this time | Posted June 17, 2008
You didn't think they could get any better...but you're wrong. This Album is by far one of my favorites...It makes you want to get up and dance. It makes you want to learn the words and sing along 24/7...I love this album. I can't wait for it to come out! Rock what you's like the perfect anthem. It proves that christian bands don't all have to be the same. They've got their own personality. THEY...ROCK!

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