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Beautiful Awakening [edit]
by Stacie Orrico | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: January 16, 2007

Beautiful Awakening is the third album from American CCM/pop singer Stacie Orrico. The album was released on January 16, 2007 in Canada. It was released on Virgin Records. Originally this album was set for a release late August in the U.S. - however, the debut single wasn't being picked up on the radio so Virgin sent Stacie overseas to promote, while they re-thought their marketing strategies and re-shot the video for her first single. In March 2007, Stacie announced that her and Virgin records had gone their separate ways and although the album had still not been released in the U.S. she promised it would eventually be released... just on another label.

Stacie's new album is described as " a soulful, R&B-powered effort that tells the story of her journey, which has landed her where she is today: in control of her life and career for the first time". Orrico co-wrote a majority of the album and worked with a variety of top-notch producers, including Dallas Austin, KayGee & Terence "Tramp-Baby" Abney, Dwayne Bastiany, Shekspeare and co-writers such as Track & Field, Anthony Dent, and, newcomers Frankie Storm & Novel, the grandson of Solomon Burke. Orrico hints she wrote the songs for instrumental as well as acoustic performance: "I want to perform soul music. That is what rings true to me. And truth, honesty, and vulnerability always rise to the top."

Track Listing
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01. So Simple
02. I'm Not Missing You
03. Dream You
04. Easy to Luv You
05. Save Me
06. Take Me Away
07. Babygirl
08. Wait
09. Is it Me?
10. Don't Ask Me to Stay
11. I Can't Give Up
12. Beautiful Awakening
13. Frustrated
14. Tantrum
15. I'm Not Missing You (Full Phatt Underground Remix)

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LampaFan (182)

L-O-V-E IT!!! | Posted October 20, 2008
This album is SOOOOO good. My favorite songs are "So Simple", "Not Missing You", "Is It Me", "Take Me Away"... pretty much all of them! The whole album is just amazing. Too bad it was cancelled in the US :( Go buy it on Amazon!

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I am disappointed | Posted September 09, 2008
this cd sucks. It sucks that stacie orrico has gone secular. she doesn't even mention God in her music, and she dresses very immodestly. ....i hope she finds her way back to God... before it's too late

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Big Disappointment | Posted October 25, 2007
I am very dissapointed with the direction Stacie is heading. I loved her earlier albums and thought she was a great example-until now, that is. Her pictures for promoting her album show a lot of skin. I always thought she had a cool style that still allowed her to be modest, but now that is not the case. While she looks beautiful, she is not sending the right message of purity. As far as the music-I have only heard a few songs from this cd, and I was less than impressed. I was especially displeased when I heard "I Can't Give Up". I heard the song on YouTube, and everyone was commenting on how "hot" that song was. No one seemed to understand the part about stopping before going all of the way...they just mentioned how "sexy" it was when she was talking about building up to giving in. It is quite graphic, and I was really surprised-not at all what I expected from Stacie! We are suppposed to flee from sexual immorality, and singing a song with such graphic lyrics would probably get people thinking more about sex more than it would send them the message to try harder to be sexually pure.

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Beautiful Awakening needs a Wake up call | Posted October 24, 2007
Orrico gone secular :(
It's very sad to watch someone grow up doing christian music, and then a few years later decide to join the MTV crowd, though there are many many christian artist that get involved with MTV, at least they still sing christian music.
What is christian music? It's sharing your faith with others,and setting a good example for those around you, lyrics may not have to say the name "God" to make it christian, but it does help.
This was a HUGE let down for me,because I only listen to christian music, and to see your favorite singer go secular, it was just sad for me. Beautiful Awakening needs a Wake up call.

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=] | Posted September 21, 2007
I love Stacie's voice so much!! great for any pop music fan!!

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joanna (29)

An interesting different direction | Posted August 10, 2007
Given the big time gap between this album and her last one its not surprising the 2 are quite different. Her sound has matured quite a bit. This album doesn't directly mention God or faith although to me it seems like Beautiful Awakening is alluding to it. So simple deals with valuing the important things in life. Much of the album deals with the good and bad of romantic relationships. I Can't Give Up deals with the struggle to keep sexually pure. I applaud her honesty but it does get a little graphic in spots. Given these references and the prevalence of relationship songs this is probably not really for her younger fans of previous albums but older fans will probably enjoy this CD.

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