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Sound Of Melodies [edit]
by Leeland | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: August 15, 2006

Leeland's debut album:

Grammy nomination for "Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album" in 2006

Dove Award nomination for "Rock/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year" Sound of Melodies, "Worship Song of the Year" Yes You Have, "Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year", and "Praise & Worship Album of the Year"

Track Listing
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01. Sound of Melodies
02. Reaching
03. Yes You Have
04. Tears of the Saints
05. Beautiful Lord
06. Can't Stop
07. Lift Your Eyes
08. Hey
09. Too Much
10. How Wonderful
11. Carried to the Table

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Stellar Debut from Leeland | Posted May 14, 2010
Leeland made a name for themselves back in 2006 when they stormed onto the CCM scene with a unique sound and impressive lyrics and melodies written by the then-17-year-old lead singer and band namesake, Leeland Mooring. People were impressed that a mere teenager could write such deep, meaningful, and passionate lyrics.

And just one listen to the album shows any listener why. The album kicks off with the passionate title track singing out praises to God. The awesome songs continue into the upbeat "Reaching," and the memorable "Yes You Have." "Tears of the Saints," is next with a passionate promise to God to bring sinners home.

Those may be the best songs on the album, but the rest of the album is hardly throwaway. Songs like "Can't Stop," and "Hey" are unbelievably catchy. "Carried to the Table" is a slower song but goes out in a nice fashion.

Ultimately, this is a great debut from a great band and definitely among the more memorable debuts in recent CCM history.

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Best Album of 2006! | Posted November 16, 2007
Leeland not only showed how much talent they have with their award winning debut album last year, they put out the best album of 2006 in my opinion. It's not often that the more I listen to a release the more I like it, but somehow the brilliance of Leeland comes out even more after savoring amazing songs like "Tears of the Saints", "Carried to the Table" and "Beautiful Lord". You can't go wrong with this album and I think in a couple more years, Leeland may be the biggest name in Christian music!

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Sound of Melodies | Posted March 26, 2008
It's hard for me to compare Leeland to any other band. They seem to take some bits and pieces here and there of bands, but I really don't own anything quite like this. The lead singer, Leeland Mooring, has a very strong and passionate voice that seems to be a mix of Thom Yorke, Jim Adkins (Jimmy Eat World), and maybe even Fyfe Dangerfield from the Guillemots. His voice is really what carries this band as he uses it very well to create vocal hooks as well as to just send chills down your back. The amazing thing is this frontman is only 18 years old and writes lyrics and music with a great maturity for his young age. The style of music has bits of progressive elements but really it's just an elaborate and deeper type of pop/rock. Leeland have some great string arrangements to help set the mood of songs and they sure know how to build a climax. There's definitely not a specific formula being used here in terms of song structure. 'Tears of the Saints' is a good example of this with it's 6+ minute flurry of climaxes, passionate vocals, and piano notes. It's personally my favorite track and it'd be a hit on the radio if people can get past its length. To be honest it doesn't feel 6 minutes long so that's a good thing.

Then you have some pop tracks that can get your foot tapping like 'Lift Your Eyes' and 'Can't Stop'. The latter has vocals that remind me of the Foo Fighters and 'Hey' is a very upbeat track that screams Guillemots. It also has a sweet piano solo that I can't get enough of, probably because it's perfectly timed and comes out of no where. 'Beautiful Lord' and 'Carried to the Table' are the most blatant worship songs though most all of them pretty much are perfect for worship. The lyrics are very bold here and make it obvious they are Christian. Because of that they are very easy for fellow Christians to relate to and be uplifted with and I'd assume others wouldn't enjoy it no matter how mature the lyrics are. This CD in general doesn't have heavy riffs so much as beautiful arrangements and hooks to glue the listener to the headphones and boy does it work. Sound of Melodies is one of the more unique Christian CD's I've come across and I see a lot of potential in this young group.

Gems of this album are: 'Tears of the Saints', 'Yes You Have', 'Carried to the Table'

Overall - 9.0/10

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Epilogue (19)

The Best Worship CD Out There | Posted August 02, 2007
'Leeland' is the best worship CD out there, hands down - even beating 'Strong Tower' which is saying a lot for me.

The thing that makes this album so great is the earnestness in Leeland Mooring's passioante voice. He's not singing for fame, money, or to sound cool...he means it when he sings to God. The other thing that makes this album great is unique sound (to the Christian market at least). Clean electric guitars mixed with bright piano to create a lush sound that suits Leeland's voice perfectly.

The album opener, 'Sound of Melodies' is a stirring song, with a very catchy, meaningful chorus, and excellent lyrics: 'We who are called to be your people/struggling sinners and thieves/we're lifted up from the ashes/and out came the song of the redeemed'. The song 'Reaching' perfectly describes his desire for more of God, and the radio hit, 'Yes You Have' is a superb worship song.

Leeland gets stronger yet with thier song 'Tears of the Saints', which laments the prodigal sons (or the majority of the American youth) in this nation. It ends with a stirring call to belivers to take a stand in God, and for the lost to repent and to 'reach out their hand' to be healed.

'Beautiful Lord' is a fitting beautiful song, and Leeland gets giddy in songs like 'Hey', 'Lift Your Eyes', and 'Can't Stop'. The album closer, 'Carried to the Table' is magnificent to say the least.

If you're tired of worship music that sounds like your baby sister made, look no further than Leeland's stunning debut.

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Consumed (13)

Strong melodies | Posted July 19, 2007
I have one word: Impressive! (OK, I have more than one word now.) I am impressed with this band's worshipful lyrics and their great sound. The band's lead singer, Leeland Mooring, has a unique voice. Songs like "Too Much" and "Carried to the Table" are easy to relate to. "Sound of Melodies" a worshipful offering to God, and "Tears of the Saints", a plea for unbelievers to find Him, both ring true. Other songs show an honest, tenderhearted take on worshiping God. Long story short: you can't help but find yourself singing along to this album. Five stars!

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mayhem (31)

God-sent | Posted July 17, 2007
The thing that stuck out to me the most about this album was that you can tell that throughout the whole CD, God was the focus. The lyrics prove it, and if you've ever seen them live, you know it.

My favorite songs include "Sound of Melodies," "Reaching," and "Carried To The Table." These songs have been played at retreats I've gone to and concerts.

There is something about the sound - the vocals, or somethin, that makes Leeland special. Sound Of Melodies is a CD your whole family can listen to. I highly recommend it.

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One of the greatest albums ever! | Posted December 12, 2010
Honestly, this is one of the best albums ever, not only does it have one of the most amazing songs [Tears Of The Saints], but it's just an album full of wonderful God-praising lyrics.

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fabulous! | Posted November 17, 2009
"Sound of Melodies" be Leeland is a real work of musical art. Not only does it have amazing melodies and great lyrics, but each song reflects a similar message, yet in greatly different ways. They are filled with beautful, yet real emotion. the maturity and humility shown in each and every one of the songs.
The songwriting and melodic abilities of the band, most notably that of frontman Leeland Mooring and brother Jack Mooring, are far beyond their years and capabilities of many older artists.
This is my favourite Christian music album ever. In my opinion, its a fenominal musical masterpeice, in every way very deserving of its GRAMMY nomination.

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Amazing! | Posted August 17, 2009
Sound of Melodies is the first release by the Texas-based group Leeland. I didn't know anything about Leeland until after their second album was released and when I did finally hear of them I wasn't interested. My disinterest was due to the fact that my musical preferences do not usually include rock or CCM. One day, I decided I should listen to some rock to see if there was anyone worth listening to in my opinion. I remembered Leeland and decided to give them a listen. I listened to their material from their second album and wasn't sold on them until...I came across music from "Sound of Melodies." Soon after I purchased this album and I am still constantly amazed by this group's talent.

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Sound Of Melodies | Posted December 24, 2008
i love the song Sound Of Melodies. its got a catchy tune that i find stuck in my head a lot! Tears of the Saints is another one of my favorites. it is sad, and inspiring, at the same time!

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the sound of melodies | Posted November 07, 2008
this is my favorite album by leeland because
of the 3 songs "The Sound of Melodies","Tears of The Saints", and Carried to the Table because they`re good songs

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Leeland | Posted October 30, 2008
This cd is incredible!!!!!! The first time I heard Tears Of The Saints I got chills! These guys are so talented and I can't wait to see how the Lord will use them for His glory.

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