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Between The Dreaming And The Coming True [edit]
by Bebo Norman | Genre: AC/Inspo | Release Date: September 19, 2006

Bebo Norman returns with his fifth studio project. According to Norman, "Between the Dreaming and the Coming True is a turning point for me as an artist. Everything feels new to me again; from the writing process to production and performance. I really couldn't be more pleased with how these songs turned out, and I can't wait to get on the road and play them live." With the arrival of the new album, fans are certain to see and hear a new Bebo Norman, one that has fully stepped into a new place in life. Norman adds, "I'm at a place in my life where I realize it's alright to be confident...that you can't be the underdog forever."

The first nine songs on the album tell a story, one that Bebo did not set out to tell, but is thankful it came together. Bebo shares, "I've never written a group of songs that expressed more intently life lived in the real and in the everyday. It is about hope eternal played out against the backdrop of a difficult world and a sometimes dark age. This is a record about a life of true and honest hope lived somewhere 'Between the Dreaming and the Coming True'."

Track Listing
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01. Into The Day
02. Be My Covering
03. Time Takes Its Toll On Us
04. I Know Now
05. I Will Lift My Eyes
06. The Way We Mend
07. To Find My Way To You
08. Bring Me To Life
09. My Eyes Have Seen Holy
10. Sunday
11. Now That You're Gone

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Great concept album, top 10 of 2006! | Posted September 13, 2007
This album has really grown on me in the last year. I liked previous Bebo Norman songs like "Nothing Without You", "Disappear" and "Great Light of the World" so I knew I'd like the songs on this album and "I Will Lift My Eyes", "Into the Day" and "Now That You're Gone" are standout tracks. In comparison to his previous work, I feel this is Bebo's strongest overall album and top 10 of 2006! The songs take you on a journey and the collaboration with Jason Ingram is brilliant. Looking forward to more.

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A New Perspective Gives Bebo His Best Yet | Posted July 01, 2007
Bebo has always been one of the most open and honest songwriters in Christian music. His albums capture the true place where he is at, and for the longest time, he was one " spokesman" away from becoming our industry's poster boy for the lost, single soul searching for their long lost mate. His recent marriage has brought new perspective on his world and it is has translated into songs like "Into The Day," "Bring Me To Life" and the stirring first single "I Will Left My Eyes."

"I wrote a lot in my earlier days from turmoil and loneliness," Bebo says. "A lot of that had to do with being single and living on the road without much of a home. The funny thing was that when this began to change and I entered into a season of my life where, for three or four years now, I've understood what peace is, that made me worry a bit too, because I didn't know how to write from peace. I'd never done that before."

One of the most striking changes on the new album is the inclusion of other musicians. In fact, an entire band showed up to help record the new songs. Instrumentalists on Between the Dreaming and the Coming True include: Adam Lester on guitar; Tony Lucido playing bass; Ken Lewis on drums; Gabe Scott on accordion; Shane Keister at the piano; among other extraordinary musicians. String arrangements were done by John Painter. Bebo, along with Painter, arranged horns on "I Know Now," with Painter playing French horn, trumpet and trombone on the song. Norman and Ingram took control of co-producing ten of the eleven tracks on the project, enlisting the talent of Glenn Rosenstein on "The Way We Mend," a song Norman wrote with Dave Barnes. The result is that choruses soar, drums thunder, and the piano lets loose drapes of brilliant texture bathing Norman's message with a more vivid light. The final outcome is one of Bebo's best albums to date.

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Great! | Posted September 14, 2008
Okay...I went to go see Bebo Norman at a concert and after he was done, he told us about Compassion and then they had people had out a package if you were interested. Well..that's how I became a sponsor :D and I got my first Bebo Norman cd there! My brother gave it to me :) I positively love this cd! The songs are beautiful and perfectly done on it. The best songs are: "I Will Lift My Eyes", "Time Takes Its Toll on Us", "Be My Covering", "Bring Me to Life", "Now That You're Gone", and "My Eyes Have Seen Holy". A great album! Go get it.

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chaddr (14)

Perhaps the best so far from Bebo! | Posted May 24, 2008
I do not think there is another artist I like more than Bebo... and this album proves why. Though he hasn't strayed from his folksy beginnings rooted in acoustic guitar, Bebo showcases a surprisingly adept reinvention towards pop on this album. There's an energy to this album, even in the middle of slower songs that hasn't always been there, or was at least hiding somewhere just beneath the more prominent rootsiness of his previous works..
From the very first note to the last notes of the closing song, this CD is chalk full of winning songs and lyrics. The standouts for me, which are hard to pick because I truly think they are all amazing, are the so-sing-along-able "Into the Day", the soaring "I Will Lift My Eyes" and the hauntingly beautiful "My Eyes Have Seen Holy" with the achingly simple yet profound lyrics, Mercy, sweep over me / Let Your tears wash me clean / Majesty, be merciful with me / For my eyes have seen Holy.
This album is truly one of his best, if not "the" best so far!

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Best of Bebo (To Me Atleast) | Posted January 11, 2008
I don't know many songs from Bebo Norman and thats probobly because i'm not his biggest fan. I just know the ones that are played on the radio but, ever since his song "I Will Lift My Eyes" began playing on radio airwaves, things changed. That song speaks to me in many ways and i thought, hmmm, if he has a song like this there must be more that he has very similar and i decided to by his "Between the Dreaming and the Coming True" cd to give him and his music a shot. Let me tell you that i'm glad i did. This cd is full of wonderful songs with many great messages. Of course my favorite song on the cd is "I Will Lift My Eyes" but each and every other song is just as great as that in its own way. He starts the cd with two fast upbeat but great songs, "Into the Day" and "Be My Covering"(which i love) then starts to take a gentle flow through. This cd is awesome! I loved it and recommend that those who don't have it to purchase it even if you're not a big fan of Bebo Norman. I know you won't go wrong for getting this cd.

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Awesome CD | Posted October 10, 2007
This is a great CD. Bebo is incredible. One of my favorite artist and CD.

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good cd! | Posted September 09, 2007
love this cd!! The song "I Will Lift My Eyes" is one of the best songs ever!

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Bebo | Posted August 22, 2007
Bebo is a great artist and this CD shows it. It's an awesome record!

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godawgs (65)

Go Bebo! Go Bebo! | Posted July 11, 2007
Bebo is a really cool dude with a really cool CD.

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Great! | Posted July 04, 2007
This much anticipated CD didn't disappoint. What a truely, heartfelt disk. I saw him last year at GMA of the Rockies and was blown away by his humility and humble he was. My favorite song is "I will lift my eyes". It speaks so muc h to where his heart is. I recommend this CD very highly!

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Drew Me In | Posted July 02, 2007
After hearing this album I became an immediate Bebo fan! Awesome stuff!

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