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A Collision [edit]
by David Crowder*Band | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: September 27, 2005

Track Listing
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0. The Story Of Marty Stuart And The Rather Understated Jacket (Expanded Edition)
01. Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven (A Walk Down Stairs)
02. Come and Listen
03. Here is Our King
04. Wholly Yours
05. Foreverandever Etc
06. (A Quiet Interlude)
07. A Beautiful Collision
08. Soon I Will Be Done With the Troubles of the World
09. Be Lifted or Hope Rising
10. I Saw the Light
11. O God Where are You Now (In Pickerel Lake? Pigeon? Marquette? Mackinaw?)
12. (B Quiet Interlude)
13. Do Not Move
14. Come Awake
15. You Are My Joy
16. Our Happy Home
17. (Repeat/Return) or When the Seventh Angel Sounded His Trumpet, and There Were Loud Voices in Heaven, Which Said: 'The Kingdom of the World Has Become the Kingdom of Our Lord and of His Christ, and He Will Reign Foreverandever, Etc…'
18. We Win!
19. Rescue is Coming (B Walk Down Stairs)
20. A Conversation
21. The Lark Ascending or (Perhaps More Accurately, I’m Tryng to Make You Sing)

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art10 (115)

Hit and Miss | Posted July 17, 2007
Sufjan Stevens is influential. This album follows in his suit, and even takes one of his songs. But hey, nothing wrong with taking a cue from the indie master. However, Crowder changes it to reflect just praise and worship, instead of just random thoughts about a state. The result is a hit or miss.

The song that majorly hits is "We Win!". After all, how can you not like a well-crafted victory song? The song is rockin', and the people are talkin'.

What makes this a concept album is that it's divided into themes. The first theme is the safe, radio friendly theme. If you've listened to radio for the past couple of years, you've heard this whole section. Which isn't bad, but it feels familiar.

But, the weirdest collection of tracks in years is in segment three. This is supposed to be the future worship category. Now, with the theme of future in a music album you know it's going to be different. "Do Not Move" is officially the weirdest song ever. You have to hear to to believe it. What's even weirder is it starts growing on you after a few listens.

Overall, an interesting album. David Crowder dares to be different, taking a cue from the guy that has mainstreamed this type of album. But, like all concept albums, it does have it's hit and misses. Which is expected. Just know what you're buying, before you buy.

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username2 (378)

4/5 | Posted April 17, 2011
 I really appriciate the fact that David Crowder is not afraid to break the montony of worship songs and go in completely different directions musically.  A Collision is really the apex of his music as it incorporates many different styles on one disc.  The album is split into four parts, (A,B,C, and D) which show off a different style.  A Part is where the radio-friendly worship songs are and they sound really good.  B Part showcases a more traditional style where most of the songs are taken from either the public domain or other people.  C Part is the standout here as it showcases a more experimental style with songs like "Do Not Move" and "You Are My Joy."  D Part is really the culmination and where the album gets it's name because it features a blend of styles from the previous three parts.  (A Collision if you could call it that.)  

A Coillision is a great album that might take a few listens to fully appriciate.  It's great to see a band like this break away from the norm and put a different spin on something that becomes routine.  

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A fantastic album | Posted February 09, 2011

I'm not a huge music buff.  I like to listen to music, but I listen mostly to bands that are well-known, not artsy fartsy bands that nobody else has ever heard of.  However, when I listen to this album, I feel cultured.  :) 

David Crowder has very poetic lyrics while at the same time making them very singable.  I never get lost in his lyrics or wonder what he's talking about. Many of the songs at the beginning of the album could be done in a worship setting in most churches.  As the album progresses, you arrive into more experimental, artistic-styled music and you begin to wonder "What is this?" but you like it the whole time.

I love how this album flows.  It's very hard to find the breaks between songs.  Other artists do this, and Crowder does it on "Church Music", but this was my first experience with something this clean.  There are also a variety of styles throughout the album, and while I might not consider myself a fan of bluegrass or more electronic sounding stuff, I still loved it.

This isn't an album your mom or your grandma would enjoy listening to, but I think you will.   So you should get it.  I'm sure it's pretty cheap used these days.  :)

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This is an awesome cd! | Posted June 28, 2009
This cd is really catchy and I still haven't gotten sick of it after listening to it like a hundred times. My favorite song would have to be "Rescue is Coming". Keep up the good work David Crowder Band!

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Amazing | Posted November 10, 2008
This album is absolutely amazing. It gives such an inspiring message. David Crowder Band has to be one of the most awesomest Christian artists.
I really liked:
A Beautiful Collision &
Wholly Yours

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Mitzy (109)

love it!!! | Posted September 25, 2008
LOVE IT!!!! LOVE IT!!! I am happy that i got this cd... i've been wanting to get it!! and i love it!!!!!!!love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hmmm..what to say? | Posted May 29, 2008
Wow this cd blew me away. Okay first off I actually have never heard of this band but then I heard one song by them. I Saw the Light. I love that song! THe lyrics are so great and so powerful! Oh sure the music sounds corny but its a great song. Then I heard, Here Is Our King. After that I was hooked. This cd is great...no awesome so listen to and I love it!

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A collision | Posted April 05, 2008
I love to hear this band. This cd has a lot of different styles of music and features both exciting stomp your foot action music and calm down a little music. I like this cd, but I find it hard to sit and listen to it without skipping certain songs at certain times, due to the different types of changes throughout the cd.

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=D | Posted December 31, 2007
i love this beand and there music there awesome!

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coredog (62)

love the songs, not the album | Posted October 26, 2007
While I love some of the songs, I cannot say I love the album as a whole. I seem to skip a lot of tracks, which is disappoining.

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