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Iris to Iris [edit]
by Building 429 | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: May 01, 2007

Dove award-winning Building 429 returns with a brand new album full of their familiar style of introspective, worshipful lyrics and anthemic pop/rock songs that made Glory Defined a #1 hit. New songs born out of intimate times of prayer, like "You Carried Me," "Majesty" and "Power Of Your Name," are bound to find a place in modern worship settings as well as the hearts of Building 429 fans everywhere.

"Iris To Iris, the new Building 429 album is not one good song or two good songs, but 11 great compositions that make a thoroughly satisfying listening experience. These guys have stepped up to the plate with a wonderful record and a major shift towards accessibility and ministry in the direction of their music. It is my hope and belief that this album, Iris To Iris, will put Building 429 in the consciousness of a much broader audience, primarily because of the quality of the songs, and accessibility of the music. I am not trying to hype this, I just believe in these guys and this project. It has blessed me, and I hope it blesses you." -- Brown Bannister, Producer

Track Listing
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01. Power Of Your Name
02. Majesty
03. Singing Over Me
04. You Carried Me
05. Amazed
06. Incredible
07. Waiting To Shine
08. Taken
09. New Season
10. Constant
11. Grace That Is Greater

Entry last edited by clearspoken on 02.28.08

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Solid Rock Worship Album | Posted October 20, 2008
Building 429 hit the scene big with their debut single Glory Defined and their solid debut album The Space In Between Us. Their style had a bit of grunge mixed with solid worship lyrics, fitting since the band name is based on Ephesians 4:29, which is a great life verse. After much acclaim and a Dove Award for Best New Artist 2005, Building 429 came back with a somewhat more rocking Rise, with the hit song Fearless.

Iris To Iris is the third and final Building 429 album on Word Records and is actually my favorite overall. The band certainly toned down and the grunge influence seems gone. This album is easily the most worship focused as evidenced by the stand-out songs Power Of Your Name, Majesty, You Carried Me and a great re-write of Grace That Is Greater. My favorite overall song is Singing Over Me, based on Zephaniah 3:17. This is a solid rock worship album and if you like Jeremy Camp, Casting Crowns or MercyMe, you should enjoy Building 429.

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art10 (114)

Like The Album Cover | Posted July 30, 2007
Building 429 really has fallen off the map. Their debut was good, their sophomore was OK, and nobody has heard this one, but I hear it's bad. This is a shame because the album cover has to be one of the best of the year. New category in the Dove Awards for album covers?

I haven't heard one song off this album on radio. What happened? JFH gave the album a bad review. What happened? Most of their hardcore fans are being driven off. Bad mistake.

Overall, Building 429 is now a memory. Thanks for the memories, it was a nice run, but you could have ended your run with more than a nice album cover.

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Mixed | Posted May 10, 2011
There are some very good songs on this release "Power of Your Name" & "Constant" to name just two. Overall, this album did not grip me upon first listen. I felt that the musical performances were really good, but the vocal melodies just seemed a litlte flat. I went back and listened to the CD again though and am finding that I like the songs a lot better now, so this is probably one of those that will grow on me the more I hear it.

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it has a lot of depth... | Posted May 10, 2011
I think this will probably always be the greatest Building 429 album ever. Sure it was a huge switch from their previous releases, but they really pulled it off. When I first heard they were doing a more worship themed album I wasn't sure I'd like it (my taste in music was a lot less diverse back then though), but when I got this I was pleasantly surprised by how much depth it had. One thing that bothers me about a lot of modern worship music is that it is too simple. Simplicity is great, but sometimes you want some depth to things. Of course there are a few simple, lighthearted songs on this album, but for the most part the entire album carries a greater depth both musically and lyrically than you typically hear from contemporary Christian groups. If you get the chance to read the story behind the writing of this album, please do. It is awesome to know where the worshipful tone of this album came from. That is pretty much the goal of this CD, just to worship God and cause others to do the same. When I got this CD my favorite song on it was Waiting to Shine. A lot of people make fun of "sappy heaven ballads", but I have to say that is the greatest song about desiring to go home I have ever heard. The phrase "Iris to Iris" comes from that song. On May 24th, 2007 Constant became my favorite song. I don't want to get into that very long story, but I will just say that on that day after a scary life threatening incident of a family member, it really came alive to me and reminded me that when everything around us is going crazy, God is constant and he holds our lives in His hands. We can't live without Him. That song is the deepest, most heartfelt worship I think I have ever heard from a contemporary group. The music is beautiful and the I love all the songs on this album though. They are all great in their own way. Take time to listen to the words and really think about what is being said. During the promotion of this album, there was an awesome intro to I think it pretty much sums up the goal of the CD:

It's the journey
The passion
The desire
To be drawn in and focused completely
Finally standing closer than you've ever been before
In awe and wonder
At the beauty of our God
Face to face
Iris to iris

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Amazing Album!! | Posted February 03, 2009
I really really enjoyed this album and it's one of my favourite CDs. My friend had told me it was a great CD, and she was obviously right. My favourite song would probably be Constant, but they're all so good, so it's hard to choose. I would recommend buying this album to anyone who likes B429's music or anyone who likes this genre. It's a fantastic album and definitely a MUST buy!!

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Leah (12)

Building 429 | Posted July 27, 2008
Building 429`s first two cds are really good, but this definitely their best album!!! "Taken" is one of my favorite songs, they`re all soooo good, I love every one!

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RossMan (134)

amazing | Posted March 08, 2008
ive have been listening to building 429 from the beginning and i love pretty much every single one of the songs they have produced, and that deffinatly didnt stop with Iris to Iris, their newest release. my favorite songs are deffinatly New Season, You Carried Me, Taken, and Grace That Is Greater
this album is worth every penny is great for all ages and i recommend you go buy it asap

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dstatler (11)

Next Building | Posted December 18, 2007
After loving their first album (Space inbetween us), I just had to get this one (haven't heard their "Rise" album yet).

Although no one song really stood out for me, they were all really good. I've only listened all the way through once, so I'm sure the more I listen, some favs will start to stand out.

Does anyone else agree that the lead singer "sort of" sounds like Geoff Moore? :-)

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great worship rock! | Posted September 08, 2007
I love this cd, it shows how much Building 429 has matured! Its a great combination of pop rock and worship! The lyrics are amazing! The music is awesome! My favorite song is the redone version of the hymn "Grace That is Greater". This is definitely the best Building 429 album so far!

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Awesome! | Posted August 22, 2007
Building 429 first and second album were good, but this one is my favorite. I think they really stepped it up on this one and took the time and effort to make a really good album. My favorite song is New Season and some other good songs are You Carried Me and Majesty. This is my favorite Building 429 album.

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Building 429 | Posted August 22, 2007
AWESOME album!! Best album from B429!! Def. get this album!! I love Majesty and You Carried Me!

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