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Mix Of Life [edit]
by ZOEgirl | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 24, 2002

The 2002-2003 remix craze that swept the Christian music industry with mix offerings from top-notch artists such as Avalon and Rachael Lampa was quick to include ZOEgirl as well. Mix Of Life features songs from the all-girl trio's first two albums, their self-titled debut and Life...with a twist. Remixes of fan-favorites and smash hits such as "Here And Now," "Dismissed," and "With All Of My Heart" fuse together with other must-listen tracks to create a dynamic experience.

Track Listing
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01. Dismissed (Omega 8 Mix)
02. Even If (Prefab Mix)
03. I Believe (Trip Rock Mix)
04. Waiting (Nova Mix)
05. With All Of My Heart
06. Save Myself (You Like That? Mix)
07. Ordinary Day (Blue Mix)
08. Plain (Beautiful Chill Mix)
09. Nick Of Time (H2O Mix)
10. No You (H2O Mix)
11. Anything Is Possible (Madame Lapulse Mix)
12. Living For You (The Ghost Mix)
13. Here And Now (Turbo Radio Mix)

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Pretty Good for a Remix Record | Posted December 17, 2007
In 2001-2002, it seemed like every Christian pop artist released a remix CD. It started with Avalon, then spread to Newsboys and Rachael Lampa, and eventually to ZOEgirl. I'm usually not a fan of remixes. Most remixes we hear today are techno. Here, we have some techno, pop, jazz, and even a little rock. The majority of the album is pretty good, with the exception of a few that last wayyy too long. Any remix over 5 and a half minutes is too long! The only exception is "I Believe." I love this mix, though it could have been shorter. I also love how they did "Nick Of Time" and "Dismissed." This was the first time I'd ever heard "Save Myself," being that it was only a limited edition bonus track for "Life." I loved it and it was probably my favorite. About a year ago now, I finally got my hands on that limited edition on eBay, and the regular version of "Save Myself" isn't much different. The only remix on this CD that I prefer to its original is "Nick Of Time". Nothing too special, but there are some interesting views on some ZOEgirl songs.

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Like Woah.... | Posted February 03, 2009
These mixes are like totally freakin amazing. I loved loved loved every song. This is a pretty awesome remix CD. They did a very good job on this.

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LampaFan (184)

Sick! | Posted November 13, 2008
This CD is sick! I love the remixes of "Even If", "Ordinary Day" and "Waiting" especially. Though the reward for best remix goes to the Trip Rock Mix of "I Believe"! This song blows the original out of the water! Some are just okay, like "Nick of Time", "Plain" and "Living For You". "With All of My Heart is downright disgusting! It destroyed a great song! Other GOOD songs include "No You", "Here and Now" and the new song "Save Myself". I love this CD! Go ZOEs!

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Mix of Life | Posted November 26, 2007
I love this cd. It's so encouraging and uplifting, just what I need on a hard day.

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dreambig (120)

Mix of Life | Posted September 11, 2007
This CD has some interesting mixes. I think they should have made the intro for Dismissed a bit shorter. other than that I liked the song. they did some good remixes.

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uuuhuuum? | Posted August 16, 2007
I ,sorta, like it. I don't like Zoegirl that much.
There to silly. There are some good songs on here
but not a lot. I like Save Myself,Waiting, and I sorta like Ordinary day. they need, you got it , more rock, I LOVE rock music!

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joanna (30)

An interesting collection | Posted July 07, 2007
Mix of life presents some interesting spins on some early songs from ZOEgirls career, the majority off the Life album. There are some great mixes such as the techno take on Even If. I would never have thought the originally very poppy i believe would work as a rock song but it does brilliantly. Unfortunately some remixes that had potential such as Plain and Ordinary day loose interest with long repetitive instrumental sections. despite that, it's still well worth the listen.

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Love it! | Posted January 20, 2008
I absolutely LOVE "Save Myself". I thought the song was brilliant! Some of the other remixes are pretty cool as well!

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godawgs (65)

lzer | Posted July 12, 2007
ZOEgirl stinks-the end!!

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