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Say It [Japanese Import Version] [edit]
by Britt Nicole | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: December 15, 2007

Britt Nicole may be a new face to Christian music, but the catchy hooks and powerful energy in her Sparrow Records debut album Say It will not be quickly forgotten. Britt's music is geared toward teenagers, with guitar driven hooks, thoughtful lyrics about real issues, and a bit of funky urban flair. She has worked with renowned producers Tedd T (Stacie Orrico, David Crowder*Band, Mutemath) and doubledutch (ZOEgirl, Mat Kearney) to create a unique fresh sound that will appeal to music fans everywhere. With her explosive and dynamic live show, Britt is already winning fans on the road at Winter Jam 2007, alongside Sanctus Real, Hawk Nelson, Jeremy Camp, Steven Curtis Chapman and more.

You can order this import CD at for $35. The tracklisting can be found at

A Japanese Import Version, without the bonus tracks and featuring a different cover than the one shown, can be bought at for $5.

Track Listing
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01. Holiday
02. Believe
03. Set The World On Fire
04. Sunshine Girl
05. You
06. Ready
07. Don't Worry Now
08. Good Day
09. When She Cries
10. Say It
11. World That Breaks
12. Come What May [Japan Bonus Track]
13. Believe (Acoustic Mix) [Japan Bonus Track]
14. Last Christmas [Japan Bonus Track]

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sts99 (2)

Christian pop at its very best! | Posted November 10, 2008
Britt Nicole has exploded onto the Christain music scene with a fervor I haven't felt in years! Her debut project, "Say It", bounces with power and joy, with profound lyrics that immediately reach in deep and pull you out of any funk you may find yourself in.

I couldn't help but sing and dance along to nearly every track. Favorites include "Ready" (heavy bass-laden rebuke of Satan's wiles with a wonderfully catchy melody); "You" (an even more beautiful pop melody claiming God's promise to restore our prodigal hearts when we return to Him); "Set the World on Fire" (proclaiming her intense desire to allow God to use her as a vessel through which He can change the world); "Sunshine Girl" (fun, celebratory tune promising friendship no matter the situation); and many more 5-star hits.

This album will remain near the top of my favorites list for years to come! Love it, love it! Give us more, Britt!!

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Great! | Posted September 04, 2009
I loved the beats and the songs were all fun. She has a really nice voice. My favorite song from this Cd was set the world on fire, which was slower(like world that breaks, and don't worry now) than the rest of the songs on this album.

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Britt Nicole | Posted September 03, 2009
Britt nicole is my favorite singer my favorite songs of hers are, Good day-belive-ready-and indestructible. I have never been to a concert but i love her music.

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Jackie (39)

Love songs | Posted July 20, 2009
I love Britt Nicole songs! She has a really good voice. I love the song 'Set the world on fire'. Whenever I first got this songs on my ipod, I could not stop singing it.

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awesome cd! | Posted November 19, 2008
I didn't really know if I would like this cd or not because I bought it after only hearing one of Britt's songs, "Set The World On Fire." But I really liked that song and from what I heard in that I song I really liked her style of music. This was from only listening to that one song. So I was kinda nervous when I bought the Cd because I was worried of what I would do if I began listening to it and decided I didn't like it cause then I would be out of luck cause it would've meant that I had just blown money on a Cd for no reason at all other than for one single song I had heard.

When I got back in the car I immediately opened the CD and place it in the CD player. The first song on the album is "Holiday" which is a VERY upbeat song. One that I didn't necessarily like at first because I just didn't see the point in it at first and it wasn't one that really clicked with me other than the fact that it was upbeat. But, over time, it grew on me. My 3 favorite songs on this Cd are "When She Cries", "Don't Worry Now" and "World That Breaks." All 3 songs hold specific, special meaning for me.

I really love this album and the songs have really good meanings to them. Some you can even create a meaning of your own, if it appeals to something going on or that has gone on in your life.

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LampaFan (184)

One of the Best Debuts Ever! | Posted November 13, 2008
This debut is just unfathomable! Britt Nicole drips sincereity into every track. My favorites are "Holiday", "You" and "Ready". This release is just amazing! Can't wait for more music Britt!

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ashley (4)

Britt Nicole's | Posted November 11, 2008
To me, this album was inspiring and fun with its pop/hip hop sound.

My favorite song is "When She Cries" because it's heartfelt and has a lot of emotion.

The tracks of the album were well laid out, starting with a fun upbeat song, "Holiday" and ending with "Say It", a good closing song, and "World That Breaks", a sweet and soft, but filled with passion, winding down the album.

Overall, this album was an excellent one. Hopefully, Britt Nicole will continue strongly with her next album.

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.... | Posted November 10, 2008
Britt is such a great singer.

She rocks!!

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overall.... | Posted September 09, 2008
overall , this is a pretty good cd. I like britt's attitude about life, and i think she is a great singer! good job britt! may gGod bless your ministry!

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Moving AND fun | Posted September 01, 2008
This album is about half-and-half as far as fun, sort of carefree songs versus meaningful/inspiring/touching ones. I tend to like the second kind more. My favorite songs are You, Set the World on Fire, When She Cries, and World That Breaks respectively. Britt Nicole helped to write every song on the album. I like her style but think she could use a bit more variety in the different songs. That being said, she is a very young artist and has much potential. This is a good album.

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