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Room To Breathe [edit]
by ZOEgirl | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: March 15, 2005

With their fourth studio release, ZOEgirl continues their "no apology" approach as missionaries to today's youth culture, especially young girls. On Room To Breathe, Chrissy, Kristin and Alisa give their listeners what they want musically while giving them what they need spiritually. Relevant issues confronting today's youth are addressed with frank honesty, always pointing toward Christ as a place of strength, peace and hope.

Track Listing
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01. Reason To Live
02. Dead Serious
03. About You
04. Scream
05. Forevermore
06. The Way You Love Me
07. Let It Out
08. Good Girl
09. Not The One
10. Skin Deep
11. Safe

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Another Awesome Cd by Zoegirl | Posted September 14, 2008
Zoegirl rocks!! Yeah, I love all of their albums and this could be my favorite. I'm not sure though..."Life" is super good! I'm just sad that they quit doing music...they were awesome. Alright, the best songs on this album are: "Scream", "Forevermore", "Let It Out" (A really crazy song lol), "Safe", "Skin Deep", and "The Way You Love Me". Since this album is really good, the rest of the songs on here are great!

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belisbud (34)

Beautiful Pop Rock | Posted July 02, 2013
This album is pop with some rock, combining to be fun yet soulful. The lyrics are so beautifully thought provoking that combined with the music you can get a little lost in the songs.  The lyrics also give this CD a positive message which would be most related to by teen girls.

Due to the soulful quality, I wouldn't recommend listening to this when you're looking for a CD to make you really cheerful and upbeat (except maybe dead serious and let it out), but when you want to sit back and enjoy really beautiful music, this is definitely a CD worth listening to.

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Jackie (39)

Love it | Posted September 03, 2009
I loved this cd. Of course, I love all their cd's and songs, but my favorite songs on this cd are 'Skin Deep', and 'Let it Out'!!! Their songs are amazing and the lyrics really show how much they love God!

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I... | Posted February 03, 2009
I recommend this album to everyone I know. It was like totally amazing.

My faves are 'Forevermore' and 'Skin Deep.'

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LampaFan (185)

Not Quite As Good as Previous Releases. | Posted November 13, 2008
This album doesn't quite compare to the group's previous albums such as DIFFERENT KIND OF FREE or LIFE. The first 5 tracks are my faves, the others aren't quite as good.

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One of the best~ | Posted September 08, 2008
Again, Zoegirl has produced more music that the fans want to hear, and music that Glorifies God. I have ALL of their cd's and this one is one of the best!

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zoegirl rox. | Posted April 26, 2008
ZOEgirl is awesome.
at my first concert they were there with other christian bands.
and they said that it was there last concert because they were breakin up u know.
i bought cried.
but it was really! fun.
i got there autograph and all.
i was like SWEET!!!

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GuiRi (34)

I miss u :'( | Posted January 30, 2008
ZOEgirl! I Miss u!!!
The album is AWESOME !
I Remember when he was releasing !!!
OOOO ! I was crazy !!!
Reason to Live is so beautiful!!
Get back ZOEgirl!

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Great cd | Posted January 20, 2008
I think this is my second favorite album by the girls, second only to "Life". I love "Reason to Live" because the lyrics are so true! "Dead Serious" is a fun song with poppy lyrics that are too cute to not sing along to. I know that "Scream" was a big hit for this cd, but it was honestly my least favorite song on the cd. "Forevemore" is a great praise song. "Let it Out" is another fun tune. "Good Girl", "Not the One", and "Skin Deep" also have great lyrics and a great message.

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A childish poppy chick album, yet fun to listen to | Posted December 22, 2007
The title says it all. While there lyrics are a bit pathetic, it's perfect brain candy for girls. That's right, Guys would abhor this prissy album, and most of the songs were meant for only girls anyway-especially Dead Serious and Good Girl. Other songs also include a few lyrics that show it's talking about a girl.
Nevertheless, I enjoy listening to this pop album just when I'm bored or want to do some karaoke in front of my mirror (with no one else around of course). Their voices though are a lot like any other girl-sung pop album but there is a bit of a difference which makes it a nice.
. I'd have to say me favorite song of this trios CD is "Skin Deep". A softer song with good lyrics. "Let it Out" makes a good fun shout-out song and "Forevermore" is an awesome worship song, in fact now that I think about it's probably is better than "Skin Deep" it's something I could listen to over and over. It's probably better for you to by a couple songs on instead of the whole album. And the rest? ...pure candy.

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