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Opposite Way [edit]
by Leeland | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: February 26, 2008

Four-time Dove Award-nominated progressive rock band, Leeland, has announced the February 26th, 2008 release of its second studio album, Opposite Way. Opposite Way was produced by Matt Bronleewe (Michael W. Smith, Natalie Imbruglia), mixed by Ben Grosse (Ben Folds, Red Hot Chili Peppers) and was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee at Smoak Stack Studios and Pentavarit Studios.

Leeland front man, Leeland Mooring, shares about the heart behind the band's new album, "Opposite Way is a call to our generation to passionately walk the 'opposite way' of the world; that it's ok to live the Christian life and be on fire for God, even if it makes us look different. We want to encourage, inspire and raise up a new generation of worshippers."

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Track Listing
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01. Count Me In
02. Let It Out Now
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03. Enter This Temple
04. Opposite Way
05. Wake Up
06. Beginning And The End
07. Brighter Days
08. Falling For You
09. Don't Go Away
10. Thief In The Night
11. May Our Praise

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Good, But Not As Good As Their Debut | Posted May 14, 2010
Leeland's sophmore release was really exciting for me when it came out but over time it lost quite a bit of magic for me. Sure, it's still a great album but it doesn't have the epic feel their debut had.

The album opens with the catchy hit, "Count Me In," but the real gems of the album come in the form of the three following tracks, "Let It Out Now," "Enter This Temple," and the title track.

The rest of the album is filled with hit or miss songs that are either upbeat or reflective. Songs like "Brighter Days" and "Don't Go Away" are catchy and memorable but other tracks are forgettable.

All in all, a good release from Leeland but one not without it's flaws.

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Solid 2nd album, top 10 of 2008 | Posted September 30, 2008
I waited to review this album until I savored it awhile because at first it didn't measure up to "Sound of Melodies", but not much does in my opinion. So, I spent more time getting into the music and lyrics of "Opposite Way" and I am now convinced it is a top 10 album of 2008. "Count Me In" gives a great way of thinking about our calling as Christians: "I didn't choose You, You chose me first" and is classic Leeland emotional alternative rock, and the other highlights are "Let It Out Now", "Enter This Temple", "Brighter Days" and my favorite song is "Opposite Way" which is an amazing worship anthem encouraging believers to follow Christ's example of being in the world, but not of the world.

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NO SOPH SLUMP HERE | Posted September 29, 2008
Listening to Leelandís Opposite Way, itís hard to choose which stands out most: front man Leeland Mooringís unhampered vocal; the bandís strong collective songwriting; or the blasts of energy from beginning to end. Utilizing the talent ambitiously, producer Matt Bronleewe (Michael W. Smith, Natalie Imbruglia) guides the men of Leeland over the sophomore slump to a stellar second release.

After selling more than 100,000 copies of its 2006 debut, and garnering Grammy and Dove Award nominations, Leeland could have easily cozied up with more accommodating subject matter attempting a Top 40 break-in, a typical route for a band with such mainstream musical sensibility. Instead taking a lead from the albumís title track, the rock quintet solidifies its firm worship element with a call to live out authenticated faith.

A list of obvious influences marks Opposite Way, but none overt enough to warrant a distinguished comparison. In fact, itís rare for something so accessible to be quite so advanced. Specific lyrically and progressive musically, Opposite Way is effective top to bottom. Leeland may be a young band, but they possess the raw talent and energy to create something truly original for this industry. - Andrew Greer

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Opposite Way | Posted March 11, 2008
Promising band starts out with amazingly young group, lead singer is 18 when he writes his first tune, put out impressive debut that goes outside the boundries of Christian music, band gets big, band follows up with....crappy sophomore effort? Yikes, and they showed so much promise too. Gone are the epic pop pieces with unique song structure. Instead they made music that's 'safe' for the radio.

Oh it's not all bad, I suppose. The first single, 'Count Me In' is great fun and was a blast when they introduced it live. The crowd was into it, I was rocking out, entirely sure that their album would follow suit, but that was months ago. Then comes two songs of filler before the title track comes in and blows me away. Maybe the best song they've done aside from Tears of the Saints, what with it's brooding music and poignant lyrics about it being alright to go the other way and not follow the trend being set by society. After that is the ever boring 'Wake Up' that does nothing for me. Just another standard rock track with nothing to offer. 'Beginning and the End' is the last track on the album that is any good and it is, indeed, amazing. I guess it's just how Leeland sings the lyrics that make the song so catchy and irresistable. Ok, so we are 6 songs in and that's where the good stops, you ask? Pretty much. 'Thief in the Night' is alright at the end but it takes too long to get to the goods.

What we have here is the very definition of 'sophomore slump'. If you ask me, maybe they should've taken more time to craft the songs than a year and a half for this album. It could've been something good with more time but instead seems to be made to appeal to the masses, which will probably lap it up. The lyrics were very spiritual as always but come on! I want a challenge in my listening experience! I won't give up on them yet but they have a lot of work to do to win me back entirely with the third album.

Gems of this album are: 'Count Me In', 'Beginning and the End', 'Opposite Way'

Overall - 6.9/10

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Nathan (188)

A | Posted February 06, 2008
Eight arrows going one way, with only one lone arrow heading in an opposite direction; that's the cover of Leelands new album Opposite Way which tells a lot about the album already, but most importantly it tells us that award nominated band is back with a very anticipated album.

First off front man Leeland Moorning's voice is high and young, which is not typical of worship artists, but it is refreshing to hear it. The music on the CD can be classified pretty easily: group one is the upbeat medium rock sound that is found on the songs "count me in" which is very catchy, "don't go away", and maybe "let it out now". The next is the light rock sound which most of the album consists of, and last there are the light songs.

I caught a little bit of déjà vu on the songs "brighter days" and "wake up" because they remind me of Hyper Static Union and their song "sunny days" and Everyday Sunday's song "wake up! wake up!". moving past that the music really doesn't do a whole lot. The title track "opposite ways" is okay, and "brighter days" is a softer song with a solemn mood which is an interesting touch.

The lyrics were a big ear catcher when Leelands songs first hit the radio, as they were not the typical youth effort at worship. "Count me in" is about appreciation to God for what he has done, and "enter the temple" is about yearning for his presence. If you have heard the before mentioned song by Everyday Sunday than you have heard the song "wake up" with more spiritual references.

Themes like praise, love for God, and going against the ways of the world are all in this album. "Falling for you" grasps the concept of being really saved, as opposed to a false convert. Thief in the night" is as one point talking about running away from God, but the chorus has the references of the second coming, which is confusing.

So that's the music; a hand full of soft rock/pop tunes mixed in with light rock worship music. Then there are the lyrics, anything you have not heard before? For going the opposite way of things Leeland sure has not done to well at diversity among lyrics and music of their peers. The appeal in this album is the vocals, and youth of the this worship band, that is the only thing you will find going another way.

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Creative? No | Posted January 23, 2008
I would suggest this album to the Leeland-fans. It's a good album -again- and comparable to their previous album: it contains cool rock songs and some more 'slow' songs like 'Tears Of The Saints'.

At the same time that's my big remark: it's more of the same, standard and not very creative. They can do many more and be more creative than this!! But why didn't they do that?
I won't buy this album. Hopefully their third album will be... different but cool.

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Starla (1)

4 out of 5 Stars | Posted January 22, 2008
In enjoyed this album. It has a Keith Green type of call to the church and individual to wake up. The songs are excellent and word based.

The pop kind of feel that makes the message catchy and keeps the words rolling around in your head. I anticipate that Count Me In, Let It Out Now, Opposite Way, Wake Up, and Beginning And The End will be huge hits.

While Enter This Temple, Thief In The Night, and May Our Praise are tracks that have a great Praise and Worship feel to them. They are the kind of hits that will be used in churches to lead the body of Christ into worship!

However, I didn't care for these tracks:
Brighter Days, Falling For You, and Don't Go Away.

Because of the 8 excellent tracks, my overall rating is 4 out of 5 stars. These are the type of tracks that will remain on our lips for years.

I'm excited for the release date!

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amazing album! | Posted April 06, 2010
This is another awesome album from Leeland. :D

although i still like their first album better, and it's my favorite album of theirs, this one still holds a special place in my heart. one of the things that makes this album unique is that the lyrics for the song 'Opposite Way' are all written out backwards. i've always had a fancy for reading and writing things backwards now and then... maybe that's partially due to the fact that i had dislexia... :D

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LauraCC (256)

Great album | Posted November 27, 2009
Leeland is such a great band! They always do a good job. "Count Me In" was one of my faves from WOW Hits 2009. Don't miss this album. I expected "Opposite Way" to be a faster track.

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..... | Posted November 17, 2009
At first i was slightly dissapointed, expecting something more in line with the musical style of Sound of Melodies, but after listening to it, i found my momentary dissapointment unnessecary and even hasty.
opposite way has leelandís unique sound, but in a slighty different form. a balance of emotion and encouragement make this album a success.

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Solid, but not A Standout | Posted August 20, 2009
I discovered Leeland when they were announced as guests for YC Newfoundland 2008. They were announced at the previous year's event, so as soon as I got home, I purchased 'Sound of Melodies'. I was blown away!! The songs, the lyrics, the music, and the incredible vocal abilities of Leeland Mooring surprised me.. but I was so pleased. So, needless to say, when Opposite Way was released, I rushed to buy the album, and received it for my birthday.

When I first started playing Opposite Way - I'll be honest, I was slightly disappointed. It was SO different from 'Sound of Melodies' - much rockier, and a lot less worship. There were no songs that compared to the amazing lyrics, music, and worship that were found in 'Beautiful Lord' and 'Carried to the Table' on the debut album. However, as I listened to the CD over and over, some of the newer songs grew on me, and I appreciated the album for what it was - a new, diverse, but still amazing, Leeland sound, that was completely different than the debut - not a continuation.

Songs like 'Count Me In' are a new venture for Leeland - but the electric guitars pumping & the high energy sound, along with the spiritually sound lyrics, are very catchy & attractive - and sound absolutely incredible live!
Another stand out track on the CD for me is 'May Our Praise.' Although I hadn't really listened to the song much, after hearing Leeland play this song live, I was astonished by how incredible this song was, how worshipful, and how amazing the lyrics were. The piano riffs & the words are so powerful combined.

These two tracks were the only real 'stand outs' for me - and this album lacked the number of stand out songs that stick in your head like the debut had. However, all the songs were solid & catchy - and for that reason, I give this CD three stars.

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DrewF (1)

Awesomness!! | Posted March 26, 2009
Man i love Leeand!! when i first heard about their new album i was excited and skeptical about it. i was thinkin how can it exceed it previous album....o but i does my friend!! the lyrics are even better... Leeland has a passion for getting their point across in a different way. and i love that!! Hope you enjoy!!

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