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Opposite Way [edit]
by Leeland | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: February 26, 2008

Four-time Dove Award-nominated progressive rock band, Leeland, has announced the February 26th, 2008 release of its second studio album, Opposite Way. Opposite Way was produced by Matt Bronleewe (Michael W. Smith, Natalie Imbruglia), mixed by Ben Grosse (Ben Folds, Red Hot Chili Peppers) and was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee at Smoak Stack Studios and Pentavarit Studios.

Leeland front man, Leeland Mooring, shares about the heart behind the band's new album, "Opposite Way is a call to our generation to passionately walk the 'opposite way' of the world; that it's ok to live the Christian life and be on fire for God, even if it makes us look different. We want to encourage, inspire and raise up a new generation of worshippers."

Video: "Opposite Way" Sneak Preview

Track Listing
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01. Count Me In
02. Let It Out Now
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03. Enter This Temple
04. Opposite Way
05. Wake Up
06. Beginning And The End
07. Brighter Days
08. Falling For You
09. Don't Go Away
10. Thief In The Night
11. May Our Praise

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a good CD | Posted November 07, 2008
I really like this CD because the cover reminds me that when we`re going in the wrong direction to turn the other way <><

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Opposite Way is the Right Way for Leeland | Posted October 28, 2008
After hearing Leelands debut album I knew they were destined for great things and they continue that here on their sophomore album. While not as praise and worship friendly as their debut it is a step in the right direction for this young and very mature group. Leeland has been compared to such acts as coldplay and other melodic-driven groups. The songwriting on this album is top notch and the lyrics are very powerful. I would recommend this album to everyone especially fans of the above mentioned melodic-rock music but even if not this is a group worth checking out. I really like the songs "Opposite Way" "Brighter Days" and "Enter the Temple"

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SWRT (37)

It was good...I'll give them that much | Posted August 22, 2008
Not a "Yes You Have" in my opinion. That song made me like Leeland in the first place. "Sound of Melodies" was amazing as well along with "Tears of the Saints"...they were brilliant and its hard to follow up with. Its like Jars of Clay with flood, but they did a good job on this CD. I didnt like all of the songs, but that happens a lot on most CD's. Opposite Way is a really good one and reminds us how our Savior came and was so different from us in such an amazing and humbling way. Let It Out Now I really enjoyed as well. Its nice being reminded that we aren't just here...we were chosen by God. Out of the seas of faces mine was picked to help the cause and to run the opposite way of the world. Enter This Temple sounds really good and its catchy its a call out to live like the children of our Heavenly Father. I liked it. And my last favorite on the CD was Falling For You. How often we stray, maybe days, months, years at a time...but you just cant stay far away because every time God really touches your soul its like falling in love with Him all over again. Good job Leeland. I'm impressed.

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Great Sophomore Effort from CCM's Mesmirizing New Act! | Posted July 29, 2008
When Leeland released their first album, Sound of Melodies, lead singer Leeland Mooring was only 18, yet he touched so many people with his songs, and made "Tears of the Saints" the worship anthem of the new millenium.

So how would this band of young men follow up this colossal album.

Welcome to Opposite Way.

The first track, "Count Me In" is a joyful blast of energy that makes you want to get up and dance. It's a joy to listen to, along with "Wake Up" and "Beginning and the End."

The only thing that is bad about the record is that the ballads, although amazing by radio standards, don't match up to the absolutely amazing energetic songs.

Overall, buy this record. It is amazing.

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A Great Call. | Posted June 29, 2008
This album which Leeland said was a call to our generation is in fact a great call. No other cd has brought me closer to God than this one. This cd has a big opportunity to become the best cd of the year.

The song "Opposite Way" is one of the greatest songs ever to be heard by the ears of humanity. The message in this single song is such a great message that you can't just play it one time but several times.

Overall this album is almost at perfection. With such a great voice and sound, Leeland is destined to become one of the greatest Christian bands our world has ever seen or heard.

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Opposites Attract | Posted June 13, 2008
Do you want alternative rock and worship at its best? Do you want a band that combines compassion for what they believe in with great musical ability and sharp songwriting? If you do then Leeland are your band, and Opposite Way is your album, packed full of great songs and a title track that somes up exactly what the band are all about and is a great song to boot. One of the albums of 2008 to be sure.

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username2 (378)

Interesting | Posted June 13, 2008
This album caught my attention when I was at the YC conference in Alberta this May. Leeland played a couple of songs that I thought were amazing. I get home and find their new album Opposite Way in the public library so I hastily take it out. This album is suprisingly good. It's got a great mix of fun upbeat songs and slow worship songs. For fans of unordinary worship music Leeland will defiantly satisfy you for approximatly 41 minutes.

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X] | Posted April 27, 2008
i bought this cd because i liked leelands first album.
i bought it and didnt even know any of the song.
never heard any of them or anything.
i listened to all of them and loved it!

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this album in amazing! | Posted April 14, 2008
I absolutley LOVE this album!! It is DEFENITLY worth the $15.00!!!
I get goose bumps everytime I listen to the cd!! my favourite song is "Enter This Temple" because in the Bible it says that our bodies are a temple of the holy spirit, and so the song, "Enter This Temple" is like a cry out to God to please come and enter our hearts and live in us, and i believe that that is something that we all do want, wether we admit it or not! The lyrics are amazing! this cd is defenitly as good as the first one! GO BUY IT!!!! :D:D

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Mitzy (109)

I love it!!! | Posted March 28, 2008

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