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Heavenly Legacy [edit]
by Nu Tone | Genre: Rap/Urban | Release Date: July 08, 2022

Track Listing
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01. Wicked Ways (feat. Gabby Callwood)
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02. Soaring (feat. Brandyn Kalani & muted mike)
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03. Feel Loose (feat. Adameant)
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04. Angel City (feat. Gabby Callwood)
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05. Enough (feat. legacy & Brandyn Kalani)
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06. Let It Out (feat. muted mike)
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07. His Throne (feat. ZOU)
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08. Mind Running (feat. Seb Camry & Nino Salas)
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09. Speed Dial (feat. Tds Cam)
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10. Right Here (feat. I-Von)
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11. Heavenly Legacy (feat. Brandyn Kalani)
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12. Light Work (feat. Jay Steezy & A. Ruiz)
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13. Showing Me (feat. JXHN PVUL & V. Rose)
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14. Kneel (feat. Tds Cam)
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15. Way Down (feat. Chiwaz)
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A Voice to the Streets Exemplified | Posted July 07, 2022
What You Need To Know

Born and raised in Stockton, California, hip-hop artist Nu Tone adapted to the west coast lifestyle most mainstream rappers boast about. When he was three years old, his father abandoned his family, so when he was older he turned to older gangsters in his ‘hood as role models, while mimicking their sinful choices simultaneously.

By the age of 16, Nu Tone rooted himself into hip-hop under the stage name “Filthy Tone.” Like most rappers, he sought after fame, women, drugs, alcohol, and anything capable of providing a temporary sense of fulfillment or satisfaction.

While constantly under the influence of alcohol, Tone would be plagued with vivid demonic encounters. One encounter in particular scared Tone straight to an altar call. He immediately gave his life to Christ (This happened in 2011 when he was 24 years old).

Ironically, three days later, Tone had a dream involving his newfound relationship with Jesus and the kingdom calling in life. Tone’s life took an immediate 180-degree turn in faith. He’d take the steps to become a pastor and devote his life to urban missions, prison ministry, and spreading the Good News through Christian Hip-Hop (CHH). Tone even established his own record label, His Throne Records.
Tone's discography is quite extensive dating back to 2018 (In 2022 alone, Tone has released an album, two EPs, and 11 singles). His recently released album, Heavenly Legacydropped on Friday, July 8 (Tone’s birthday).

The 15-track record is smothered in features from some of the most prominent independent rappers to date: A. Ruiz, muted mike, Gabby Callwood, Adameant, and ZOU scratch the surface of emcees and vocalists assigned as compliments to Tone’s overall message and talent pinpointed at the streets calling the lost to be found in Christ.

What it Sounds Like

Heavenly Legacy bleeds CHH. Nu Tone captures the unashamed message popularized by music from Reach Records, Cross Movement, God Over Money, Gospel Gangstaz, and T-Bone from nearly two decades ago progressing forward. Regardless of the track, listeners will receive a generous helping of street ministry anthems assigned to glorify Christ, while adding numbers to the kingdom.
The album’s production credits go to Liam Bushey and 100graham; however, JXHN PVUL handled engineering duties. Tone’s furious pen game, catchy bops, mixed with the focus of God’s promises and teachings design an escape plan for the soul. His music not only encourages the soul but relates to the heart’s struggles of trials and tribulation.
Highlighted tracks include “Angel City”, featuring Gabby Callwood, “Light Work,” featuring Jay Steezy and A. Ruiz, and “Showing Me,” featuring JXHN PXUL and V. Rose. Each of the three possesses high energy, talents from indie artists, and infectious grooves prompting the body to move.

Spiritual Highlights

Unlike most CHH albums, the spiritual content is not hidden behind cryptic lyrics and symbolism as faith takes center stage. The name of the project, song titles, and overall message are laced with the influence of God. For example, in lyrics found in “His Throne,” Tone conveys, “No religion, you can call me a Jesus freak/I was blind, now I see/I was really dreamin.’”

Then, on “Kneel,” Tone says, “Kingdom solider, never bow to that culture.” Similar gems of faithfulness and allegiance to Christ can be found throughout. Tone wears his faith as a badge of honor proclaiming the name of Jesus to all willing to listen.

Best Song

Several tracks from Heavenly Legacy could snag the title of my favorite. However, “Right Here” featuring Ivon, stands out the most. One of the key components I seek out in a dope song is its fluidity from start to finish. It has to be smooth. It has to flow. It has to sound crisp and clean production-wise. “Right Here” checks all of those boxes.

The track has a solid mix of an R&B and worship structure. The song highlights how God and godly people in our lives are always there for us during our Christian walk. I truly enjoyed the melodic sonic values and hints of a piano. I can listen from start to finish and feel uplifted, encouraged, and smile afterward.

For Fans Of 
ReconcileThi’slRockstar JT
Final Word

Heavenly Legacy is an album with the intent of outreach. For those of our friends and family who are unsaved and have ties to either street life, gangs, or addictions, this project can be used as a tool of ministry. The music of popular Christian contemporary artists, such as Michael W. Smith, Chris Tomlin, TobyMac, Matthew West, cannot reach everyone. That’s why God has equipped believers within multiple genres and spaces to minister to the lost in a unique, relatable manner.

The album showcases what Tone has experienced pre- and post-Christ. Many of the tracks are examples of how anybody can come to Jesus at any given time regardless of their past declaring no size of a personal mess is too difficult for God to redeem. Tone captured the iconic west coast sound, yet experimented with a range of sonics separating it from just another standard trap record.

Stream Heavenly Legacy on Spotify or purchase the album on iTunes.

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