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Another Journal Entry - Expanded Edition [edit]
by BarlowGirl | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 26, 2006

Alyssa, Becca and Lauren Barlow opened their prayer journals and wrote the songs for this album, inspired by their growing relationship with the Lord. In addition to the original 11 tracks, which feature hits like "I Need You to Love Me" and "Let Go," this expanded edition of BarlowGirl's hit album, Another Journal Entry, features five new songs, three music videos (including "Never Alone"), home videos, and much more.

Track Listing
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01. Grey
02. Let Go
03. I Need You To Love Me
04. Enough
05. Porcelain Heart
06. Take Me Away
07. Psalm 73 (My God's Enough)
08. 5 Minutes Of Fame
09. Thoughts Of You
10. No One Like You
11. Never Alone (Acoustic Version)
12. For The Beauty Of The Earth
13. On My Own (Acoustic Version)
14. Porcelain Heart (Acoustic Version)
15. I Need You To Love Me (Acoustic Version)
16. Never Alone

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My Very First Ever Christian Album! | Posted November 21, 2007
I won this album while listening to WPSM 91.1 FM. Every weekday at about 7:40 AM Drew and Wendy do "ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TRIVIA". The question was: What does "Semper Fidelis" mean? (It means "Always Faithful"). Anyway, I called in and won this CD! I was SO excited! (And I really needed it, too. I honestly believe GOD sent this album to me.)

My favorite song on the album is "I need you to love me" because I have always felt unworthy, unloved, like "life" was "out to get me". I could never do anything right. And I know it's corny, and I'm sure everyone else who's heard this song feels the same way, but I really thought this song was God speaking TO ME...

Another great song is "My God's Enough". I had been going through some rough times with my husband (we're still together, by the grace of God) and I was in constant need of love and attention. Once I realized what it truly meant to be Christian, the light bulb came on that "God is all you need" to get through anything. (I can do everything through him who gives me strength.
Philippians 4:12-14. Quote found at

And I really like "Never Alone". (Same thing... My husband was ignoring me, I was feeling deprived, and I honestly felt ALONE, even surrounded by friends and family... This song helped me get past that.

There are so many other great songs on this album, and the extended version has other stuff on it (you have to put into your computer to access it).

I highly recommend this album to EVERYONE!

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New Cool Game | Posted October 01, 2021
Welcome to The Impossible Quiz! How many questions can you answer before the Game ends? Sounds simple? Think again... the questions are difficult and require crazy logic that is confusing, super quick to react, or just pure luck to answer correctly. There is no limit to your thirst for knowledge! Answer as many trivia questions as you can! The more questions you answer correctly, the higher your score.

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GREAT!! | Posted July 21, 2021
I loved the regular version, so I was so excited they put out an expanded version! Most of the new songs are just acoustic versions of the old ones, but I still think it's worth the money!
Friday Night Funkin

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Beanie17 (52)

Great | Posted June 09, 2012
I love this album. All the songs are positive, upbeat and fun. I really love "I need You to love me" and "Never alone."
I enjoy singing along and just listening to this wonderful CD. It is a must have for anyone who likes BarlowGirl.
This CD is specail to me because it was one of my first christian CDs. My aunt bought it for me when I was 12. I listened to it again and again for weeks on end and have loved it ever since. 

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Great collection of songs!! | Posted November 17, 2008
This album includes 2 songs not written by the girls "Enough" and "No One Like You" but the girls do really good versions of these songs. "Porcelain Heart" is an excellent song about having a heart broken and how God can mend it together, make it whole again. "Thoughts of You" is a great song about out love for God and trying to offer ourselves up to Him and how we can sometimes struggle with it. It would be a great song to use for worship. "I Need You To Love Me" is another one that would be great for worship. It's a great song about how we don't deserve God's love, yet no matter how many times we fall and no matter what we do, He will always love us. It's a cry out saying that we need God's love, especially in the hard times. And that even if we push Him away, He will still be by our sides. "Let Go" is a great song about giving all our hopes and dreams, and just our whole LIFE over to God and allowing Him to do whatever He wants whenever He wants or needs it to happen. This album also offers and acoustic version of "Never Alone" and the radio edit of that song as well.

With the expanded edition, you also get some extra stuff when you pop the CD into your hard drive. There are some really amazing stuff in the context of that hidden stuff. :)

All in all, this CD is absolutely AMAZING and if you're thinking about getting it, then you definitely should stop thinking about getting it and go out and buy it already. :)

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Leah (12)

BarlowGirl | Posted September 28, 2008
I love it when bands release an expanded edition of their cds! All of BarlowGirl`s CDs are great. I love Alyssa Barlow`s voice. Every song is unique. I really like Psalm 73 (My God`s Enough) w/ Todd Agnew.

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AWESOME!!! | Posted September 09, 2008


This album rocks! I love all the songs ! GOOD JOB BARLOW GIRL!!!!!! ROCK ON

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Awesomeness to an extreme! | Posted May 25, 2008
I love this cd! My fav songs off it are My God's Enough (my fav of all time), Grey, Let Go, and I Need You to Love Me. Every single song is pretty much amazing and i really like the acoustic versions to!! :D

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awesome! | Posted April 26, 2008
i love barlowgirl!
never alone is the best song ever!
when i first heard that song i was like..
very powerful.
i get chills everytime i hear it.
never alone=LOVE!!

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great album! | Posted January 30, 2008
I really enjoy all of BarlowGirl's music and this CD is no exception. Its very good and all the songs are enjoyable and have a great real message.

my favorites are...

Grey-This song literally rocks!! Its great musically and the lyrics are equally powerful. I love its message of the need for absolutes in this life. We cannot be Grey! We must stand out and stand for the right!

Let Go-I enjoy this song and its message is simple but so true "let go and live what you believe"

I need You to love me-I can fully understand why this song made so many waves on christian radio because it is a great song and without a doubt one of the best BG songs. I think we all can fully relate to that feeling of wonder over how our father in heaven can love us so much even in our sins.

take me away-Musically this is one of my favorite songs on the whole album and its message of not letting us be distracted from the savior we so desperately need to have is so true and real for all of us. We need to have him with us always and we cannot afford to let anything lessen our sight of him and his glory in our lives!!

My gods enough-Another great BG song and i really love what Todd Agnew brings to the table in this song. Its very powerful both musically and lyrically. I love what it says about how we still suffer even though we believe but we cannot lose faith in our god no matter how rough things get.

5 minutes of fame-A very fun song to listen too and it has a unique sound in the way that the instruments are arranged and also the way it is sang. Without a doubt the funnest song on the album!

extended edition:
I really love the acoustic versions on Never Alone and On my own!! I also really enjoy their rendition on the hymn For The Beauty of The earth because they sing it pretty reverently and stay true to the spirit of the hymn while still giving it their own twist.

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