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End of Silence [edit]
by RED | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: June 06, 2006

Deriving from a variety of influences such as Muse, Chevelle, Blindside and Linkin Park, Red brings a unique blend of heavy guitars, intense string arrangements and dynamic vocals.They are quickly gaining fans with an exceedingly intense live show every bit as compelling as their debut cd. Already touring heavily in the mid-west and west coast, Red has quickly made many fans along the way.

The songs on their debut release deal with the struggles that all humans face, while leading listeners to a place of redemption in the midst of the brokenness. Red hopes their music impacts people in a way that causes them to not feel alone in their struggles. Randy explains, "I hope that our music has a profound impact on people. You never know what people are dealing with in their every day lives, but I am willing to bet that at some point, we all have experienced the same feelings of anger, sadness, confusion, etc. Our music talks about a lot of those times that we have struggled dealing with those feelings and the situations that caused them. I hope our music makes them feel like they are not struggling alone."

Track Listing
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01. Intro
02. Breathe Into Me
03. Let Go
04. Already Over
05. Lost
06. Pieces
07. Break Me Down
08. Wasting Time
09. Gave It All Away
10. Hide
11. Already Over, Part 2

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IronJedi (112)

Red Alert | Posted August 22, 2007

"Red (r?d), n.- one of three primary colors. Any of a number of similar colors at the lowest frequencies of light discernible by the human eye. Often used to indicate danger or emergency. In Christianity, red represents fire and thus symbolizes the presence of God."

Essential Records has entered the hard rock scene with a vengeance. Newcomers Red ignite awesome, melodic hard rock on their debut album. This five-piece band throws down with electric guitars, raucous drum kit and solid bass work. Lead singer Michael Barnes demonstrates an expansive and expressive vocal ability, equally able to deliver fervent screams as he is wringing a wide spectrum of emotion out of the band's other material. End of Silence, puts me in mind of Pillar's Fireproof and Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory.

But before you think that these guys are a pedal-to-the-metal, siren-flashing one speed band, let me assure you, they can, in fact, tone it down a notch or three and still generate heat with an impressive ballad ("Pieces") and several crescendo building songs "tindered" by piano, acoustic guitar, string section and keyboard ("Lost" and "Break Me Down").

The songs of End of Silence express a gamut of emotions. The current single, "Breathe Into Me," is the impassioned lament of a god-hungry individual. "Let Go" shows off Red's ability to switch tempos and delivery mid song. The two-part "Already Over" (tracks 3 and 11) serves as a prime example of the two ends of the musical and style spectrum that the band pulls off with equal alacrity.

This is one hot album- it smolders with passion, burns with zeal and blazes with intensity. It's smokin'! Listen up fans of Emery, Kutless, P.O.D., Pillar and Demon Hunter. Go out and get End of Silence and crank up the volume- rock out and then do it again! In a crowded marketplace, Red's End of Silence deserves your attention.

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Red [End Of Silence] | Posted February 08, 2009
Out of most of the albums releasing, no album was I anticipating hearing to more, then the new group RED and their release End of Silence. If you were (prior to being saved) or are still into groups like Linkin Park, you will definitely like this album. Let’s give you a little intro to the group itself. They come from Pennsylvania, where they used to play contemporary Christian covers to youth groups. The group consists of twin brothers, Randy (Bass) and Anthony Armstrong (Guitars), Jasen Rauch (Vocals), Hayden Lamb (Drums) and Michael Barnes (Vocals). While reading the press release we received for this album, I noticed that the band had said this album took three years to make. I think the Lord definitely has to be part of a project to have the patience to work on for 1095 days! The albums title comes from guitarist, Jasen Rauch, saying “It’s not wrong as a Christian to speak about the things that you struggle with in your life and just kind of being vocal about them, so it’s the of the silence for you as well”(taken from HM Magazine). So without delay, lets get into the noise, now that the silence has ended

The first track is an intro track, kind of fooling the listener (which in this case is okay) that this will be a classical piano CD. That is until you hear some cracks in the sound and all of sudden the track sounds as though it’s breaking, breaking into track two, “Breathe Into Me”, the official beginning of RED and their debut album, End Of Silence. The story behind the song is simple, Jasen explains “the chorus, “Breathe Your life into me” is a desperate cry for help, a plea for renewal, rebirth, even resurrection.” The song is a perfect way to introduce listeners to the group. The guitar tracks sound good too. I think our guitar dudes out there will take a stab at picking this one up! “Breathe Into Me” is also the album’s (and the group’s) first single. Track three, “Let Go”, which references Romans 6:12-14, talks about not giving into temptation and even addictions that may plague us in this life. It’s about breaking the pattern of sin we often fall back into, the group says. I think it also is just a blatant shout out to Satan, that he will not control our lives. “Already Over” parts 1 & 2 touches on the subject that many Christians deal with in their lives everyday. Temptation. Part one talks about how at times that it’s already over because we have given into temptation. Part two, talks about how we are able to trade in our sin for God’s righteousness, which was paid for by Jesus’ sacrifice at Calvary. Thank God for the Cross! You’ll notice the message in both songs inter-link each other, but the music for each is very different from one another. Part 2 is almost like a broken down version of part 1, but ends with the soothing sound of pianos. Scripture reference, 1 Corinthians 10:13.

“Lost” is described by the group as a love song to God. “I can spend my life lost in You” which the last part of the chorus sings. The song describes the inseparable love of God that is found Romans 8:38-39 which says “For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” “Pieces” is described as how only Christ can take the broken pieces of our shattered lives, restore us, and make us whole again. Amen. So many times we try to live our lives separate from God, not realizing that no matter how good we think we have it, it would never be the same as living with Him in your life. Life doesn’t fit together quite right without the Lord, remember this. I love the piano solo at the beginning of this song. It’s great how RED can take pianos and rock guitars and mesh them together, in perfect harmony. Galatians 2:20 says “I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ lives in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.” That is the story behind “Break Me Down”. Finding who we are in Christ, allowing Him to break us down and mold us into He would have us to be. The chorus makes a statement, saying “I want to find/I want to shine/I want rise/Break me down”.

The album’s 8th track “Wasting Time” is another stab at the devil and how he’s wasting his time coming at us with the deceit and lies he uses daily. It’s time, the band says, “Not this time! This time I’m pushing back!” James 4:7 says, “Resist the devil and he will flee fro you” Amen! Amen! Does this pertain to you? I know the devil is always on my back! Flee in the name of Christ! How many times have you thought that you could make it without God’s help? Remember the prodigal son? God’s word said He is always willing to take us back. Thank you Lord! The song “Give It All Away” is a song that group describes of a friend who leaves God behind for a life of despair. Only after being out of the sheltering arms of God does someone realize, ‘Wait a sec, I need God more then I thought. Maybe I should turn around! Have you ever done something and you just wanted to hide? C’mon, don’t lie, you know you have. Just like Adam & Eve did in Genesis 3:8, we must remember God’s love for us. Yes, we may have to get a whoopin, but it’s all for the good. This is the message behind “Hide”. We often don’t think we deserve the mercy God shows us. Come out and ask forgiveness, you don’t have to hide, we have a loving God.

Overall I was quite impressed with Red’s debut album. I was somewhat of a fan of Linkin Park back in those days before giving my life to Christ, and so this is one band that I can say sounds similar if you are looking for a Christian equivalent. I liked the album musically, but I realize that from a message stand-point it could come across to some as vague when it comes to spiritual content and meaning. That and I had the song-by-song at my fingertips as well so it made it easier for me to see where the band was coming from along with references for the music. This album is a perfect example of good music with a message, although not as obvious as some artists in today’s Christian music industry. Nevertheless, I am really looking forward to seeing what the future holds for these guys. Talent and dedication to God are two things seemingly going for this group.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10 (75%, C)

Review written by: Jay Heilman | Review can also be found here.

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art10 (114)

A Hard Rock Masterpiece | Posted August 25, 2007
First off, I personally hate every song except "Already Over", mainly because I hate almost all hard rock, expecailly really hard rock, which is what this is. That said, this is good hard rock for people who like it. It's not just screaming, but they're screaming a message. And believe me, it can get very screamy, "Break Me Down" is about as hard as they come. So if you like this type of music, go ahead, it's one of the best in the genre, but for me though, I'll skip this one.

Question: Is that Sanctus Real's Matt Hammit making a brief guest appearance during "Already Over?" It's during the part where they slow down the chorus. It's been bugging me, and nobody seems to have the answers. It could be the lead singer's normal voice, but he sounds a lot like Hammit then.

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Rockin | Posted March 01, 2008
This cd is awesome. I can't wait until there next cd comes out. I love the song "Let Go" because when we have temptations that will lead to sin we can just pray to God to help us let go.

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Beanie17 (52)

Amazing CD | Posted July 05, 2012
I love this CD so much.  The instrumentantion and lyrics are wonderful. The album is passionte and intense. The songs speak of real struggles that everyone goes through with understanding and relatability. I love "Breath into Me" and "Pieces." My favorite Red song is on this album, "Lost."  

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First and Maybe the Best | Posted July 19, 2011
End Of Silence

I'm just gonna rate each song out of 10 (except for the Intro [End of Silence])

Breathe Into Me10/10:  The best song on this album arguably, this song is just a call out to God to give a person new life, has such emotion behind it.

Let Go8/10:  Not my favorite, but still has a great message of letting go of the unnecessary things of this world and turning to God to solve your problems.

Already Over10/10:  Just as great as Breathe Into Me, also has so much emotion put behind it, tells us that when we give our sins to Jesus, all the pain of sin is already over and done with.  The music video explains the song more.

10/10:  My favorite song probably on this entire album, this song almost makes me cry.  The intro is so intense and sets up the song so well.  Tells us that God is with you Christian or not and in every situation good or bad.

Pieces9/10:  Shows the softer side of Red.  Great musicality with the piano and strings combining and the harmonies.  Gives the struggling believers and unbelievers hope in God.

Break Me Down9.5/10:  Intense, heavy song.  Tells how God changes you completely when you accept him in your life and makes you confess your sins.

Wasting Time10/10:  Just as intense as Break Me Down.  Gives the message of how when people and Satan try to persecute you for being a believer how they can't stop you from believing.

Gave It All Away10/10:  Continues the intensity trend.  Gives hope for the believer that has turned away and wants to come back to God.

Hide9/10:  Interesting song.  Tells us we are not perfect and still have a sinful nature even though we are still believers.

Already Over, Pt. 27.5/10:  Essentially an acoustic version of Already Over.  Has an ominous feel.

There's a reason that this was Grammy Nominated, it's just such an emotional and musical album.  It's so great for any rock fan, Christian or Non-Christian.  This album definitely deserved 5 stars.

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End of Silence | Posted July 21, 2009
red is the next great christian rock band.They have their own unique sound.Its rock with screams here and there and they add on the keyboard very well.Breathe Into Me is my favorite song.Others i like are already over, break me down, let go, and lost.I think this is an all around great cd.

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Pretty Good | Posted May 30, 2009
Red's debut album "End of Silence" is pretty good. I love the songs "Already Over" and "Breathe Into Me", and if you could get the album fairly cheap, I'd advise you to buy it.

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One Good Song | Posted March 22, 2009
the Cd has only one good song. the song is called breathe into me. the rest of the songs are very slow with little singing and only a keyboard. i would buy breathe into me but no other songs.

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Red | Posted October 30, 2008
RED is such an amazing band. They remind me of Chevelle and Evanescence(minus the female singer). This cd is so amazing!!!!! All of the songs are really good,but my favs are Lost,Hide,Already Over,and Break Me Down.

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