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Scars Remain: Special Edition [edit]
by Disciple | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: August 28, 2007

This special edition of Scars Remain includes "Things Left Unsaid", which was released two years earlier (in 2005) on the DualDisc version of their self-titled album. Other extras include acoustic versions of the songs "Love Hate (On and On)", "After the World", "My Hell", & "Things Left Unsaid". You also get two bonus music videos for the tracks "After the World" and "Scars Remain".

Track Listing
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01. Regime Change
02. Love Hate (On And On)
03. My Hell
04. Scars Remain
05. Game On
06. Someone
07. After The World
08. Dive
09. Fight For Love
10. Purpose To Melody
11. No End At All
12. Things Left Unsaid
13. Love Hate (On And On) (Acoustic)
14. After the World (Acoustic)
15. My Hell (Acoustic)
16. Things Left Unsaid (Acoustic)
17. After The World (DVD)
18. Scars Remain (DVD)

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Scars Remain | Posted July 02, 2008
Disciple has come back heavier than ever. Whoever said bands mellow with age? Instead this is arguably their biggest 'melt your face off' album yet! Track after track your ears are assaulted by a barrage of incredible guitars, hyperactive drums, and ripping vocals. Make no mistake, there's still a great amount of singing by the ever talented Kevin Young yet he doesn't hold back the screaming. One song, 'Fight For Love', is roughly 85% screaming and I usually hate that type of stuff but for some reason I love it here. That's probably because of two reasons. One, he doesn't sound like a gorilla, and two, you can understand what he's saying.

What is he saying? Well you see, that's one of the reasons why Disciple is one of my favorite bands. They do an excellent job of melding the heavy with Christian lyrics. What's more is they aren't even afraid of using the name 'Jesus' in their songs. It may sound like aggression to a few people but in some cases, as in 'Love Hate (On and On)', he sings of the frustrations of how hateful people are to each other. This is all fueled by some of the heaviest guitar and bass riffs you've ever heard and the aforementioned insane drumming.

Of course, with the heavy you need the breather moments where your heart can rest. Only thing is, with the two ballads they do have your heart is going to be pulled in another direction. Kevin has a great voice for the softer, melodic singing and everyone else does a good job of setting the tone for the songs. Although the most powerful song is left off the regular edition so if you can you must get the SE for 'Things Left Unsaid'. You may just end up weeping.

Disciple pulls all the stops out on their 6th official release and thankfully there's no signs of them letting up. And if you have a chance to get the special edition do it. You won't be disappointed. Christian message? Check. Powerful ballads? Check. Melt-your-face-off rock? Double-check.

Gems of this album are: 'Scars Remain', 'Fight For Love', 'Love Hate (On and On)', 'Things Left Unsaid'

Overall - 9.7/10

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Best | Posted October 04, 2010
This is probably my favorite album by Disciple. Definitely has a rock-your-face-off sound to it that puts it up in the top of my music list with Skillet's albums. Totally awesome songs with power and meaning to them. I loved the extra acoustic songs because then I could share them with my anti-metal/rock mom. I also enjoyed the music videos on the album, definitely a plus. This is a gotta have album to your library.

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i love this band | Posted July 23, 2008
yah this band is amazing i brought this cd and im in love with their song after the wold its a pretty deep song good band i am gonna go out and buy another cd of theirs i hope one day there gonna do a concert by me

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skybo90 (177)

great.. | Posted May 28, 2008
i'm gonna have to say that this album got a lot of publicity for some good reasons. my favorite song on this cd is After the World. the only songs i don't really like are My Hell and Game On. also, the special edition isn't really worth the cost of the cd.

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Diciple Rocks!! | Posted April 30, 2008
Very good Disciple album. The lyrics aren't quite as bold as the older records, but the guys are still preachin' it. The rock is solid hard rock, you won't be disappointed there. Catchy riffs, sweet jammin' parts, and the screaming is well placed and just plain awesome. Since there first album in 1995 to now with this 2005 release Disciple has perfected their sound, and still got it. If you have any interest in solid, hard core Christian hard rock this album belongs in your collection.

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YES | Posted March 01, 2008
Awsome Awsome Awsome cd. "Things Left Unsaid" is a great song but "After The World" is my favorite.

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Scars Remain | Posted February 29, 2008
One of my favorite albums, this cd packs it all in... fast and heavy guitars, one of my favorite voices as far as singing and screaming and even a couple ballads... This is an influencial album that offers inspiration and lyrics that people can relate to... Great buy...

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Phil413 (45)

Scars Remain Special Edition | Posted January 24, 2008
Great Cd! Especially if you don't already The Scars Remain. Things Left Unsaid is definitely one of their best softer songs, and the acoustic versions of Love Hate and My Hell were excellent. The videos were also a nice touch. Generally I'm not a big fan of special edition released after the original release, but I wasn't disappointed with this one.

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