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Let There Be Wonder (Live) [edit]
by Matt Redman | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: January 31, 2020

Matt Redman's 14th career project and his first with Integrity Music.

While preparing for this 12-song collection, all of the songs united into one principal topic: Jesus. Redman shares, "One theme that shone through so strongly on this record was the name and character and story of Jesus. I think there's a need in our society and in church to absolutely name Him, to not just speak generically about who God is but to put a name on Him and to declare it and to say it - to sing the name of Jesus."

Recorded in front of more than 1,000 people at Free Chapel in Orange County, California, "Let There Be Wonder encapsulates a lot of what has been in my heart when it comes to worship in these last few years," he continues. "Worship songs will never be able to paint the full picture of God's glory, but it's so important that we aim high and give our best effort to conveying Him as fully as we can. When we do this, it's much more honouring to God, and it's much more helpful for us. My hope and prayer for this new record is that we'd find ourselves caught up in the life-giving worship of the true and living God. Let there be wonder!"

Track Listing
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01. The Same Jesus (Live)
02. We Praise You (feat. Brandon Lake) (Live)
03. All Praise (Sing Praise) (Live)
04. Upon Him (Live)
05. Let There Be Wonder (Live)
06. King Jesus (Live)
07. Merciful Father (Live)
08. Mercies (New Every Morning) (Live)
09. Jesus Your Name (Live)
10. In the Name (Live)
11. Hymn of Surrender (Live)
12. Send Me Lord (Live)
13. A Ti Adoramos (We Praise You) (feat. Evan Craft) (Live)
14. The Same Jesus (Single Version)

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Worship for His Name | Posted January 23, 2020
What You Need to Know:
Let There Be Wonder is the latest live worship album by our generation’s most influential worship leader, Matt Redman, available everywhere January 31st. As the writer and singer of “10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord),” “Holy,” “Never Once,” “Blessed Be Your Name,” “Better Is One Day” and “You Never Let Go,” worshippers worldwide have been consistently blessed by Matt’s “Heart of Worship.” This new album is not to be missed with new and fresh Spirit-filled songs for the church. The album is centered on how Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever, and every song lifts high the name of Jesus.
What it Sounds Like:
If you’ve always enjoyed Matt Redman’s corporate worship anthems, you’re in for a treat with this album. The exciting opener "The Same Jesus" sets the tone with the upbeat Brit-rock musical arrangement and the crowd clapping along. There's a Hillsong Young & Free vibe, with the stirring lyrics “I know that my Redeemer lives, I know that my Redeemer lives, He’s still keeping all His promises, the same Jesus, the same Jesus!" I really like the call to worship and find myself frequently singing the catchy chorus throughout the day. The song has a great melody, and I would love to sing it with fellow believers.

Spiritual Highlights:
Each song includes tender and powerful vocals and takes listeners on an emotional and spiritual journey with every lyric sung about our faith in Jesus. Every song is completely anointed, Spirit-led and emotionally captivating. A sincere desire to experience the presence of God can be heard in every song. “Let There Be Wonder” is a reminder that our worship of God should not be based on our circumstances and instead is based on who God is. Commit your life to Jesus and offer Him your heart and your life as you sing along with this great song.
I'm really engaged by the emotional vocals and the deep, prayerful lyrics throughout the album. "This is what living looks like, this is what freedom feels like, this is what Heaven sounds like, we praise You, praise You " are the cries of worship in the bridge of the heartfelt and soul-stirring, “We Praise You.” The album also features a stirring version of the song in Spanish, “A Ti Adoramos (We Praise You)” featuring Evan Craft.

“All Praise (Sing Praise)” is a powerful ballad and I love the emotion and biblical truth that Matt brings to the song. The song features Redman’s soothing vocals as he prayerfully sings, “All praise, all praise, see the old life is gone and the new has begun, Your name, Your name always, Jesus You alone deserve all praise.”
Best Song on the Record:
There are several standout songs on the album. Many of the songs are arranged in a very sing-able and catchy style, such as "Upon Him" which is filled with great statements of faith, proclaiming Him as the Lord of our lives: "Christ has died, we are forgiven, and Christ alive, we are arisen, and He shall come again, praise the King, praise the King." "Let There Be Wonder" is yet another great song for the Church, which I hope I'll be singing with fellow believers. The song has a great worshipful chorus with Redman singing "Let there be wonder, let there be worship for Your name, come Holy Spirit, how I need Your fire again, let there be wonder." A song that I can’t get out of my head is "The Same Jesus" so I’ll highlight that song as the must-download track, but you’ll want the whole album.
For Fans Of:
Hillsong Worship, Bethel MusicJeremy RiddleElevation WorshipJesus Culture

Final Word:
These great new worship songs really set me in the proper mindset to praise God for loving me so much that He gave His life away for all that was lost. I really enjoy the exciting musical vibe of this album, and the melodies and lyrics are all catchy and biblical. Let There Be Wonder is loaded with great rock beats, catchy melodies, and solid lyrics reflecting unashamed faith in Jesus. Don't miss out on this incredible worship album, one of the best of the year for sure.
Matt Redman provides words of appreciation and adoration of God. Matt’s enthusiastic and reverent style of writing and singing praise and worship songs has consistently been a draw for me. His prayerful sentiments are consistently filled with his personal adoration of God. I've felt that he's improved with each new album and this is my favorite live worship album. It is completely worshipful, in the style of Matt's previous offerings of enthusiastic praise and worship.
These are very passionate worship songs sung with vocal sincerity and reverence with biblically-based lyrics. There are several instantly sing-able and worshipful arrangements that you'll want to add to your Sunday morning set-list. These songs are catchy, exciting and worshipful. Let There Be Wonder is a must-have for your praise and worship collection.

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BPence (127)

Live Worship from Matt Redman | Posted January 31, 2020
Let There Be Wonder is worship leader, singer/songwriter Matt Redman’s fourteenth album, and first since 2017’s Glory Song. The album was produced by Jacob Sooter and Joshua Silverberg, and was recorded live in front of more than 1,000 people at Free Chapel in Orange County, California. Redman wrote all of the songs, collaborating with writers and friends such as Sooter, Phil Wickham, Hillsong's Joel Houston, Jason Ingram, Pat Barrett, Corey Voss, Andi Rozier (Vertical Church Band), Jon Guerra, and Brandon Lake, who also appears on the project along with Evan Craft.
I really enjoyed this album of live worship. Below are a few comments about each song:
The Same Jesus – This joyful song was written by Redman, Jacob Sooter and Josh Silverberg. It was the first song released from the album. The song features drums, backing vocals, keys and drums. The same Jesus is still with us, still on the move, making us new. We know that He is coming again. He’s alive and is keeping His promises. 
Key lyric:
This Jesus
Who carried our shame
This Jesus
Who rose from the grave
The same Jesus
We worship today, we worship today

We Praise You – This upbeat worship song was written by Redman, Brandon Lake, Brian Johnson and Phil Wickham. Redman and Lake share the vocals. The song features guitar, backing vocals and some good drums. An excellent song for congregational singing.   
Key lyric:
We'll see You break down every wall
We'll watch the giants fall
Fear cannot survive when we praise You
The God of breakthroughs on our side
Forever lift Him high
With all creation cry, 'God, we praise You'
Oh, we praise You

All Praise (Sing Praise) – This song was written by Redman, Andi Rozier and Jason Ingram. The song begins with guitar and keys and builds at the chorus with backing vocals, drums and bass. God’s amazing grace far exceeds our past mistakes. God brought us back to life again and we will rise with Jesus from the grave. He is coming soon. His promises all come true and He deserves all praise.  
Key lyric:
Your name, Your name always
Jesus, You alone deserve all praise
Upon Him – This song was written by Redman, Andi Rozier and Jon Guerra. The song begins with keys and light guitar, and builds powerfully with backing vocals and drums. There is no greater name than Jesus. One day every knee will bow and every heart confess (Philippians 2:10-11).
Key lyric:
Christ has died, we are forgiven
And Christ alive, we are the risen
And He shall come again
Praise the King, praise the King

Let There Be Wonder – This worship song was written by Redman, Joshua Silverberg, Jacob Sooter and Corey Voss. The song begins with synth, guitar and keys and then builds powerfully with bass drums and backing vocals. He is the God who parted the sea, who heals our disease and is the source of all that we need.
Key lyric:
Let there be wonder, let there be wonder in this place
Let there be worship, let there be worship for Your name
Come Holy Spirit, how we need Your fire again
Let there be wonder, let there be wonder

King Jesus – This song was written by Redman, Jason Ingram and Joel Houston. The worship song opens with electric and acoustic guitar and keys, and builds at the chorus with drums and backing vocals. His is the name above all names (Philippians 2:9). There will never be a higher name. All glory to God alone, the King is in residence here.
Key lyric:
All glory to God alone, praise to the One who gave it all
Name above all names, King Jesus, King Jesus
All glory to God alone, praise to the One who holds the throne
Name above all names, King Jesus, King Jesus

Merciful Father – This upbeat song was written by Redman, Tim Wanstall and Pat Barrett. The song begins with keys, drums, bass and builds with guitar and backing vocals. The song describes attributes of God such as love, goodness, faithfulness, merciful and kindness.  
Mercies (New Every Morning) – This mid-tempo song was written by Redman, May Angeles, Edith Mcneill, DK Kim and Colby Taylor. The song features keys, guitar, drums and bass, and speaks to God’s faithfulness and goodness, though like many worship songs, lyrically it gets a bit repetitive.  
The chorus is from Lamentations 3:23:
They are new every morning
New every morning
Great is Your faithfulness
Your mercies are new every morning
New every morning
Great is your faithfulness

Jesus Your Name – This song was written by Redman, Lindsey Sweet, Joshua Silverberg and Jacob Sooter. The song features acoustic guitar, synth, keys, bass, excellent drums, and backing vocals, and is about Jesus’s wonderful name.
Key lyric:
Jesus Your name, when the whole world shakes
Jesus Your name, I will ever praise
My battle cry every night and day
I'll sing Your name over everything
I'll sing Your name over everything

In The Name – This triumphant song was written by Redman, Ryan Ellis, Joshua Silverberg and Jacob Sooter. The song features keys, synth, bass, guitar, some nice drums, and backing vocals. Interestingly, it’s follows another song about the name of Jesus.
Key lyric:
In the name of Jesus, all fear must go now
In the name of Jesus, perfect peace
In the name of Jesus, burdens be lifted
In the name of Jesus we believe

Hymn of Surrender – This song was written by Redman, Mitch Wong, Joshua Silverberg and Jacob Sooter. The song features synth, keys, guitar, drums, bass and backing vocals. The song is a prayer to Jesus. He’s going to deny himself and follow Jesus. For less of him is more of Jesus.
Key lyric:
No compromise
I won't give You just half my life
If it's all or nothing
Let it all be, let it all be for Jesus
Send Me Lord – This song was written by Redman, Joshua Silverberg and Mitch Wong. The song features, synth, keys, guitar, backing vocals, and is a prayer to God. He contrasts his own selfishness with God’s holiness.
Key lyric:
Where You go, I will go, I belong to You alone
Letting go of my selfishness, send me Lord
A Ti Adoramos (We Praise You) – This is a second version of “We Praise You”, this time featuring Evan Craft, with some of the singing in Spanish.
The Same Jesus (single version) – This is a shorter version of the first song released from the album.
Best songs:
Upon Him
The Same Jesus
We Praise You
Jesus Your Name
Hymn of Surrender

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