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Love Out Loud [edit]
by Jaci Velasquez | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: March 18, 2008

Teaming up with Mark Heimermann (the producer of her first three albums), Jaci takes the listener on a musical journey of hope, healing, and love. The lyrics to the title track "Love Out Loud" speak of putting one's words in action to show others God's love through us.

Track Listing
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01. Nothing But Sky
02. It's Not You, It's Me
03. Love Out Loud
04. Jesus (The Way)
05. My Alleluia (When Words Fail)
06. Weightless
07. A Likely Story
08. Tango
09. Por Escrito
10. Into The Light Again
11. Nothing But Sky (Outro)

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LOVE OUT LOUD | Posted September 29, 2008
Her first studio album since 2005, Love Out Loud has been hailed as Jaci Velasquez’s “comeback album.” Indeed, the beloved Latin singer sidestepped the spotlight in 2005 and left many fans wondering when she would sing again.

With Love Out Loud, Jaci makes a strong return to the music circuit, offering several promising singles. “Nothing But Sky” resounds with her signature vocal and an utterly singable chorus, which Jaci says, “reflects the journey I have been on and where I am today.” Other notable tracks are “Jesus (The Way),” where delicate vocals carry the worship ballad and “A Likely Story,” a sweet narrative of Velasquez’s courtship with husband Nic Gonzalaz from Salvador. Jaci’s husband also joins her on “Por Escrito,” which offers listeners a breathtaking Spanish duet between the two. As the strongest and most daring track, it showcases their strong vocals, backed solely by a simple Latin-inspired guitar. Unfortunately, the zesty “Tango” is a bit too daring, with a chorus that says, “I think it’s time to tango/oh, oh/Sometimes you need to tango.” Even with its fiery Latin sound and Jaci’s sultry vocal, the song is oddly out of place on the otherwise strong disc.

Still, fans will most likely be delighted with the fresh songs from Love Out Loud. - Grace Cartwright

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Nathan (188)

Nothing but air | Posted March 14, 2008
Jaci Velazquez has sold over 3.5 million records, racked up 6 Dove awards, and has put out 13 records. An impressive collection, but Jaci has but silent of late (greatest hits album don't really count), but she returns with Love out Loud, what she claims to be her best record to date.

Her music is basically light pop andpraise and worship, with a little Latin music (on tracks "tango" and "Por Escrito). Her voice which is to be fantastic seems to fall short on this record, which is sad. The first song "nothing but sky" has a nice pop, upbeat sound, and her voice is nice, "It's not you it's me" is a light rock song. The title track "Love out loud" is a light pop song and so far the album, while not impressive, is not bad. Unfortunately the album goes on with" Jesus (the way)" a soft song which is unimpressive and repetitive, and "my Alleluia" is similar, without the repetitive part but add a pathetic part.

Probably the worst song on the album is "Weightless" which is long and very repetitive and the music is not very good. The Latin songs "Tango" and "Por Escrito" are nothing good with the latter being the worst. Her husband, and front man for the band Salvador, Nic Gonzales assists her out with and "Por Escrito" but the song, done in Spanish, has little appeal for most listeners. "Into the light" brightens (pun intended) things up a little bit, but the upbeat worship song does not save the album.

What's the worst thing about Jaci Velazquez album? It's not the music, it's not her voice it's her lyrics which are truly pathetic. The best messages are on the title track (which tells us we need to live our faith out) and "It's not you it's me", after that everything is not so great. "Nothing but sky" fails to say anything of lasting value, "Jesus (the way)" is doesn't say anything either, and "My Alleluia" doesn't send a strong message either. The song "weightless" needs to say something more than "I'm weightless". The song "tango" means nothing and "into the light has no lyrical depth.

This is not Jaci Velazquez's great return, it's a musically weak, lyrically shallow and uninspiring, and the vocals don't win any prizes. Expect to see Love out Loud in the sales racks, but unless it's a really, really good deal skip it.

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Blah | Posted March 11, 2008
"Uninspiring" is about the only way I can describe Love Out Loud by Jaci Velasquez. Other than the Latin flavored selections Tango and Por Escrito the instrumentation is typical bland adult contemporary styling. Keeping in mind Jaci's mainstream appeal, perhaps I was expecting too much in terms of spiritually thought provoking lyrics but the two overt "God" songs, Jesus (The Way) and My Alleluia came across as trite and cliched. While the vocals are generally pleasant, Jaci's range and vibrance seem lacking this time around. Perhaps being the first project on her own label contributed to this album's weakness. While the colors of the garish cover art blare loudly, Love Out Loud comes across as a mumble amidst the cacophony of a very active Christian music scene.

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ok cd | Posted October 08, 2008
i love jaci velasquez!! she is a classic christian artist. Though old stuff doesn't even come close to how good her newer songs are , all of her music is good. !!!!!!!!

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Not Jaci's big return | Posted June 24, 2008
I was highly anticipating this latest album from Jaci. Her recent albums have disappointed me (ever since Crystal Clear), but I was hoping this album would be Jaci's big comeback. With Jaci's big voice, a producer like Mark Heimermann (who produced her first three albums and other numerous albums that I enjoy), and all the publicity, I was expecting big things. But while overall the album was better than just the few songs I heard ahead of time on her myspace, I'm afraid this will not mark Jaci's return.

I have a few issues with this album:
- First of all, Jaci sounds like she's holding back. I keep on waiting for her to belt it out, and maybe I've been watching too much "American Idol" these days, but Jaci has a beautiful powerful voice and so many times on the album I kept on thinking, where is the intensity of that voice? This was most evident to me on "Jesus (The Way)."¯ Perhaps this song was supposed to be a soft melodic song, but I felt like this beautiful worship ballad could've been more powerful with Jaci belting it.
- Jaci's voice lacks passion. On a video posted on Jaci's website, Jaci revealed she recorded this entire record while being pregnant and so "you hear a lot of emotion in there for sure."¯ The ironic thing is that I didn't hear that emotion and passion.
- Some lyrics lack depth. I found myself enjoying beginning verses only to find they were often followed by a cliche and uninspiring chorus (ex. "Nothing But Sky,"¯ "Love Out Loud,"¯ and "Jesus (The Way)".

Despite my disappointment over the aforementioned issues, there are a few redeeming moments on Love Out Loud: I love the latin flavor of "Tempo" (regardless of the lack of lyrical depth). I miss the Latin sound from Crystal Clear and was excited to hear its return. I also enjoyed "Into the Light," and the strongest moment on the album by far is "It's Not You, It's Me,"¯ which avoids all of my dislikes noted above. This song is one I would listen to on repeat.

Overall, it's not Jaci's big return, but it does have some great moments.

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Mitzy (107)

I Love it! | Posted June 19, 2008
Its her best cd so far...these songs must mean a lot to her because the sure caught my ear!! I like the way she writes her songs...they are like have to listen close to understand. I hope to do that when I write songs!

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Mitzy (107)

Oh my!! | Posted April 24, 2008
I just got her new cd its awesome I think when your an artist you get better at what you not saying that she was not good before but Im just saying that this cd is better then all of her so far... Hopefully next year she whens a dove award for this cd...She deserves it!!

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Thoughtfull | Posted April 22, 2008
You can tell where Jaci is in her life when listening to this wonderful, touching album. I know I can definately relate to the lyric in all of these songs. It's a true journey of songs.

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over all good | Posted March 16, 2008
The album does not start out all that great but as it progresses it seems to get better and better. Jaci is very good at singing worship music and the woship songs are my favorite on this album. I'm not sure I would purchase this album but it does have some gems that are worth listening to.

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Not her best... | Posted March 11, 2008
Let me start by saying, I love Jaci and her music and being a fellow hispanic, I love that she's being put out in the mainstream but this just wasn't her best. I, along with other NRTeam members, received a free preview of her album and I have to say that the good/bad song ratio went in favor with the bad. Not don't get me wrong! When I say "bad" songs, I mean that her vocals weren't that good. I feel that she has an amazing voice and she's holding back. She's not using her voice to it's capacity. But still go out and buy her cd because we all have different tastes in music. I just have been "trained" to pick up on those things.

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