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Backpack EP [edit]
by Peabod | Genre: Rap/Urban | Release Date: July 26, 2019

Track Listing
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01. Antisocial
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02. Left Out (feat. Chad Mattson of Unspoken)
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03. Side Hustle
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04. Hoodie
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05. Backpack (feat. Marty of Social Club Misfits)
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Happy Raps For The Soul | Posted September 21, 2019
What You Need To Know:  
Isaac “Peabod” Peabody, based in Seattle, signed with Centricity Music in hopes of growing his following and sound. In his early days, Peabod came from, of all things, a background in folk music before crossing over to hip-hop.
He signed with Centricity in November 2017 followed by releasing his first single “Shoot From The Hip,” accompanied by a video in May 2018. His debut project, Healthy Snacks, released the following month creating an infectious buzz due to his unique and positive sound. Peabod stands as a voice for millennials and the early days of hip-hop.

What it Sounds Like: 
Peabod’s sound and content are a refreshing break from the atypical tracks from trap-smothered chronicles of oppression, injustice, personal testimonies of a hardened street upbringing. His musings poke fun at the modern-day in the life of a millennial or young person in general. He brings a comical twist to the stresses of life merging out of an introvert personality.
The EP opens up with “Antisocial,” which personally deals with how we as a society become too busy with schedules and deadlines instead of focusing on what we individually desire outside of the norm. Next, Peabod transitions into “Left Out” bringing his friend Chad Mattson (from the band Unspoken) along for the joy ride. This track is a catchy, happy vibe proven to place a smile on your face. He speaks of avoiding cliques and the “in-crowd” and standing out just enjoying your own life.
Side Hustle” is the next track detailing the life as an independent artist pursuing music as a side gig while grinding at a daily nine to five career. Also, he highlights the joy of being an artist and writing music, a passion he’s always possessed.
An ode to his wife follows titled, “Hoodie.” The hook build within is quite infectious and resides in the back of your head for days after. He speaks of a young relationship and the quirks of such a partnership. This track is a nice blend of rap and rhythm as listeners are treated to a taste of Peabod’s folk-like vocals from back in the day.
Rounding out the EP offering is the title track featuring Marty from the iconic hip-hop duo Social Club Misfits. With an “ole skool” 90’s vibe, Peabod slows down his flow placing the “backpack rapper” persona to test. Stripped down, it’s a testament to how easy it is to put out a song in the hip-hop genre these days.
Sonically, it’s quite pleasing overall. Bells, harmonies and an overall simplistic sound cover the EP enabling listeners to nod their heads and even snap fingers. This is feel-good music that just forces you into a good mood.
Spiritual Highlights: 
Similar to life application teaching sermons on Sunday mornings, the EP is composed of relatable, fun, and clean content. There may not be numerous references to personal faith, God or the name of Jesus. However, it’s content Christians can relate to their own daily life and struggles.
In “Antisocial” he mentions taking a sabbath. Followed by lyrics in “Left Out” referencing, “My God loves all of his children.” Tidbits such as these are sprinkled throughout.
Best Song on the Record: 
The track I relate most to would be “Side Hustle.” Also, the “da da da dada” adlibs stick with me for hours afterward. It’s a song that demands movement from the body. Content-wise, it’s my daily grind in a nutshell. Following a passion for music, the culture and the industry within juggled with the strain of career demands.

For Fans Of: 
KJ-52 | John Reuben | AyeJae     
Final Word:
Even though this project is neatly packaged in a 5-track EP form, it feels complete. Two solid features from industry favorites. A wide variety of topics and scenarios most of the listeners encounter daily. A range of sound found inflow and substance. Peabod sticks to his original formula of “happy raps,” which cements a smile on your face and motivates you to live your best life possible.

It’s a welcomed switch in hip-hop from not only the overbearing trap sound but the echoes of a harsh, gritty lifestyle. If you ever need a pick-me-up or a break from reality, immerse yourself in Healthy Snacks or the Backpack EP. Your heart will thank you for it!

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