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We EP [edit]
by Quinten Coblentz | Genre: Rap/Urban | Release Date: July 19, 2019

"People go through different seasons, have different struggles, and chase different goals. Yet at the core, we share so many of the same needs, desires, and fears. Our horizontal relationships can bring great happiness, but also pain.

'We' is a project that explores some different aspects of these horizontal relationships, drawing subtle connections to the vertical relationship we all need with God. The project touches on topics like isolation, distrust, confidence, romantic love, peer pressure, depression, depravity, and redemption, while delivering a mix of upbeat hip-pop, subtle EDM layers, and mellowed, emotional vibes. "

Track Listing
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01. Lonely + Safe
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02. From the Roof (feat. YB)
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03. Too High (feat. Dru Bex)
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04. Sky Falls Down
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05. The Game
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06. Stay
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07. We
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A Look At Us | Posted July 19, 2019
What You Need To Know
Quinten Coblentz is a name you should know. If not for his 2017 release Sahara then for his production work for artists like Andy Mineo, Dru Bex, Shope, Deraj and KJ-52. This renaissance man's latest release, We, combines his penchant for smooth vocals, clean production, and pristine engineering while exploring the depth of relationships with ourselves, others and God.
What It Sounds Like
Coblentz defines the sound as "upbeat hip-pop [with] subtle EDM layers, and mellowed emotional vibes." One of the highlights of We is his own production of the album which truly shows his artistry and ensures that his own vision for the album is exactly as he wanted it to be.

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights
"We are fallen, we are broken, You're the one we put our hope in" The closing hook on the title track repeats. It is this truth that sticks deeply. After the vibes of the first tracks of the album, Coblentz brings us into this final track with the deep bassline and choral undertones. "Though you can't tell me this is it, we've fallen far we can't forget, there's a Way, there is Truth, there is Life, we can find, arms open wide." And this sums up the gospel of Christ.

Best Song On The Record
"Lonely + Safe" dives into the depths of our intrapersonal relationship, that is the tension we all feel in this day and age. We are so connected yet so lonely and yet it is when we are lonely that we feel safe. The public eye, social media, is not a safe place, as in, it is not a place where we are safe to be ourselves, yet in our own minds and in our quietest times we can be safe in the loving arms of our Lord and Saviour. We never have to seek His approval, because we are born into it. 

For Fans Of
Roy Tosh, Shope, Joey Vantes, Aaron Cole
Final Word
Relationships are complex. Whether it is our relationship with ourselves, our friends, a love interest or with God. It is the tension and releases we feel and the feelings in between those two extremes that Quinten Coblentz explores in We. As much as it is an album you can vibe out to, it is also one that can be used for deeper times of prayer and contemplation.

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