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Disciple [edit]
by Disciple | Genre: Hard Rock/Metal | Release Date: June 07, 2005

Fusing stadium-ready guitar riffs, anthemic choruses, and stomping backbeats with passionate lyrics that proclaim a message of hope, Disciple stuffs their self-titled record with muscle, both sonically and emotionally. Huge riffs and even bigger choruses that bounce in your brain will have you rolling down your car windows and singing at the top of your lungs. And, hey, isn't that what rock and roll is all about?

Disciple is the sixth album released by Christian rock group Disciple, on June 7, 2005. When the single The Wait is Over was released, it broke several records in Christian music, including the longest spot at No. 1 on the R&R Charts.


Track Listing
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01. The Wait Is Over
02. Stripped Away
03. Into Black
04. Only You
05. Rise Up
06. Worth It All
07. Shine Down
08. Falling Over
09. Go Ahead
10. Beautiful
11. Be The Quiet
12. Backstabber
13. All We Have is Now
14. Tribute

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Disciple | Posted July 29, 2008
I got hooked on their music after seeing a drama skit to the song 'Rise Up', and I haven't looked back. That song is the perfect anthem for this generation and the fact it was played at a church youth event was just amazing. This is one of Disciple's softest albums vocally but the music is still as heavy as it gets. Screaming does not always equal heavy just like heavy music doesn't mean shallow lyrics. Disciple are one of the best at creating powerful hard rock songs combined with amazing, faith-filled lyrics. There are great vocal hooks and harmonies to go along with very impressive bass and guitar work. And despite being a lengthy 14 tracks long, the album never feels like it's overstaying it's welcome. Every track seems to end at the right time and they do a great job mixing up the pace to keep you guessing with strong ballads like 'Only You' and 'Beautiful'.

I suppose they don't really push any boundries but then again, they don't need to. This isn't an experimental album but rather one they utilize all their strengths and, effectively, hit on all cylinders. This is the perfect album to start with if you are new to Disciple and want to see what they offer since it's more accessible than other albums. It's really a shame that they aren't more well-known being a veteran band and all. If you have a craving for some heavy Christian rock goodness this is where it's at.

Gems of this album are: 'Rise Up', 'Backstabber', 'Worth It All', 'Go Ahead'

Overall - 9.4/10

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Phil413 (45)

Disciple | Posted January 03, 2008
I loved this album. I thought it was every bit as good as the Scars Remain disc. There's not a song that I don't like, and a couple like Into Black & Shine Down that rates right up with their best songs.

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Great album | Posted October 04, 2010
This is the first album I ever heard by Disciple. I had heard Kevin Young's voice in KJ-52's song You'll Never Take Me Down and loved it. I made a note of Disciple in my mind and later when I was at the library I saw this Disciple cd and snatched it up. I was blown away by the album, I loved it. It's a powerful album. I loved it both lyrically and musically. Definitely an album worth adding to your music library.

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awesome! | Posted August 04, 2009
I really enjoyed this cd, its different than what i was used to before. My favorite songs are the wait is over, rise up, shinedown, and be the quiet. It was better than their old stuff, but not as good as their two latest albums scars remain and southern hospitality. I would have to say they have have put on the best live show i have seen next to skillet. They have been around for a long time and hopefully many more years to come!

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Disciple | Posted July 22, 2009
I bought this album after hearing "The Wait is Over" and "Into Black". I noticied that the lyrics of their songs are from the Bible. The highlights include The Wait is Over, Into Black, and my personal favorite Rise Up. This is my favorite album from Disciple.

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Disciple | Posted June 03, 2008
"Backstabber" i think is the best song on the CD. because it explains alot about what i have been going through. but the over all CD is good. i work in a christian music store and i sell this one every week.

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Disciple | Posted March 29, 2008
Disciple's first Cd is a Cd everyone should own. They play great music that anyone can enjoy.

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Welcome addition for your CD collection | Posted March 27, 2008
Disciple's self-entitled CD stands out from the pack as a great collection of songs that get the adrenalin going (i.e., The Wait Is Over, Rise Up), as well as songs that are contemplative (i.e., Only You, Beautiful) without sounding mundane. There is no question of the band's musical and lyrical ability, as this is a CD that exemplifies both. It is a welcome addition to any rock fan's CD collection. In fact, it is a great way to share the Word, for even nonbelievers will be able to appreciate the band's musical talent!

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Amazing | Posted March 04, 2008
This is a great album. Disciple should be proud to have made it! i love it alot. and just be aware that its an addicting cd to listen to. no matter how hard you try =]
but dont worry its a good thing!

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username2 (375)

Great Heavy Debut | Posted January 27, 2008
Disciple's 1st major debut album is a goodun. From good ol' rock to songs that you'll have stuck in your head for days on end, Disciple cannot be passed by.

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