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33Miles [edit]
by 33Miles | Genre: Country/Southern Gospel | Release Date: April 10, 2007

Musically diverse and innovative, 33Miles has a sound that immediately engages the listener with great vocals and memorable melodies while combining pop, rock, country and worship moments. From start to finish, listeners will catch themselves worshiping with this album while enjoying influences of Rascal Flatts, Casting Crowns, Keith Urban, and MercyMe. This debut disc from 33Miles features songs destined to become part of the fabric of the church.

Overall, what drives these three young men is the heart of the music and the message of God’s love and mercy. “We want to just love on God’s people,” Jason says of the group’s mission to encourage the church. “If we can come into a church and encourage people, build them up, edify them, then we will feel like we’ve accomplished our purpose.”

Track Listing
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01. What Could Be Better
02. Come With Me
03. Stand Amazed
04. There Is A God
05. Hold On
06. Thank You
07. I Can't Deny
08. Salvation Has A Name
09. This Is Now
10. The Best Man
11. When I Get Where I'm Going

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Decent Catchy Country Christian Rock | Posted July 03, 2007
I'm not a country music fan, however when Rascal Flatts covered "Life is a Highway" for the Disney "Cars" soundtrack last year, they got my attention and I picked up their last 2 CD's.

I've been collecting Christian CD's for over 10 years and this 33 Miles self-titled debut CD is the first Christian CD I've heard that matches up very well with the very popular trend in mainstream music of country rock in the style of Rascal Flatts and Keith Urban with strong Christian lyrics and catchy melodies. To me, the highlights are "What Could Be Better", "I Can't Deny" and "When I Get Where I'm Going". If you like Rascal Flatts, then you'll love 33 Miles!

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33 Miles | Posted October 17, 2007
I just recently bought this album and loved it. If you like groups such as MercyMe, Barlowgirl, etc., you will love this group. They have many hits from this cd on the radio and have recently come out with a new album. I highly recommend this album to al who love great contempory christian music.

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These guys rock!!! | Posted September 18, 2007
Ok so I have never ever ever wriiten an album review before so here goes. I love country music. I grew up listening to all the old country faves. So I was at the Family Christain Store looking for new music when I walked over by the small country section and I saw these guys. I listenend to them on the little preview thing and I loved what i heard so I told my husband to listen. He liked it also. I love the music and the lyrics on this album. It is one of the best new albums i have purchased. Thank you GOD for the wonderful talent you have given to this artist and many more.

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Beanie17 (52)

Wonderful | Posted June 03, 2012
I love this album and my sister really loves it. All the songs are a joy to listen to. We really love "What could be better" and "thank you." In fact we bought the album especially for the first song but the whole is wonderful. i like it.

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Cool music | Posted April 18, 2011

When I first heard them, I thought it was Rascal Flatts. They sound just like them. If you like Rascal Flatt, you will like 33miles. Their new album has more of a rock sound and not so much country, but they are still one of my favorites.

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33 Miles | Posted January 22, 2010
i was sooo bummed when i missed their concert here at my school. I was busy that weekend, but i reallly wanted to go. I listen to this band all the time and their music really touches me. i even got my mom hooked on them :) My favorite song is Jesus Calling, but i loveee alll their songs! i hope to see them soon in concert!

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:) | Posted August 10, 2009
This is an amazing CD With lots of encouraging songs. This band is amazing:)I Got to see them in concert like two years ago and its amazing what God has brought them through. You can really see the lord working there life

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:) | Posted April 13, 2009
This band is awesome. They have great music. :)
I love to listen to them because they are different from anyone else. And I love bands that are different because after a while everybody starts to sound the same. :)

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anjoli (1)

Loved It | Posted October 23, 2008
I had never heard of 33 Miles until my friend brought me this CD--and I fell in love with it. "Stand Amazed" and "Hold On" became songs to which I listened on repeat. All of their songs are very powerful and moving. The lyrics are encouraging and heart-felt and you can feel the presence of god in the songs. I would recommend this CD to anyone.

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Better than Rascal Flats | Posted August 29, 2008
I saw these guys at camp a few weeks ago, and I was suprised by how great they were live. Like Rascal Flats, only better (not that i dont like Rascal Flats...but they are not very good live). My youth pastor bought a few of this album and gave them to us, and i really liked it. I especially like Hold On, Salvation Has a Name, and the cover of When I Get Where I'm Going.

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Really great Cd | Posted August 17, 2008
This cd is awesome. 33Miles is a Christian band with great songs with great lyrics and an awesome sound. They really bring out God in their music and i recommend this cd 100%

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