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God Of The Impossible (Deluxe Edition) [edit]
by Lincoln Brewster | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: May 04, 2018

Renowned worship leader Lincoln Brewster’s tenth album, God of the Impossible, comes from a place of rediscovering what he knows to be true: Our Father holds it all, He is in complete control and nothing can separate us from His love.

Track Listing
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01. Deep Down (Walk Through Fire)
02. Your Love Is Amazing
03. Turn It Around
04. While I Wait
05. Loyal
06. Amazing God
07. Here I Am
08. Everything
09. Higher
10. God of the Impossible
11. No One Like Our God
12. Deep Down (Walk Through Fire) (Acoustic) [Deluxe]
13. Loyal (Acoustic) [Deluxe]
14. While I Wait (Acoustic) [Deluxe]
15. Relativity (Instrumental) [Deluxe]

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A Gift to The Church | Posted June 14, 2018
What You Need To Know:
California pastor and guitar master Lincoln Brewster has long been a staple voice in the worship genre with hits like "There Is Power," "Everlasting God," and "Today Is The Day." Known for transforming Scripture into powerful melodies for the church to sing, Lincoln has been growing in his craft for well over a decade with album after album of creative offerings. Now four years after his last release, the worship leader and songwriter returns with his latest project, God of the Impossible.

What it Sounds Like:
Every song on this album could fit into your Sunday morning worship set, but that doesn't mean they all sound the same--far from it, in fact. God of the Impossible holds moments of both high and low energy, producing a well-rounded album on the sonic front. Reverent times of worship set the stage for reflection ("Loyal," "No One Like Our God," "Here I Am"), while more upbeat tunes invite listeners into celebration ("God Of The Impossible," "Your Love Is Amazing," "Everything"). 

Spiritual Highlights:
Lincoln is skilled at turning Scripture into melodies--a craft that makes every lyric of this album a spiritual highlight in itself. With songwriting that serves the church well, each song brings a message that glorifies God with praise and uplifts listeners with Biblical truths. 

Best Song on the Record:
Mixing confident lyrics of God's sovereignty with one of Lincoln's signature guitar solos, "No One Like Our God" takes the place of the best song on God of the Impossible. It carries a hopeful hook that will easily get stuck in your head, making for a moment you'll keep coming back to and worshipping along with. 

For Fans Of:
Aaron Shust, Corey Voss, Matt Maher

Final Word:
God of the Impossible is another success in Lincoln's lengthy track record of gifts to aid the church in worship.

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Decent...But Could be Better | Posted July 08, 2018
Lincoln Brewster has had a history of creating fun, creative Praise & Worship albums powered by his incredible guitar playing. In a genre full of worship cliches, Brewster stood out from the rest because of his stellar musicianship. In his 10th album however, Brewster continues the trend that Oxygen set: pushing the live band to the background, and allowing the synths to take over in full force. Of course, Brewster throws in his riffs and solos here and there, but they aren't nearly as prevalent as previous releases; and unfortunately they get lost within the synth. 

The album opens with the upbeat, peppy 'Deep Down (Walk Through Fire)', in which Lincoln passionately sings that "Even when I walk through fire / I won't be burned / I'll set my feet upon your word". The next two tracks, 'Your Love Is Amazing' and 'Turn It Around' keep the upbeat vibes going, the latter being a positive look on the recent wildfires in California. The hard-hitter 'While I Wait' really tugs at the heartstrings, with lines like "Though I don't understand it / I will worship with my pain / You are God, You are worthy / You are with me all the way". 

The rest of the album is filled with some more upbeat, joyful tunes about God's providence in our lives (Loyal, Everything, No One Like Our God), and a couple more that would fit better in a traditional worship band setting (Amazing God, Here I Am, the title track). While these songs aren't bad, they lack the musical genius we used to see from Lincoln, and most of them seem like they were designed for radio play. 

Brewster has a real heart for the Lord, and wants to spread the love of Christ to everyone around him, so it is definitely hard to be harsh to the music he produces - because his heart is certainly in the right place...however, this certainly isn't his best work, nor is it close. The aspects that used to make him stand out are almost non-existant. Now, before you think I hate this album...I don't. It's not a bad album, and I actually found some parts of the album to be better than Oxygen (the guitar solos sound much more natural, but unfortunately the synths are much heavier). Compared to what he is capable of, this bunch of songs is pretty disappointing. It's alright, but it definitely could be better.

On a side note, the instrumental track from the deluxe edition (Relativity) is absolutely incredible - definitely worth checking out that one!

Best Tracks: Deep Down, While I Wait, Here I Am

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