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For The Love Of The Game [edit]
by Pillar | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: February 26, 2008

Hailing from Tulsa, OK and having won three Dove Awards, Pillar's For The Love Of The Game is big, fun, infectious rock and roll that further solidifies Pillar's position as fearless leaders in the Christian Rock world. This is an album no Pillar fan should be without!

Track Listing
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01. For The Love Of The Game
02. Turn It Up
03. Reckless Youth
04. State Of Emergency
05. Smiling Down
06. The Runaway
07. Throwdown
08. Get Back
09. I Fade Away
10. Forever Starts Now

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Very Impressive Rock Album | Posted December 03, 2008
Before I dug into this album by Pillar, their 5th full-length release, I was only familiar with a few of their songs Frontline, Fireproof, and the U2 cover Sunday Bloody Sunday. Something changed when I heard the title song For The Love Of The Game. The instrumentation was so tight and the emotive vocal style of Rob Beckley drew me in like my other favorite Christian rock albums of the decade by Disciple, Red and Skillet. If you like those artists, then you MUST get this album.

From the opening notes of For The Love Of The Game, I was hooked. I found myself bobbing my head, air drumming, and pretending I was a Guitar Hero with every song, especially Turn It Up with the 34 Christian song titles in the lyrics, State Of Emergency and Get Back. If you grew up in the 1980's like I did, you'll be reminded of hair metal bands Def Leppard, Poison and Motley Crue, which is fun. As if those great rock songs weren't enough, the two standout songs to me are the ballad Smiling Down and the worshipful closer Forever Starts Now. I got chills listening to both songs. If you like rock music with a great message, then you must get this very impressive rock album. I rank it 90% out of 100%, 4 1/2 stars.

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UNASHAMED TO ROCK FOR CHRIST | Posted September 29, 2008
Contemporary Christian music and ’80s era metal might seem like strange bedfellows, but one listen to Pillar’s For the Love of the Game will erase those notions. This hook-heavy disc features a slew of high-energy rock anthems, a few power ballads, and just enough of the band’s old rap-rock stylings thrown in to keep older fans happy.

While the CD awakens memories of a musical time gone by, it also pays homage to the world of contemporary Christian music. Pillar is unabashedly unashamed of their place in the Christian music industry, and they aren’t afraid to wear their faith on their sleeves as they call on listeners to do the same. This is particularly evident in the title track, as well as songs like “State of Emergency” and “Get Back.” Meanwhile “Turn it Up” provides us with a CCM version of “Name That Tune,” featuring lines from 34 different artists, ranging from Michael W. Smith to Disciple.

With For the Love of the Game, Pillar and producer Travis Wyrick have created an album that could generate plenty of hits for Christian radio, and will have you singing along loudly while pumping your fist in the air. - Kenneth Mueller

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Pillar [For The Love Of The Game] | Posted September 24, 2008
[Main Review]

To be honest with you I have never really been a fan of Pillar’s work. Maybe I was under the impression they were trying to be another cliché rock band. I mean come on…the name of their first album was ‘Fireproof’. Call me crazy but ‘Fireproof’ really sounds, well, typical of a Christian rock band.

So when I got this album to review I had some presuppositions that were not in favor of them. I read the name of this album, ‘For the Love of the Game’, and was immediately interested. I was wondering how they were going to tie in the name of the album with a Christian message. After the first song I understood the name if the album. “The Game” which is referred to in the album title is a reference to Christian life. I’m not too keen on referring to the Christian walk as a game, but I understand what they are trying to say. “Turn It Up” was my favorite song on the album. This song is an anthem for us. I love the fact that many of today’s best Christian rock song were referenced in the verses.

I could drone on endlessly about what I liked in this album, but I would recommend you just go pick it up and listen to it yourself.


I gave this album a 92% because the music was very good but I just could not give it a perfect score. Listen, a 92% is nothing to laugh at, especially from me. The album is great. In fact, I’m going to put it on my Zune…yes I like it that much.


I have been a fan of Pillar since the 2nd record, ‘Fireproof’ and while the name might sound cliché of a Christian band, I found the true meaning behind the song and title made a lot of sense. The song refers to the Biblical account of Meshach, Shedrach and Abednego. How they didn’t bow down to Nebuchadnezzar and were thrown into the ‘fiery furnace’ and survived. They were ultimately ‘fireproof’ because of their faith and trust in the Lord.

Let’s jump ahead to ‘For The Love Of The Game’. I was actually somewhat disappointed in ‘The Reckoning’. I thought it could have been a lot better. The message is what really held it back in my eyes. I remember interviewing Rob Beckley (Lead Vocals) at Rock the Universe 2005 and one question I asked him was, “Why is your message not as evident and often watered down compared to a lot of other artists?” I think he answered my skepticism with the new album. Not only does it rock, but it has a great message.

I think I would have to say my favorite cut from the album would be “Smiling Down”. This song has a great message and the music just fits it perfectly. I get chills when I hear this song. It makes me think of the family of mine that have gone on to be with the Lord, especially my grandfather, Richard Bilyeu. I know if he could look down on me, he would be smiling, telling me “You are going to go through troubles, but I can tell you there is hope and peace on the other side. I love you”. Some days are hard to make it through knowing he is no longer here, but the other time is spent realizing that one day, we’ll be together again.

This is definitely a rock album worth going out and picking up. So be sure to get yourself a copy! Go to our Musichristian link on Pillar’s Artist Profile and get the album on sale and signed!

Review written by: Mike Strubie

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Nathan (188)

Pillar brings their best Game | Posted February 27, 2008
After an unimpressive, experiment effort by Pillar (the Reckoning) which they left their usual band name style, they are back now going with the traditional text. Going back the traditional album art seemed to help things, because their latest album For the Love of the Game is definitely top notch, improved rock.

Pillar went back to old school rock on his CD, as shown on the title track "for the love of the game" which is a heavy rock song with just a hint of screaming, overall though it is great. After the first song Pillar gets on a roll; "turn it up" is a fun rock tune, and reckless youth is heavy, but they might have gotten a little carried away with the electric guitar. "State of emergency" is a solid rock song, but the album does slow down a bit with "smiling down" which nice light rock song.

After ten years in the Christian rock business the music just keeps getting better and more refined. The song "runaway" is a very fast paced rock song, and the heaviest song on the album is "Throwdown". The music is really heavy and it contains the most screaming on the ten track CD. "I fade away" is another good rock song, and Get back's music has a little techno mixed in with the rock and light screaming. The album ends with the lighter (as light as Pillar ever gets) "forever starts now" but it does not sound all right.

The title is fueled by 1 Corinthians: 9:24-25 about the athletes who would not quite until they achieved the prize. The title track is a great anthem ("fight through the hurt, fight through the pain/we live our lives for the love of the game"); "Throwdown" and "get back" are other similar anthems which consider spiritual warfare. The lyrics and messages are excellent all the way around from living your faith regardless of what the world thinks ("reckless youth" which does include a gun metaphor) remembering the less fortunate ("state of emergency"), and thoughts about eternity ("forever starts now"). I fade away is even a Pillar worship song.

Pillar brings their best game on this album, as it's full of cutting edge rock, strong lyrics, and excellent anthems including one every Christian music fan can enjoy ("turn it up"). For the Love of the Game is a treat to play.

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For the Love of Pillar | Posted April 17, 2008
What can I say? This new album from Pillar is one of their best. Each track has it's own character. The musicians seem to have more freedom to express themselves. The drum tracks alone are something to behold. Overall this album rocks. Even the slow song in the middle is very good and catchy. I would definitely recomend this to anyone who likes Pillar and anyone who likes good solid rock music.

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Awesome | Posted March 28, 2008
awesome cd all the songs are great

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All they said it would be and more | Posted February 26, 2008
Great CD! It is all that they said it would be and more. Best song is Reckless Youth, but I love them all!

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Get it! | Posted August 30, 2009
I first heard of Pillar at Camp Electric 08, when I first got into Christian music. They stayed all week and played a concert one night and after that show i went to the merch table and bought all the CDs they had! These are some of the nicest guys ever!

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bull42 (50)

I Love This Game | Posted March 19, 2009
I have said in many forum posts that my favoriye song is "For The Love Of The Game" by Pillar.Then I realized that I need to do a CD review of this CD.This is my favorite Pillar CD.
It is awesome !! The title song goes without saying is a song I never grow tired of hearing. The vocals are great as well as the excellent guitar and drumming.IMO,Lester and Kaleel are the best rhythem artists in rock. It is truly a shame they have left the group.I wish them well in their new endeavers.That being said,the rest of this Cd is great."Turn ItUP" is a good song that takes many of its lines from other well known Christian songs.I always try to count how many I know during the song.My list grows every time I hear it."Reckless Youth" and "State of Emergency" are great rock songs as well. These songs speak to the young people to take back what has been lost."Get Back" has a greatbas line that I really like.It urges all of us to get back to what is important-living for God."Smiling Down" is a good ballad song on this CD. This is an outstanding Cd that needs to be addes to everyone's CD library.I urge everyone to get into the game,you will not regret that you did.

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Twitch (7)

PILLAR | Posted September 30, 2008
This CD is one awesome CD the songs are an upbeat rock tempo it's rally and awesome CD

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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh | Posted September 11, 2008
now this is what i was waiting for! their original sound is so much better! i'm glad that they gave up most of the screaming. i really didn't like the sreaming thing .... nice job pillar

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