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Cosmos [edit]
by The Send | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: July 31, 2007

Joe Kisselburgh always dreamed of being more than just a guitar player. When his previous outfit, Falling Up, began making a serious impact in the CCM marketplace he played his pivotal role, while never losing sight of his ultimate goal: to become a songwriter, lyricist, frontman, and musical conduit. As the days turned into weeks, and eventually years, the tug on his heart to pursue his desires became undeniable. He was left with a vital decision. So the journey began anew for Joe, armed only with an idea-The Send- which is a reference to the progression of the thought from his mind and soul to his music and finally to the listener. However, the songs themselves had been a long time in coming. After several years of work he finally had the material he needed to craft The Send's debut release, Cosmos.

Track Listing
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01. Need
02. Fairweather
03. An Epiphany
04. Blocking The Sun
05. Begin
06. The Fall
07. Drown
08. Santiam
09. The Science of the Sky
10. Dawn & Dusk
11. Say
12. Fire Colors
13. In Repose

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Very Impressed ! | Posted October 18, 2008
I am a huge Falling Up fan,so I was genuinely dissapointed when I heard that Joe was leaving. So you can imagine how happy I was to hear that it was because he was starting his own band.And this cd is really good! Joe is not only a very talented guitarist,but also a great songwriter! I love this cd!!!!!!

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skybo90 (177)

genious | Posted May 25, 2008
so Joseph Kisselburgh is simply, a genious. lyrically and musically. there isn't a bad song on this cd...every song is amazing. my favorite songs are Say, Science of the Sky, and An Epiphany.

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Cosmos | Posted April 10, 2008
I really like this album. It's soft, soothing, and has beautiful melodies. I'm amazed that something this good come out of Falling Up. The lyrics are meaningful. I kind of wish more variety in the songs, because they all seem to be basically the same, slower tempo, and so sometimes it's hard to distinguish between each song, but altogether I was quite impressed.

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aylaeh (203)

came today | Posted December 04, 2007
i got this in the mail today. i ordered it because i heard some of the songs from free downloads online. i really liked what i heard. so today i got the album and i like it. it's soothing to me. it's got a good message and is very uplifting.

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A Good Message | Posted October 14, 2007
When I heard that Joe Kisselburgh, formally from Falling Up, had started his own band, I had to get the album and I actually won it on RadioU! I listened to it and I only like a few songs. 'An Epiphany' was the first song I heard and I actually really liked it, the vocals were good and the sound was nice and soft. 'Need' and 'The Science of the Sky' are two of my other favorites. But while the message is very good the sound just isn't the best (in my opinion.) All in all, it's pretty good if you're more about lyrics than sound. The Send is much like Copeland and Ruth, so if you like them, The Send is definitely for you.

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Really strong debut | Posted August 24, 2007
I heard the first three song featured on the band's myspace page and I was hooked. "An Apiphany", "The Fall", and "Fairweather" just seemed to fit and help me get through a rather difficult situation I was going through. I saw The Send at Ichthus and I pre-ordered the cd then. I first listened then to the rest of the cd the day it came in the mail and realized that the entire album was simply amazing. There is a certain sense of need and desperation that this album has, yet it's obvious that that need has been found in Christ, which makes the album that much more effective. The passion and true feeling put in this record is evident, although not suprising, considering the lead singer and songwriter, Joey Kisselburgh, is formerly of Falling Up, another steller band.

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Extremely impressed | Posted August 21, 2007
I love this cd. Joe Kisselburgh has really shown his talent through this cd. It's easy to listen to and easy to understand.

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An Awesome Album | Posted August 09, 2007
I am extremely thrilled with this cd. I have been waiting for it all year. The off beats through out the songs are awesome. I heard an interview that Joseph had on the R!ot on RadioU, and he was talking about how it was scary for him to step out of Falling Up and doing something more personal from him. I think its really awesome songs. I enjoy the lyrics, and i believe it is a must buy.

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godawgs (65)

Dude!! | Posted July 11, 2007
This CD will rock your socks off!!!

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Rocks!!! | Posted July 01, 2007
This Band Rocks I have Heard The Album It Rocks

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