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Still After [edit]
by Foreverlin | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: May 19, 2015

Most of the songs on this album are themed around a search for worth and a search for love. As I wrote lyrics, I was in a spot where I found myself asking God for words that would speak life into my existence. Two of my favorite songs on the album are Speak and Rest. They are two songs that go together, both musically and lyrically. The lyrics joyfully express a thankfulness in being found and called "son", while asking for words that speak worth in the midst of loneliness and guilt. The final song on the album, Sanquine, is a song I wrote about six years ago as a kind of letter to a friend, even though it is quite autobiographical. It explores the unforgiveness of people and tries to answer the question - Is there love after failure? Although the song asks questions, it declares that, yes, there is still love. Human love may fail, but a Godly love is still there. Still After anything.

Track Listing
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01. Above
02. Pathways
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03. Escape
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04. Speak
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05. Rest
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06. Broken Lines
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07. It Was You
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08. Alsaska
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09. Morning
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10. Below
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11. Sanguine
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An Indie Act to Watch | Posted April 15, 2015
There has been a trio of similar-sounding names in the past few years of indie rock: Anberlin, Sumerlin, and Foreverlin. They are names that sound like part of a series, a sound that while not identical seems to draw definite influences from a similar sonic pool and an uncanny and non-typical approach to creating a rock record. Here we have the sophomore debut from the currently least-known member of the club, Foreverlin. 

What Works: 
Foreverlin's Still After blends a soft, ambient sound with more standard guitar-driven rock to produce an enticing and captivating indie-rock vibe. "Escape" is a highlight, and it would work well as a single. Encouraging a weary soul to persevere, the song carries one of the album's more emotive and memorable choruses, with "Don't let your failures lead your heart towards giving up" serving as of the album's standout lines. 

"Worth Your Love" plays on similar themes in a ballad setting, but the track takes a first person point-of-view to the healing Christ's presence can bring to our lives. Again, the band stuns with some captivating musicianship that foregoes the flashy while still being full and intense. This is another single-worthy selection. "Sanguine" takes things out with a slow-building closer that moves to a rocking climax, refusing to let the album go out on a whimper.

What Doesn't: 
There are a few too many interludes here, as they do not all feel completely necessary (piano-driven "Above" being a notable exception as it does succeed in ramping up excitement a bit at the start of the album). They often detract a bit from the fullness of the album. Some like "Alaska" even feel like they should have been full songs. On their own they aren't necessarily bad, but in the context of the album as a whole, they feel more like they pad out the tracklist rather than enhance the songs adjacent to them. 

Closing Thoughts: 
Foreverlin has put out a treat for indie rock fans, and this is definitely a highlight for the genre this year so far. Foreverlin's organic style feels intimate and fresh, and ample experimentation keeps the record from falling into predictable or standard trappings. 

Still, there is a bit left wanting from the tracklist when all is said and done, and some of the songs feel like they could have and should have been a little more given the strength of what was presented. Foreverlin has all the great ingredients to make a landmark release with a little bit of stirring. Hopefully this album will put them one step closer.

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Stars: 3.5

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