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Reset & Rewind [edit]
by Manic Drive | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 18, 2007

Toronto based Manic Drive returns with one of the most creative rock records ever made in the Christian music industry. Poignant lyrics and unforgettable melodies make this sophomore effort the new standard.

Thirteen songs address topics like hypocrisy, sadness and regret with a common thread of hope weaving its way through each song.

Listeners will be compelled to consider the course of their lives and the hand of God in it.

CD features special guest appearances by Kevin Max, MOC and Jill Parr.

Track Listing
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01. NYC Gangsters
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02. Eleven Regrets
03. Blue
04. Dancefloor
05. Obvious
06. Hope
07. December Mourning
08. Better Man
09. Addiction
10. Change
11. L-O-V-E
12. The End
13. The Inventor

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irocketh (88)

Stick to it! | Posted July 29, 2008
I heard 11 Regrets and thought I would love this album. I didnít. Donít get me wrong there are some very good songs here and the guy has an amazing voice but all the style changes just mess up what could have been a great album. The first half is very good music and makes up for the crappy rest of it.

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skybo90 (173)

Very Good | Posted May 19, 2008
This is an amazing album. It's one of those albums that you could just listen to over and over again. There were only 2 songs that I didn't like out of the 12 songs.

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Artistic growth, a great sophmore effort | Posted November 13, 2007
Manic Drive's first album was released om 2005 with the lead single "Memories" making a splash and catching the ear of many, and why not, it was a blod declaration of faith rapped up in a catchy tune. But upon further inspection the album as a whole did not present itself as something to get hyped about. Sure some of the songs were still good but the overall raw sound, lack of lyrical creativity and songs that sounded the same as each other made the album an average rock effort at best.

So with their second album the band had a pretty low standard to surpass and the good news is that they have done so with flying colours.

From the offset you feel that the album has a different feel to it and that each track distinguishes itself from the others. You might be turned off by the album opener "NYC Gangsters". Not only is the song named horribly but it is an average nu-metal song that sounds similar to something that would be found on a TFK B-sides album if they were ever to release one.

Things however get better from here and you get the oppurtunity to see the artistic growth and improvement with the band. THe first radio single features a piano melody along with haunting choir vocals, something that would be found on an evanescence song. And things don't stay the same from here on as the album continues with "Dance" a funky dance tune featuring a spanish guitar riff featuring female rap vocals. Think Justin Timberlake song featuring missy elliot and you'll know what I mean. This kind of a song would fit no where on the debut, infact now that I come to think of it neither would the songs "The Inventor", "Change","Hope" or "december Mourning". THe last song mentioned makes use of more haunting choir vocals to drive home the message of a melancholic christmas while "The Inventor" uses ambient piano and pognant lyrics reflecting spiritual seeking.
To summarize it all this album is a definite step forward for the band. They incorporate different elements such as piano melodies, rap vocals, and choir parts to give each song a disticnt personality, even the straight up rockers on this album have more interesting guitar riffs and lyrics then the average nu-metal fare that was on the debut cd.

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Josiah (47)

LOVE IT | Posted August 27, 2007
i picked this up at their show last night, and it's sooo freakin awesome, it's one of my new favorites, i love just about every song on it!!!

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TRENDING NEWS STORIES NRT Books Announces Launch | 'Mixtape Theology' Available Now | More News

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