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["Untitled"] [edit]
by The Benjamin Gate | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: May 22, 2001

Track Listing
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01. How Long
02. Scream
03. All Over Me
04. Heaven
05. Lay It Down
06. Nightglow
07. Blow My Mind
08. Halo
09. Rush
10. Secret
11. Hands
12. Live Out Loud
13. True (Hidden Track)

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Diversity Of Christian Music At It's BEST! | Posted September 26, 2009
This band got it?s first taste of the American crowd when they were invited to open for the Newsboys on the 2001 Festival Con Dios Tour, the tour started a short time after they released their first album titled ?[Untitled]? and what this album proved?: The Benjamin Gate was a force to be reckoned with, both lyrically and musically as well.

This exceptional album starts off with ?How Long?, mixing a very electronic sound with somewhat groovy melodies that is sure to catch the listeners ear, showing them that is unlike anything that was, or has been in Christan music since it?s release??Scream? is the fan anthem (the ?fanthem?) of the album with crunching guitars and a power packed chorus, lyrically relating to the passion we feel toward our Creator, valiantly screaming His name. The first single, Dove Award nominated ?Al Over Me? showcases the raw lyrics of a band who wasn?t afraid to be bold about their relationship with Jesus, Adrienne Liesching?s (now known as Adie Camp to many fans) soar in this tune.

The pop driven ?Heaven? is contrasted by the fifth track, ?Lay It Down? which goers back to the grungy sound of the band, the thrashing power vocals of Adrienne and the lyrics that convey our need to lay out burdens down at the feet of our Lord. ?Nightglow? and ?Blow My Mind? takle the subject of our Gods? amazing love for us with both songs sounding like they could easily be played in a nightclub, upbeat and extremely danceable--you?ll find it hard to stay standing when these two tracks play. ?Halo? takes the album back down to a softer tone while the drum laden ?Rush? brings the tempo back up, by far the biggest rock track off the album including a wonderful vocal tradeoff between Adie and producer Quinlan (seen as ?Jude? in Hero! The Rock Opera) as well as a surprise yet wonderfully crafted reprise with a rap of Psalm 1.

?Secret? showcases The Benjamin Gate?s ability to not only rock, but take on lyrics that boggle the mind of the listener, ?My life shades, can You kiss me with Your lips?? might be miss-taken by most listeners, but the core root of this song (much like ?Your Kisses Blind Me? off their next album ?Contact?) reveals a heartfelt cry to God, about needing Him to be real to us and not just when it?s convenient. ?Hands? is the standout track on the album, a stirring worship song with only the instrumentation of a haunting piano, cracks and all, make this the one you don?t want to miss on this album. This is one that is gonna stick with you?the album closes with the pop/electronica ?Live Out Loud? while the hidden track ?True? is a very upbeat pop song about God?s love and how it will never die.

This is by far one of the most unique releases in the history of Christian music, it?s no wonder why TBG?s fans were so diehard, because this band was hard not to be diehard for. This is also an album that would require a very acquired taste, a little rock mixed with loads of electronic pop make this a whirlwind to listen to, you?ll cry and dance and praise and by the time this album is through, you will be tired, and that is always a good thing to say. If your looking for some more rock driven material, check out their sophomore release ?Contact? with a VERY different sound that ?[Untitled]?, but if your looking for something new, ?[Untitled]? is just right for you.

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irocketh (89)

LOVE LOVE LOVE | Posted March 24, 2008
Underrated is the first word that comes to mind when I think of The Benjamin Gate. Adie's voice is just beautiful and the techno track in the background gets stuck in your head with repeated listens.

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My Favorite Benjamin Gate CD | Posted November 21, 2007
Out of all of The Benjamin Gate's CDs, this one is my favorite. Their style is so cool and Adie has such great vocals. The song "All Over Me" was what started me on their music. It's still my favorite one of theirs and I dance to it on my Dance Praise all the time!

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Blow my mind | Posted September 29, 2007
All over me is the best song of this album.
I like the voice of adrienne liesching

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One of my faves!! | Posted September 27, 2007
The Benjamin Gate is no longer together, but their music still rocks. Frontwoman Adrienne Liesching-Camp (Jeremy Camp's wife) is amazingly talented. You can hear her softer side on her solo album debut "Adie" and as background vocals on much of her hubby's music. My favorite songs on this cd are "All Over Me", "How Long", and "Hands". If you like rock with a frontwoman who can hold her own, then you'll love this album.

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Frenzy20 (38)

Female lead singer sings well. | Posted August 27, 2007
I only recently got this CD at a used CD shop. I listened to this group when they came out a few years ago. I listened to this CD again today because I remembered the song (Rush) that had lyrics that came from Psalm 1.

This band might not be together anymore but their music lives on.

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