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I Don't Want To Dance [edit]
by Loftland | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: February 18, 2014

Track Listing
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01. Today Is A New Day
02. Girl Like That
03. How You Love Me
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04. Lie To Me
05. Can't Get Enough
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06. Lovesick
07. Hold On, Small One
08. I Don't Want To Dance
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09. Runaway
10. Let's Make It Loud

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Dancing Tunes | Posted February 19, 2014

In a playing field increasingly influenced by electronic-styled music, fresh face to the game Loftland is reclaiming some ground by continuing to drive home Christian music's stake in the style. The pop-driven quartet, hailing from Wisconsin, is bringing their tunes to a wider audience with 2014's I Don't Want to Dance.

The album immediately demonstrates an impressive control of the electronic format for an act comprised of relatively young members, employing glimmering synthesized beats on songs like "Today is a New Day" and title track "I Don't Want to Dance." These pulsing rhythms sculpting out upbeat offerings about life and love are where the band shows the most mastery.

Moments where the band seeks more diversity shine as well, however. "Lie to Me" has a sharper, moodier tone, exploring a broken relationship with the concisely expressed sentiment "I can't take the truth / so won't you lie to me?" Closing offering "Let's Make it Loud" infuses an intentional crackling tone to the instrumentation, grounding the song as it proclaims unashamed joy.

This project's list of strong points doesn't stop at the surface level. "How You Love Me" showcases some of the most richly textured EDM-flavored instrumentation, but it also dives deep into an earnest look at the way God's love changes our hearts. "Runaway," also richly dynamic in its arrangement, explores the destructive nature of sin. Shimmering, almost trance-style electronic ballad "Hold On, Small On" speaks comfort and deep reassurance into the storms of life with the lyrics "The ship and I are going under, but I can hear a Voice that says / hold on small one, I'm right beside you / when the storms are coming and all your hope is gone."

The lyrical depth of tracks such as those mentioned above may indirectly cause a potential stumbling block for some listeners simply because it stands in seeming contrast to selections such as "Can't Get Enough" and "Lovesick," songs that explore the consuming, overpowering nature of love in language that could easily land them a home on mainstream radio waves. Although the songs are solid in their own right, they do seem a bit jarring placed in juxtaposition with some of the other themes threaded through the album.

Closing Thoughts:
Loftland brings some impressively compelling electronic pop rock songs with an infectious optimism and enthusiasm that easily draw the listener into their slick sonic landscape. Although there are moments of internal thematic discord, the band still shows that they have something to say-- and they're saying it brilliantly framed in a medium much more seasoned artists have struggled to employ effectively. This project definitely marks Loftland as a band to watch.

Song to Download Now:
"How You Love Me" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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ofytube (158)

I Don't Want To Dance | Posted March 02, 2014
You really should buy the debut album I Don't Want To Dance by Loftland. These worshippers will make you praise with their songs. And you really need to listen to their music. Let's adore Him!!!!!!!!!!!


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Another Cookie Cutter Pop Album | Posted February 21, 2014
There were definatly some good things in this album, but it didn't amaze me. 
Loftland's style is very pop-electric with a good beat that drives their songs. Their album's basically a bunch of catchy dance songs with uplifting lyrics. The lyrics weren't particullarly deep, but for this genre I guess they don't have to be. The truth though is that nothing stood out to me. Every song had the classic structure and the album sounded like any other dance album. I guess this was one of those I'd call a cookie-cutter pop album. It didn't carry anything unique, it was just catchy good filler music. I listened to it once and don't need to hear it again. Describing their sound, it seemed like a blend of dance/electric/pop music with some elements from One Direction and Hawk Nelson. If you really like dance music you might get into them, but if you're looking for something special you're not going to find it here.

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I Don't Want To Dance...Oh Wait, Maybe I do | Posted February 11, 2014
If you're wanting to listen to some good music, check out Loftland's latest release: I Don't Want to Dance.  They've got this good pop flare to their music that I feel hasn't all ways been done well in the Christian community.  I really enjoyed songs such as "Today Is A New Day" and "Let's Make It Loud" (which is probably one of the best songs on the album.  I find it funny that it's the last song). Not really a problem, but I took note and thought about how they seem to attempt to combine songs with obvious Christian lyrics such as the ones mentioned earlier with some songs that deal more with relationships, girls, ect.  I don't normally have a problem with Christian artists doing this (if we don't show the world how those things are supposed to look, who will?), and I applaud them for their song "Girl Like That," but their songs "Can't Get Enough" and especially "I Don't Want to Dance," seem, at least with my interpretation of the lyrics, to get a little...edgy.  Check it out, and decide for yourself.  It's playing all week long on NRT's free album preview. 
Over all, however, I'd recommend it.  There's so many great messages on this album, and I just might think about getting soon as I find some money, lol.

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Great Music from Men with Great Hearts!!! | Posted February 11, 2014
What an amazing record. I had the honor of seeing this album come together from beginning to end and have only wonderful things to say about it. To see the way these men live their lives for the Lord added so much authenticity to this all in the midst of a sometimes inauthentic market. I personally appreciate the fearlessness and realness of the band's decisions to write songs about the wonderful Godly women in their lives, having fun, and the endless grace of the Lord.

The song "I Don't Want To Dance" showcases a playful funky song about a boy who doesn't want to dance with anyone except a "pretty lady", which I don't understand how one could perceive that as edgy unless their making inaccurate assumptions. I immediately couldn't help but start tapping my feet and want to grab my fiancè and get on a dance floor and have some fun!

Also, I appreciate and love the infectious song "Can't Get Enough" and applaud the band for pushing the legalistic overly-cautious limits. The song was written for the lead singer's fiancè for whom he had fallen head over heals for. Yes, it talks about a kiss and the undeniable attraction the two have for each other... period. At no point are there sexual innuendos or inappropriate/degrading remarks. The song is REAL, HONEST, and LOVING

The real heart of the men is exposed during the wonderful songs "Runaway", "Hold On, Small One", "Today Is A New Day", and "Love Is A Change"<---(I think that's what it's called). So refreshing to hear them refer back to the foundation of why they write the songs they do and work so hard at this band thing: to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and his amazing blessings. "Hold On, Small One" depicts being lost at sea and a sinking ship. It references how the amazing love of Christ has the ability to pull us out of the deep whenever we look to and lean on Him. This song is an amazing song in all musical markets and I believe has the potential of making it into the mainstream market and pulling at some hearts. Way to go, Loftland! God bless you!

I thoroughly enjoy this record, and if anyone has any questions for the band about their heart, their testimonies, and their love for Christ, they literally respond to anyone who contacts them. They're so accessible and willing to share what God has done for them through the band and just throughout their lives. 

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