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Great Music from Men with Great Hearts!!!
Posted February 11, 2014
By madelinegrace8,

What an amazing record. I had the honor of seeing this album come together from beginning to end and have only wonderful things to say about it. To see the way these men live their lives for the Lord added so much authenticity to this all in the midst of a sometimes inauthentic market. I personally appreciate the fearlessness and realness of the band's decisions to write songs about the wonderful Godly women in their lives, having fun, and the endless grace of the Lord.

The song "I Don't Want To Dance" showcases a playful funky song about a boy who doesn't want to dance with anyone except a "pretty lady", which I don't understand how one could perceive that as edgy unless their making inaccurate assumptions. I immediately couldn't help but start tapping my feet and want to grab my fiancè and get on a dance floor and have some fun!

Also, I appreciate and love the infectious song "Can't Get Enough" and applaud the band for pushing the legalistic overly-cautious limits. The song was written for the lead singer's fiancè for whom he had fallen head over heals for. Yes, it talks about a kiss and the undeniable attraction the two have for each other... period. At no point are there sexual innuendos or inappropriate/degrading remarks. The song is REAL, HONEST, and LOVING

The real heart of the men is exposed during the wonderful songs "Runaway", "Hold On, Small One", "Today Is A New Day", and "Love Is A Change"<---(I think that's what it's called). So refreshing to hear them refer back to the foundation of why they write the songs they do and work so hard at this band thing: to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and his amazing blessings. "Hold On, Small One" depicts being lost at sea and a sinking ship. It references how the amazing love of Christ has the ability to pull us out of the deep whenever we look to and lean on Him. This song is an amazing song in all musical markets and I believe has the potential of making it into the mainstream market and pulling at some hearts. Way to go, Loftland! God bless you!

I thoroughly enjoy this record, and if anyone has any questions for the band about their heart, their testimonies, and their love for Christ, they literally respond to anyone who contacts them. They're so accessible and willing to share what God has done for them through the band and just throughout their lives. 

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TRENDING NRT NEWS: Staff Voices: A Journey Through Sound | Sarah Reeves Essentials | Narnia Coming To Life

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