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Preludes [edit]
by Marthe De La Torre | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: September 24, 2013

Marthe De La Torreʼs debut album, Preludes, blends the organic elements of acoustic sounds, with driving, electronic grooves, putting a unique spin on contemporary worship music. With a singular message, strong, piano driven melodies, soulful vocals, and fresh synth riffs, this album inspires a genuine and passionate worship of God from start to finish.

"The most pure and genuine form of worship will be a mere reflection of the worship that will take place when, one day, we stand in front of God's throne. Our words, worship, and praise to God are a foreshadowing of what lies ahead, they are "Preludes" of things to come," - Marthe De La Torre.

Featured on the album are separate guest appearances from Butta P. (Rhema Soul) and Edward Rivera.

Track Listing
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01. Trust in You (feat. Butta P.)
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02. Only You Are Holy
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03. Never Let Me Go
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04. Your Love Is Crazy
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05. Glorious
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06. Hallelujah
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07. Greatest Sacrifice (feat. Edward Rivera)
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08. Amen
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09. Lær Meg Å Kjenne
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Dawno (57)

Promising, Poised Debut | Posted September 30, 2013
Marthe De La Torre hails from Auli, a village in Norway of about 3,000 people. A gifted pianist and composer, Marthe first came to America in 2002, where she spent ten months in Los Angeles training in performing arts ministry. A few years later, love would bring her back, for during her first visit she had fallen in love with her future husband. Today, Marthe leads worship at The House Los Angeles.

Marthe funded her debut project on Kickstarter, titling it
Preludes because, in her own words, "our most sincere worship... is a mere reflection of what it will be like when we one day stand in front of God's throne. Our words... are a foreshadowing of what lies ahead, they are ‘Preludes' of things to come."

It is evident from the start that rather than conforming to any worship music formula or trend, this record forges its own path. Marthe combines organic and electronic elements to create her own sound: a lively and fresh mixture of EDM, Worship, Pop, R&B, and Urban.

First up, Marthe taps Butta P of Rhema Soul for the danceable, beat-heavy
"Trust in You." Butta P's rap underscores the song's central message of resting in God and trusting in His providence no matter the circumstance.

"Only You Are Holy" pronounces God as supreme and sovereign, while "Never Let Me Go" trusts that He never abandons: "Even though I know I'll fall / You will see me through it all."

As she declares love and fidelity to Jesus on hook-laden 
"Your Love Is Crazy," the song's pulsing, throbbing heartbeat supplies a vitality that renders Marthe's passion irresistibly contagious.

"Glorious," Marthe gets creative with electronic sounds that perfectly convey awe, wonder, and power, while for "Hallelujah"she uses a mellower expression and a more straight ahead R&B/Gospel sound.

Edward Rivera lends his able voice on 
"Greatest Sacrifice," joining Marthe as the two sing praises to Jesus: "You made a way for us to be with You." At over seven minutes long, the track sets and maintains an atmosphere conducive to corporate worship with enough breathing room for personal moments of prayer and reflection.

The gorgeous 
"Amen" brings the worship toward a close. Beginning very simply and gently, Marthe sings a tenderly repeated "amen" over a piano melody before introducing electronic elements around the one minute mark. She then transitions into The Lord's Prayer, setting off the verses with her amen refrain. As it nears the end, the song takes a grander turn with horns and percussion seemingly announcing the presence of the King before turning quiet again, as if on bended knee in supplication.

Just when you think you have a feel for Marthe's sound, she throws a breathtaking curve with 
"Lær Meg Å Kjenne." This gorgeous traditional Norwegian song may be familiar to some as it has been recorded by the popular soprano, Sissel. The song was composed by a fisherman who, upon returning home, discovered that a fire had claimed his possessions and taken his loved ones. Marthe turns in a stunning performance as she sings a beautiful lyric that translates as: "Teach me to know your ways / and to walk them trustingly step by step / I know that what I own / are borrowed goods, and everything is yours / But if your strong hand guides me / I will never see the wrong goal / and for every hope that dies down here / I will receive a greater hope in heaven." (Translation found on Sissel's website,

Closing Thoughts:
In Preludes, Marthe offers up her own brand of worship. With its creative approach, strong set of songs, and uniquely current sound, this compelling debut reveals Marthe De La Torre as an artist gifted with a talent for composition and an earnest heart for Jesus. Though Preludes is just the tip of the iceberg that is her promising future, there is much to be enjoyed here. You'd be remiss not to have a listen.

Song to Download Now:
"Only You Are Holy" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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Preludes | Posted September 26, 2013
Though preludes are a musical construct that came out of the Renaissance, they still brim with meaning for Marthe De La Torre's band new album.  First, historically a prelude often serves as an introductory musical piece to a larger and often more complex work.  Likewise, this album's worth of worship music is also anticipatory of the grander worship we will enjoy in heaven.   As a mere glimpse of heavenly worship, these newly crafted nine-track album serve us (the church) with opportunities to worship God with Marthe's piano-based worship calling to mind the works of Nichole Nordeman and Sara Groves with a heightened electric sound.   Second, preludes in the Renaissance era were often lute compositions (such as written for string instruments).  And a prelude was also a time made available so that lutenists could test their instruments and the acoustics before the performance proper.  Thus, a prelude is a time of grace where lutenists were permitted to play out of tune or miss a note or make mistakes otherwise prohibited in the concert.  Likewise, our time here on earth before heaven is also a time of grace.  Though sin may flourish and though we may fail, God's grace still triumphs.  Thus, when you listen to Marthe De La Torre's "Preludes" the theme of grace will surface is as subtle as a sledgehammer.

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:) | Posted September 19, 2013
She has released a few singles from this album. She brings a diversity, in music, lyrics, and voice. She is reminiscent of Natalie Grant.  If you are looking for the next break out cotemporary artist in the Christian music scene look no further then Ms. Martha

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ofytube (159)

Preludes | Posted September 02, 2013
 You really should buy the debut album Preludes by Martha de La Torre. This contemporary worshipper will make you praise with her songs. And you really need to listen to her music. Let's adore Him!!!!

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