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Morning Rises [edit]
by Aaron Shust | Genre: AC/Inspo | Release Date: July 16, 2013

Hardships generally produce sorrow and heartache, but sometimes there's unexpected joy in life’s trials for those who are willing to look. Just ask Aaron Shust. The past few years have been an emotional rollercoaster for the father of three young sons, yet amongst the challenges there have been miracles with each trial and tribulation. Each crisis led the Centricity Music recording artist to lean more firmly into his faith and the result is Aaron’s new album, Morning Rises, a potent collection of songs that are worshipful, life-affirming and absolutely celebratory.

“It’s therapeutic to my soul to sing these words when life is tumultuous,” Aaron says. “I need to write and find songs that I want to sing, songs that proclaim God as faithful, songs that proclaim God as larger than our situation and our circumstance. I want to sing songs that glorify Him and lift His name up.”

Track Listing
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01. Morning Rises
02. God of Brilliant Lights
03. Cornerstone
04. Rushing Waters
05. God Is For Us
06. Great Is The Chorus
07. No One Higher
08. Deliver Me
09. The One
10. Mighty Fortress
11. Satisfy
12. Firm Foundation

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Dawno (57)

Hope is Rising | Posted July 08, 2013
Pennsylvania native Aaron Shust's career began with a bang. Boosted by the success of "My Savior, My God," his debut reached No. 1 on the Christian album charts, and Shust went home from the 2007 Dove Awards toting a trio of doves: Song of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, and New Artist of the Year. He seemed to be Christian Music's new Crown Prince. However, despite his loyal following, Shust's breakout chart success has not yet been repeated. Still, he has soldiered on and continued to write thoughtful, committed worship.
Morning Rises marks Shust's fifth release, the second on his new label home, Centricity Music. As on the last record, he has tapped Ed Cash for production duties. Notably, this is the first time that Shust has recorded with his touring band rather than enlisting studio musicians. The result is a more personal, energetic sound which captures his reinvigorated spirit. 
No stranger to adversity, Shust and his wife have weathered health-related storms with two of their children— second-born Nicky and their youngest, Michael. Even in the middle of these challenges, Shust has seen joy and witnessed miracles. Still, though God does not always heal, Shust's faith remains unshaken.
Indeed, Morning Rises optimistically breaks the silence with shimmering opener "God of Brilliant Lights." Shust's hopeful spirit is infectious as he declares, "The God of brilliant lights is shining down over us / Breaking through the darkness, covering all the earth."
Continuing to bear witness to an ever-strong God upon whom we can confidently place our hope, Shust faithfully covers the Hillsong hit "Cornerstone."
"Rushing Waters," the first of two songs Shust calls "throne room" songs, is the disc's first stumble. Although musically vibrant and creative, the song is not lyrically memorable. And as arresting as the outro is, the track goes on a little long.
By contrast, the raw but tight garage band sound of "God is For Us" bursts forth with undeniable energy. On this, the record's most aggressive, straight-ahead rock number, Shust's vocals are strong and impassioned as he exults, "We will not be shaken / We will not be silent / Sin is powerless / Our God is for us / We will not be broken / We won't be defeated / Death is powerless / Our God is for us."
While "Rushing Waters" falls a little flat, on the second "throne room" song, "Great is the Chorus," all the elements fall into place: a beautiful guitar intro, a melodic lyric that builds to a crescendoed refrain, and beneath it all, a steady percussive heartbeat. You'll want to take your place in the imagined Heavenly chorus as Shust affirms, "Great is the chorus of the angels of God / The glorious sound of Your name lifted high / Together we worship / Together we cry / You are worthy."
The praise continues as a grateful Shust thanks God on "No One Higher." The chorus, which feels immediately familiar, attests to God's sufficiency: "Lord we stand amazed in Your presence / Astounded by Your mercy and love / Our hands are lifted high in surrender / Your Grace for me is always enough."  
Big worship songs aside, Shust's strongest moments are still the quiet ones. Stunning ballad "Deliver Me" is an honest cry for deliverance rooted in a trusting faith. This tranquil tune will bring calm and peace to listeners. What balm for a thirsty soul!
"The One" finds Shust facing an uncertain future, with his gaze unwaveringly fixed on God. Shust professes his trust, declaring he will not fear, "for the One who holds tomorrow / Holds me in His hands." Indeed, we need never fear, for God is "the One who holds it all." 
Shust picks up the pace with "Mighty Fortress," which he co-penned with Paul Baloche. The guitar-driven worship tune reminds that our God is "a tower of strength, never failing," who "won't abandon...won't deceive...won't desert...won't ever leave."
Intimate number "Satifsy" throws itself into the ring to battle "Deliver Me" for the bragging rights of the album's prettiest song. Assisted by emotive production, "Satisfy" makes it a close contest as Shust professes, "When the battle weakens me / You will be my victory / You supply my every need," while petitioning the Lord to "fill us with Your rest / and fill us with your spirit / fill us with your love."
How does Shust round out a record that is full of hope and trust? By filling it to overflowing, of course, with "Firm Foundation," a rousing tune that recalls Rend Collective Experiment with its contagious energy and enthusiasm!
Closing Thoughts:
Though the record has its share of uptempo tracks and grand worship anthems, the best moments are found in thoughtful tracks like "Deliver Me" and "Satisfy." While listeners may clamor for more of these folksy songs, Aaron Shust has presented a balanced, solid set of songs of various tempos and sounds that are unified in scope and theme.
Here Shust sings songs that communicate a sufficiency and strength that can only be found in the Savior. Songs that remind us that no matter how insurmountable our problems or worries may be, God is infinitely greater. And no matter how blanketing the darkness feels, we must not despair. For in Him hope is ever-present, and daybreak certain.
Without a doubt, Morning Rises finds the singer-songwriter resting firmly on God's promise, proclaiming that "through the storm, He is Lord."
Song to Download Now:
"God of Brilliant Lights" (Get it on iTunes here.)

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Great new music | Posted August 29, 2013
I really am enjoying this new album by Aaron Shust. It is filled with worshipful songs meant to glorify the one true God. God of Brilliant Lights and Great Is The Chorus are my two favorite songs but I have the whole album on repeat.

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rs41js44 (10)

Morning Rises | Posted August 02, 2013
This is the first time I have purchased an entire album by Aaron Shust. Actually, the only reason I did is because I had a coupon to Family Christian bookstore. That being said, as I listened to it the first time, I sat thinking "Wow!". Overall, the instrumental music is outstanding. The lyrics are God-focused and God-glorifying. Not all of these songs are ones I could use in my church's sunday morning music, but I was able to sit at my desk and worship God. There is an overwhelming theme of the brilliance and majesty of our God. I do wish more of the lyrics expressed the absolute need that we have to be redeemed from our sins and our utter dependence on God's grace. All-in-all, this album is worth the money I paid and I look forward to listening to it again.

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ofytube (159)

Morning Rises | Posted August 01, 2013
You really should buy the sixth album Morning Rises by Aaron Shust. This contemporary pop worshipper will make you praise with his songs. And you really need to listen to his music. Let's adore Him!!!

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Morning Rises (Preview) Review | Posted July 10, 2013
 "Rushing Waters" really reminds me of how unrelenting, overpowering and deserving God's praise ought to be and more. This helped so much when hearing a clip of it and breaking through being held back by sin and things and coming back because God is that powerful.

"Cornerstone"  is memorable, catchy and well recieved by not only my local church, but myself included for how vital it is to have Christ alone.
"The One" is like the comfort of a, no, THE father who is in mind the whole time. 
And "No One Higher" is a no wishy washy worship kind of song full of praise. Let his name be praised!

Worship (Motive) 5/5

Relateability 5/5

Memorization (Congregation Participation) 4.5/5

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morning rises | Posted July 10, 2013

Aaron Shust does it again!!!!!!! Not only is Aaron's music always fantastic but he is also a great guy, I can sincerely say that after meeting him several times. He has always been kind to me and my family, his music has been there for me through it all and his praise to the lord is definitely one of a kind! I played my savior my god at my paps funeral and actually Mr. Shust was the one who made me want to play guitar, the first time I met him he signed my guitar gave me some things and taught me things I will never forget and because of him I will soon be attending a Christian college to become a music minister. Thank you Mr. Shust for your contribution to my life and your life in the lords worship!


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Like | Posted July 09, 2013
Very nice sound from Aaron Shust, a pity not to have these projects in Brazil. A sound that pleases and brings us closer to God. Instrumental strong ally to a good letter. Surely it is worth getting this project at home. 

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Another great album!! | Posted July 09, 2013
Loved it, can't wait till it comes out so I can buy it! My favorite song was track number 2! Great job, Aaron!!! Since the album is upbeat, I will definitely be jamming to this album when I go out on my runs, to keep the energy going. :)

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By Samuel | Posted July 09, 2013
The album starts with a melodic and uplift  "God of Brilliant Lights" which easily has already been a radio hit by now.  Next up you get confused if its Jeremy Camp. But seconds into the song Aaron takes this Hillsong hit "Cornerstone" his way with an down tempo offering. Keeping the original intact, Aaron just adds his brilliant tone to make it a fresher offering.

Continue playing and Aaron makes you feel a glimpse of what we would be doing in heaven. Praising God under His throne. "Rushing Waters" though not a creative best is remarkbly honest in its approach as a deep desire to praise the Holy of Holies proclaiming  With the sound like rushing waters /We sing blessing honour and praise./ With one voice that rolls like thunder /Every tongue will now proclaim / Our God Reigns.

The tempo changes with another old hit "God Is For Us". For a better listening you can always listen to the one by North Point which is much energetic, raw and powerful in delivering an uptempo number.  Aaron fails to deliver in this number, and rightfully slows down tempo in the next  "Great Is The Chorus" It begins where Aaron left us near the throne worshiping the Holy of Holies.  A short but melodic bridge and powerful lyrics "Great is the chorus of the angels of God / The glorious sound of Your name lifted high / Together we worship / Together we cry / You are worthy." makes Aaron deliver what he is best known for.

Another North Point number  "No One Higher"  but this time its pleasant as Aaron tries not to copy the tone of Seth Condrey but sing it as he sings best.  Aaron continues the praise, but at times you feel like going back to the beautiful Great is The Chorus again.

"Deliver Me" a smooth and slow acoustic number is a song of asking God for deliverance and trusting Him inspite of darkness. Into your hands I will surrender all / Take it all Let my life bring you praise /With all I am i worship all you are. The saga of trusting God inspite of the uncertain future continues but more beautifully both melodically and lyrically in the next song "The One".  A song you would want to hear again and again when you are all alone no matter what time of the day it is. For the one who holds tomorrow holds me in His hands / And i will not fear the future I trust the great I Am

You have heard this song already "Mighty Fortress".  This faster track fails to make an impact as the song seems to have been produced part good and part bad. Inspite of brilliant lyrics, the badly composed number destroys the lyrics.

Pure tranquility. That silent time when you just want a song to be on repeat. Yes you have discovered that number in "Satisfy". No doubt this is the best produced song with minimal instruments in the album. A song of petition Satisfy also is a song of complete satisfaction in Jesus. Yes, the first time you hear the name of JESUS - feels lovely as you keep on listening to album after album in Christian genre but very few do keep the word JESUS - the name above all names in their lyrics.

Aaron ends the album with a happy go number "Firm Foundation" .  With a flair bit of Mexican flavour Aaron finally finds chord with an uptempo number. A fantastic number to close of the album filled with praise, trust and compelete surrender in Christ.

Some artists speak deep into your heart and make you sit up and praise God. Aaron Shust is blessed to be one such and he delivers that with "MORNING RISES"

Notable songs :  God of  Brilliant Lights ,  Great is The Chorus , The One , Satisfy

If you truly want to worship God with songs you can buy this album and help yourself in praising Him!!

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