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By Samuel
Posted July 09, 2013
By samueldavidmandal,

The album starts with a melodic and uplift  "God of Brilliant Lights" which easily has already been a radio hit by now.  Next up you get confused if its Jeremy Camp. But seconds into the song Aaron takes this Hillsong hit "Cornerstone" his way with an down tempo offering. Keeping the original intact, Aaron just adds his brilliant tone to make it a fresher offering.

Continue playing and Aaron makes you feel a glimpse of what we would be doing in heaven. Praising God under His throne. "Rushing Waters" though not a creative best is remarkbly honest in its approach as a deep desire to praise the Holy of Holies proclaiming  With the sound like rushing waters /We sing blessing honour and praise./ With one voice that rolls like thunder /Every tongue will now proclaim / Our God Reigns.

The tempo changes with another old hit "God Is For Us". For a better listening you can always listen to the one by North Point which is much energetic, raw and powerful in delivering an uptempo number.  Aaron fails to deliver in this number, and rightfully slows down tempo in the next  "Great Is The Chorus" It begins where Aaron left us near the throne worshiping the Holy of Holies.  A short but melodic bridge and powerful lyrics "Great is the chorus of the angels of God / The glorious sound of Your name lifted high / Together we worship / Together we cry / You are worthy." makes Aaron deliver what he is best known for.

Another North Point number  "No One Higher"  but this time its pleasant as Aaron tries not to copy the tone of Seth Condrey but sing it as he sings best.  Aaron continues the praise, but at times you feel like going back to the beautiful Great is The Chorus again.

"Deliver Me" a smooth and slow acoustic number is a song of asking God for deliverance and trusting Him inspite of darkness. Into your hands I will surrender all / Take it all Let my life bring you praise /With all I am i worship all you are. The saga of trusting God inspite of the uncertain future continues but more beautifully both melodically and lyrically in the next song "The One".  A song you would want to hear again and again when you are all alone no matter what time of the day it is. For the one who holds tomorrow holds me in His hands / And i will not fear the future I trust the great I Am

You have heard this song already "Mighty Fortress".  This faster track fails to make an impact as the song seems to have been produced part good and part bad. Inspite of brilliant lyrics, the badly composed number destroys the lyrics.

Pure tranquility. That silent time when you just want a song to be on repeat. Yes you have discovered that number in "Satisfy". No doubt this is the best produced song with minimal instruments in the album. A song of petition Satisfy also is a song of complete satisfaction in Jesus. Yes, the first time you hear the name of JESUS - feels lovely as you keep on listening to album after album in Christian genre but very few do keep the word JESUS - the name above all names in their lyrics.

Aaron ends the album with a happy go number "Firm Foundation" .  With a flair bit of Mexican flavour Aaron finally finds chord with an uptempo number. A fantastic number to close of the album filled with praise, trust and compelete surrender in Christ.

Some artists speak deep into your heart and make you sit up and praise God. Aaron Shust is blessed to be one such and he delivers that with "MORNING RISES"

Notable songs :  God of  Brilliant Lights ,  Great is The Chorus , The One , Satisfy

If you truly want to worship God with songs you can buy this album and help yourself in praising Him!!

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