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Dying For A Heart [edit]
by Krystal Meyers | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: September 19, 2006

Since the release of her self-titled debut album, seventeen year-old Krystal Meyers has garnered a Dove Award nomination for New Artist of the Year, had three Top 10 singles and performed before more than 400,000 people. Additionally, Meyers has graduated high school, performed as part of the Winter Jam Tour, presented at the GMA Awards, been to Japan twice, and completed her second record.

On her sophomore release, Krystal grapples with issues faced daily by her peers. The ambitious project continues Meyers' message of "Anticonformity," encouraging young people to stand up for God's plan for their life. Tracks like "The Situation" delve into the struggle for purity in relationships, while "The Beauty of Grace" reminds that there is forgiveness for all. Krystal explains the message further, "There are a few songs that are controversial, dealing with real issues facing young people today. I wanted to write those songs to challenge the youth of my generation."

Track Listing
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01. Collide
02. Live
03. The Beauty Of Grace
04. The Situation
05. Love Is On The Run
06. Only You Make Me Happy
07. Together
08. Shake It Off
09. Stand and Scream
10. Hallelujah

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IronJedi (114)

She's Got Heart | Posted August 22, 2007

Ok. Let's set the record straight- Yeah, she can rock but there's more to this girl than the typical bluster and posing of the current crop of mainstream rock chicks. Krystal Meyers' music has a message and she has the know-how, industry cred and mad skillz to deliver. If you doubt, know this... with her first single from her debut album, "Anti-conformity," she displaced the Red Hot Chili Peppers from their perch at number 1 on the pop charts in Japan.

The music of this album is dynamic and edgy- filled with brawny guitars, punchy drum work and thick bass lines. Dying for a Heart has an aggressive sound that's even edgier than her previous effort. She's only a year out of high school but shares more in common with Joan Jett than Kelly Clarkson. Miss Meyers writes, plays and performs like a seasoned veteran.

Krystal's songwriting is insightful and hip without coming off as inane. She charismatically addresses the concerns and struggles of her peers without resorting to worn clichés. Every song of Dying for a Heart contains a straightforward, unpretentious message, yet retains an in your face urgency and relevancy.

From first to last, it's evident that Dying for a Heart embodies the passion and devotion Miss Meyers possesses. If you're into chick rock and names like Barlow Girl, Superchic[k], Avril Lavigne, Sarah Brendel, Kelly Clarkson and Ashlee Simpson populate your playlists, then do yourself a favor and get your hands on a copy of this CD.

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Krystal Meyers's Second Album | Posted September 14, 2008
Let's see...this album by Krystal Meyers is just a ton of fun! I really like the songs on here, they're all really catchy. I found these songs to be the kind that easily get into my head and stay there! lol. She's such a good singer and already she's doing so well at a young age :) I love her songs and it's hard to pick the best ones! Okay, here's the best: "The Beauty of Grace" (a beautiful song), "Only You Make Me Happy", "Collide", "Live", "Hallelujah", "Stand and Scream". Great second album!!!

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Nathan (188)

Krystal Meyers is ready to stand and scream | Posted June 16, 2008
After her successful self titled debut, Krystal Meyers is back, with one of the better produces helping her, Ian Eskelin. Her latest album, Dying for a heart is pretty popular, as she continues to be among the best in her style of music.

Pegged as the Christian version of Avil Levine is a not an easy reputation to sustain. While her voice sounds similar to Levine’s in some songs, Krystal Meyers music doesn’t always flow as smoothly and it certainly doesn’t have a the same punk rock that Levine uses. Moving past comparisons Krystal Meyers music is a more rock with pop mixed in, as none of her songs could be defined as punk, “the situation” or “only you make me happy” are probably the closest. Her music doesn’t stray much past pop/rock, but on “stand and scream” she sings almost quickly enough to be called rap.

A couple killers come up in her music like the ending bit in the chorus on radio hit “collide”, and the base is a little too much in light rock/pop tune “together”. Meyers has a great voice, and it helps her especially on the light “hallelujah” and on the hit single “beauty of grace”. The latter is a very melodic, very graceful tune, which flows well and has an infectious light pop tune. “The situation” is solid and so is “love is on the run”, but unfortunately not every song is flows wonderfully or sounds great. The rock song “Live” sounds too much like “Collide” and the cheesy “only you make me happy” didn’t have to make the final cut.

Avil Levine’s lyrics are as not as nice as her music, which gives Krystal Meyers a head start with families. Although that doesn’t mean she gets a bye, she does throw out some good topics. “The situation” is surprisingly bold and explicit about purity and “skake it off” asks God to help her ‘shake off’ the troubles and the words that the world attacks with. Alas not everything is perfect “beauty of grace” is a simple song about the wonder of grace and “hallelujah” is a undemanding worship song. Besides her simplicity in some cases “only you make me happy” is weak (but it does state ‘Fame and fortune/Blind ambition/can’t replace/The love You’ve given’), and “together” has a unfortunately similar statement.

It’s unfortunate when Krystal Meyers is the main leader in her genre, when her lyrics, with a few exceptions, are as simple and weak as they are. Also her music on Dying for a Heart, while mostly enjoyable, is flawed. But when it comes to what the mainstream has to offer Krystal Meyers’s is a good choice.

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Another one | Posted November 14, 2009
This album was a great follow-up to Krytal Meyer's self-titled album and the new look of blonde hair didn't necessarily bring a new style. That'll happen next album. She still continues with her in your face attitude while never straying. "The Situation" is an amazing song with a great message and she did great job with her sophomore album.

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LampaFan (186)

Rockin Hard Sophomore Release! | Posted December 27, 2008
Krystal's sophomore release is rockin! Whether you're jamming to the insanely catchy and upbeat "Collide" or singing along to the radio-friendly pop gem "The Beauty of Grace", this album includes everything a fan of pop/rock could want! The song "Live" is a somewhat middle of the road song with a tad bit of a bland chorus. "The Situation" is an electrifying mix of guitars and drums, but it's the lyrics about sexual purity that steal the show. The peppy "Love Is On the Run" and the whimsical "Only You Make Me Happy" are great pop/rock songs that anyone would enjoy jumping up and down to. Probably the best song on the album (other than the luscious "Collide") is the song "Together". It's just the right mix of pop and rock and the end result is wow! Like "Live", "Shake It Off" is a bit boring, while "Stand And Scream" includes great lyrics about spreading the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. The last song, "Hallelujah", is the only ballad on the album and ends the release in an intimate way.

Overall, the album could have had one or two more slower songs (all that head banging gives me a headache! :), but overall the musical production and the lyrics and Krystal's outstanding vocals all work together to make another great work of art.

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[= | Posted December 07, 2008

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Meyers Has A Big 'Heart' | Posted December 06, 2008
After hearing Krystal’s amazing first CD, I got this one without bothering to preview any of the songs. I just assumed it would be good. And guess what? It is!

It starts off with “Collide”--not one of my favorites, but a good opener. Next came “Live,” a song about trusting God and living the way He wants you to.

Power ballad “The Beauty of Grace” is by far one of the most AMAZING songs I have ever heard. It shows off Krystal’s voice and songwriting talent. “There’s freedom from your scars, the mistakes that you’ve made/Forgiven/The memories erased/baby, that’s the beauty of grace.”

“The Situation” rocks--literally--with hard-hitting guitars and a hard-hitting message that teens today are in desperate need of: save sex for marriage. “Explain your hesitation/Jesus can be your escape…this love was made to wait.”

Halfway through the CD comes “Love Is On the Run,” another rock song that reminds us not to leave love “hiding in the dark, dying for a heart.” “Only You Make Me Happy” is probably my least favorite song on the CD--it’s good, but not great. The title is repeated numerous times and becomes too repetitive.

“Together” declares that we can’t change the world on our own. We need other people, too. “Reach across this great divide/Standing side by side is better/Together.” “Shake It Off” is a laid-back sounding song that asks for God’s help in shaking off our doubts and simply trusting Him.

“Stand and Scream” is the “Anticonformity” of DYING FOR A HEART. It promotes living boldly for Christ and letting your voice be heard. “Hallelujah” is a beautiful close to the album, a worship ballad unlike anything on her debut. The lyrics are a highlight of the album. “This is why I’m here: the scar of a nail/ though time’s slowing down, Your soft-spoken words on my heart left a stain…Your beauty remains and I realize the reason you came.”

Regardless of a few weak spots, DYING FOR A HEART is an fantastic sophomore album from Krystal Meyers. I can listen to all the songs without skipping any, and that’s my final complaint--only 10 songs on the album leaves less room to show improvement.

03. The Beauty of Grace
04. The Situation
09. Stand and Scream
10. Hallelujah

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Ehhhh | Posted November 01, 2008
I really only like 1(Collide), 3(Beauty of Grace), 5(Love is on the Run), 6(Only YOU Make Me Happy) and 9(Stand and Scream) beCAUSE THOSE(whoops, CAPS on) because those are the best!!!!

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AWESOME! | Posted September 10, 2008
THIS ALBUM ROCKS!!!! I lvoe the songs "Beauty Of Grace" , "The Situation" and "Hallalujah"... Good Job Krystal Keep up the good work!!!! ROCK ON CHICA!

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skyve (56)

nice. | Posted June 05, 2008
what can i say??
this CD is GREAT.
krystal is such a great singer.
i really liked the song 'together.'
its great.
and this CD..........

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