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The Upside Of Down [edit]
by Chris August | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: August 21, 2012

Dove Award-winner Chris August extends his amazing success with the launch of his sophomore project! Mixing contemporary Christian styles with meaningful lyrics, he has found a way to worship God and lead others to do the same. Includes "Amen," "This Side of Heaven," "Restore," "1989," "Unashamed of You," the hit radio single "Center of It," and the title track.

Track Listing
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01. Center of It
02. The Upside of Down
03. Amen
04. This Side of Heaven
05. Restore
06. Let There Be Light
07. I Believe
08. 1989
09. Unashamed of You
10. A Little More Jesus
11. Let The Music Play
12. Water Into Wine
13. Meant To Be
14. Truth Is Still True
15. The Upside of Down (Acoustic Mix)
16. Center of It (feat. Manwell) [Remix]
17. Amen (Acoustic Mix)
18. Tis So Sweet

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Chris August [The Upside Of Down] | Posted August 02, 2012
Chris August has really delivered a stellar new album, The Upside Of Down, his second for Fervent Records/Word.  With an impressive sweep at the 42nd Annual Dove Awards, he earned awards for "New Artist of the Year" and "Male Vocalist of the Year," adding him to an elite group of only three artists in the history of the show who have received both awards. He also claimed the nod for "Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year" for his debut album No Far Away. The 14-track new album was co-produced by August alongside Ian Eskelin (Francesca Battistelli, Sidewalk Prophets). 

It leads off with the infectious lead single, "Center Of It,” which picks up right where he left off and takes it up a notch musically as this album is loaded with musical hooks and what stands out the most to me are the messages of these ultra-catchy songs such as the vertical and prayerful lyrics from the opener:  “when I rise, when I fall, You’ll be there through it all” right from Psalm 139. Amen!  Rather than describe every song, let me just say this is one of the most captivating albums I’ve ever heard. Chris has a vocal sincerity and creativity that rivals Bebo Norman, Brandon Heath and Jason Gray, who are my top male singer-songwriters of all-time.  Some of the stand-out moments of the album include “The Upside Of Down” where Chris brilliantly sings the biblical truth, “You are strength in my weakness,” and in the chorus “In the midst of the sadness, I’m closer to You now, that’s the upside of down.” The Kingdom of God confounds worldly expectations and is counter-cultural. As the opening tracks establish, it is in our weakness that we are closest to God.

I am a believer and my testimony is that my love for music led me to Jesus Christ due to the Gospel messages of Christian music. This is a great album for your unsaved family and friends. Another highlight is the poignant second verse of the worship anthem “Amen” where Chris confesses, “His Name is Jesus and His love redeems.” For me, the standout experience of this stellar album is hanging on every note of the gorgeous and moving “relationship” song, “Restore.” I’ve been married for eighteen years, and Chris beautifully phrases how to heal and restore marriages as followers of Jesus, “I propose to you the truth is, marriage does not have to die.” “God is a God Who knows how to heal, so just give it up to the Lord and He will restore.” Amen. August rounds out the album by sharing his observations about the need for reliance on Jesus both personally and in the Church with the other poignant songs “This Side Of Heaven,” “Let There Be Light,” “I Believe,” “1989,” “Unashamed of You” and “A Little More Jesus.” I am so captivated by this album and the bold messages. This is exactly the type of catchy, relevant and challenging contemporary music album for the Church that I have been praying for. I have to give it five stars and every song is incredible. Do yourself a favor and buy this entire album immediately. 


The Upside Of Down by Chris August is one of the most compelling and lyrically transparent albums of the year. Chris has vaulted himself amongst the industry’s top singer-songwriters with an album that rivals the latest by Bebo Norman, Brandon Heath and Jason Gray. As it turns out, we only scratched the surface of August’s soulful, inspiring and meaningful storytelling with his GMA Dove Award winning debut album. If you want to be challenged, moved, and get deeper with Chris August, don’t miss out on this practically perfect album. Several of these songs are instant classics and for sure, August is the frontrunner for Pop/Contemporary Album, Artist, and Male Vocalist of the Year. As one of the tracks proclaims, “Amen, Amen, and the people said, Amen.”

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Woah. | Posted August 23, 2012
So I've been counting down the days until the album "The Upside of Down" by Chris August came out.  Today was the day!  But 11am I was downloading it from iTunes.  I listened through it once while I was working, then replayed a few favorites.  An hour or so later, I was getting ready to mow the lawn.  I hit play on my iPod and started mowing.  A little over halfway through the yard the title song came on.  I had already heard it twice, so I just continued on without paying it much attention.  Then the acoustic version came one.  Usually, I'm upset when my   iPod's shuffle messes up like that, but as it was a new song, I just let it go.  Then I started listening to the lyrics.

"Funny how we figure out where happiness is found,

In the midst of this sadness I’m closer to You now

And that’s the upside of down,"

He's talking about that when you're up, life's going great, you kinda put God to the side.  The downside of up.  But when life takes a sharp turn downwards, you suddenly turn and cling to Him.  The upside of down.

Boom.  Story of my life.  I stopped for a second in the middle of the lawn; thinking.  That was exactly the wake-up call I needed.  

"You are more in my less,

You are strength in my weakness,

I’ll never go back again,

And then Your sunshine ends the rain,

and I return to my old ways,

Why am I a fair weather friend?"

I went from laughing at the breach of grammatical rules, to doing some serious thinking.

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“Blessed are those who don’t see but still believe.” John 20:29 | Posted March 11, 2013
 This is an amaaaazing album! I love especially the song "The upside of down". It says that even in our worst days we got to keep believing that God has a plan, because He does! And this idea is completed in the music "I believe", which is one my favorites. "Sometimes I won't feel it, but that don't change a thing, 'cause it's by faith that I believe."

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More then I expected | Posted August 26, 2012
 After listening to Chris August's last CD I was beyond excited for what was to come! The Upside of Down has impressed me. Chris delivered yet another phenomenal album and I am LOVING his new song "1989." This album tells so many different stories and impacts lives, and I love the fact the Manwell from Group 1 Crew made it on here, it makes the album so exciting and fresh!

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