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All Things Possible [edit]
by Mark Schultz | Genre: AC/Inspo | Release Date: September 04, 2012

If anyone knows about possibilities, itís Mark Schultz. Whether selling out the famed Ryman Auditorium as an indie artist and youth leader, biking 3,500 miles across the U.S. to raise money for widows and orphans, or becoming a platinum-selling artist, award-winning songwriter and 14-time Dove Award nominee, Schultz has made the most of the many gifts God has given him.

Now, with his much-anticipated new studio project, All Things Possible, Mark continues to create very personal songs that showcase his knack for giving voice to the emotions we canít express on our own. Producers Seth Mosley (Newsboys) and Pete Kipley (MercyMe/Phil Wickham) make the most of this talented musicianís God-given gift for storytelling, making sure the music beautifully complements the spiritual tales heís telling.

This isnít just "the next Mark Schultz album," though. From the first notes, itís clear that Schultz doesnít just have a new record label home, he also has a new energy and a fresh perspective after more than a decade in the music business. At the same time, heís an artist who knows who he is. Songs of encouragement, stories of hurt and healing, and an ever-present reliance on God continue to be unshakeable cornerstones of any music Schultz makes.

While this album marks a new chapter, heís still the same voice behind hits like "Heís My Son," "He Will Carry Me" and "Letters from War." Listening to All Things Possible is like rediscovering an old friend and finding him at his absolute best, anxious to share all that Godís been doing in his life. You won't want to miss it!

Track Listing
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01. All Things Possible
02. One Day
03. It Is Well
04. I Gave Up
05. Love Walked In
06. What Do You Give A King?
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07. Haven't Met You Yet
08. I Will Love You Still
09. More To You
10. Be Still
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11. Song Of Freedom
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Mark Schultz [All Things Possible] | Posted August 24, 2012
Platinum selling artist Mark Schultz is set to release his first studio project in three years with his album, All Things Possible, on September 4. During his career Schultz has been widely embraced for his hit songs such as, “He’s My Son,” “Remember Me,” “Letters From War” and “I Am.” The album is Schultz’s debut release from his new label home, Fair Trade Services.

Opening song “All Things Possible” gets this great album going with an upbeat reminder of what it means to live in the freedom of God’s grace. Mark has written another great anthem for the Church that reminds us that under our own strength many mountains we face will seem impossible, but with God all things are possible. The same goes for salvation, we can’t earn Heaven, only through complete surrender to Jesus and putting all of our hope in Him can we be saved. As Christians, we all can loudly proclaim the bridge: “My God is strong and mighty, My God is faithful, My hope is in the Lord, For He is able, For He is able.” Amen to that! There are also great hymn re-writes of “It Is Well” and “Be Still.” Like his previous hit song “Love Has Come,” they are both great anthems that I can imagine singing in church with fellow believers. Other highlights on this album include Mark’s song of encouragement “One Day” and the upbeat song “I Gave Up.” Both songs are filled with biblical truth with refrains of  “one day we will touch the Healer’s hand, one day we will be whole again” and “Everything I got ain’t what I’m worth, that’s not the reason I’m living… I’ve got everything I need in life if love’s all we’re taking to Heaven.” Amen!

“Love Walked In” and “More To You Than This” include Mark’s signature storytelling and keep the great musical and lyrical intensity going. For me, these songs are the standout experiences of this stellar album. I find myself hanging on every note of the gorgeous and moving “relationship” song, “Love Walked In.” I’ve been married for eighteen years, and Mark beautifully phrases how to heal and restore marriages as followers of Jesus, “Love walked in through the door, face to face with brokenness, said it’s still worth dying for, met the world with a kiss, walls fell down when Love walked in.” “More To You Than This” is a wonderful song for women about knowing their true identity. I get goose bumps when Mark sings the incredible bridge: “And all the love you need, you cannot find it, inside a magazine, you cannot buy it, don’t let them pull you in, don’t let them sell you, your God died on a Cross, He died to tell you, there is more to you than the lies you believe, they were never true.” I have three young daughters and this year has been marked by several songs by Christian singers about finding their true identity in Christ which all minister to me and my family. My daughters are more precious than anything in the world to me and to their Heavenly Father. This song celebrates the biblical Truth from Psalm 139, that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” I break down as I sing and pray along for my wife and daughters to find their true identity in Christ when Mark begins and ends the song with the poignant lyrics “I know you’re compared to some image on a page…but it’s fake.”

I've been collecting every song by Mark Schultz since his debut self-titled album and his sincere songwriting and pure vocals have always caught my attention. The emotion behind his songs “He's My Son,” “When You Come Home,” “Letters From War,” “Walking Her Home” and “Love Has Come” have all made my regular rotation of my favorite songs of the past dozen years in CCM. On this new album, from the emotional power behind first single “All Things Possible,” to his story-songs of encouragement “One Day,” “Love Walked In” and “More To You Than This” and the upbeat song “I Gave Up” this album has me singing along in praise to my God and Savior from start to finish.

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Mark is Back: A Lesson on the Importance of Balance | Posted September 25, 2012
 I have been a fan of Mark Schultz since he debuted way back in 2000 with his #1 single "I Am The Way".  It's safe to say he's one of my favorite artists ever.  So basically, I'm a little biased when it comes to reviewing this album- but not in the way you think.  You see, I hold Mr. Schultz to a very high standard- one he set in 2003 when he released Stories and Songs, an album that I feel was his crowning achievement- an album he has yet to match in production, heart, depth or melody.  While I have enjoyed Mark's subsequent releases since Stories & Songs (Broken & Beautiful and Come Alive) I felt they were lacking in the above areas, no matter how perfectly formulated they were.  Broken & Beautiful had some great story songs but the pop tracks seemed to be more like paint by the number style songs than anything truly inspired while the story songs on Come Alive were far too saccharine, sappy and sentimental for my tastes and musically, every single song seemed to go for the rafters, leaving one feeling exhausted by the end of the record.  Basically, if Mark had combined the two albums, he'd have created another classic a la Stories & Songs.  On All Things Possible; however, there seems to be a better balance of all the factors that make a Mark Schultz album great; and while it may not reach the cinematic heights of  Stories & Songs  or his eponymous self-titled debut, All Things Possible is a welcome return to balance. 


There are noticeably fewer story songs on All Things Possible and I think this is wise.  Mark is no longer a youth leader and he's spent most of his last two years vacationing in Europe with his wife and establishing a family back home in Nashville. (he and his wife recently welcomed their first child) Thus the focus back on personal life has left little time for the relationship building required to write a good story song about someone else so Mark wisely sticks to his personal experience on standout tracks such as "I Gave Up", "Haven't Met You Yet" and "I Will Love You Still".  When Schultz does venture into the story song territory, on "One Day" (inspired by a paraplegic fan who attended one of his concerts), "When Love Walked In"  and "More To You Thank This" (which don't appear to be inspired by any particular individuals but rather by tragic archetypes of our society) Schultz points to the spiritual principle behind the story instead of simply setting the narration of individuals' lives to music.  


The remaining pop and worship songs on All Things Possible rival those of his peers and should have no issue finding their place on radio playlists.  The title track (and first single) with its powerful chorus inspired by that all too familiar verse in Philippians (4:13) screams radio hit and is already climbing nicely on the AC charts and potential singles "It Is Well" and "Be Still" continue the tradition set with Mark's mega hit "I Am" of scripture inspired anthems while "What Do You Give a King" is a solid praise track that should work nicely into many churches' Christmas worship sets.  


Musically, it is nice to hear Mark try some new things as well as revisiting some sounds he occasionally experimented with in the past. "I Gave Up" (with its New Orleans-influenced saxophone coda of "When the Saints Go Marching In") brings back the care free yet upbeat fun of old concert favorites like "Running Just to Catch Myself" and "When You Give" with some cool vintage guitar work, horns and background vocals that brings to mind The Beatles.  "Haven't Met You Yet" bounces along at a breezy, easy-going tempo reminiscent of "Come Alive", the title song from Mark's last album that was a much needed reprieve from the bombast that was showcased on the rest of the record. The crown jewel of All Things Possible; however, is album closer "I Will Love You Still", a love song co-written with his wife.  Mr & Mrs Schultz written a truly classic melody here that feels fresh but at the same time comfortingly familiar. Using falsetto and an interesting mix of major and minor chords to create a epic yet intimate feel, "I Will Love You Still" is bound to be a wedding classic for years to come and if new label Fair Trade Services is smart they will send this directly to radio (both Mainstream AC and CCM).  


In the end, I'd place All Things Possible in the middle of Mark Schutlz' discography.  This is a solid album by a veteran artist who knows what he wants to say and how to say it.  While sales of Mark's Fair Trade Services debut have been slow (it debuted way down at #33 on the Christian Album Sales Chart), All Things Possible is an album deep with potential radio singles and as CCM fans begin to hear new Schultz songs on the radio, they most likely will waltz over to their local Christian Book Store (or iTunes) and pick up a copy of this excellent AC/Pop album.


Radio Ready- All Things Possible, One Day, I Will Love You Still, It Is Well, Be Still, I Gave Up, More to You Than This

iPod Picks- I Will Love You Still, I Gave Up, One Day, All Things Possible

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e_fox1 (4)

Love this CD! | Posted September 17, 2012
I received this album free, and I absolutely love it!  I have been a fan of Mark Schultz for a while, and his music keeps getting better and better.  Favorites are "Love You Still" and "More To You Than This".  I can see myself in both of these songs in a couple areas.

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All Things Possible | Posted September 06, 2012
  All Things Possible is such a creative album for Mark Schultz, a lot of experimenting on the album which really did work for him. The song writing and storytelling on the album is just superb. The album is Schultz’s debut release from his new label home, Fair Trade Services and Mark stayed true to his storytelling and powerful vocals.
Mark Schultz is one of the most underrated artist in CCM industry, this album is such a good one and I hope it doesn't get overlooked by critics, award committees and the world.

Best Songs

All Things Possible

I Will Love You Still

What Do You Give A King

I Gave Up

It Is Well

One Day

More To You Than This

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All Things Possible | Posted September 02, 2012
Mark Schultz did a good job with this album. From the upbeat, anthemic "All Things Possible" to the sweet and short "I Will Love You Still," Mark Schultz's ballads and uptempo are pretty good. The only thing is that he doesn't go anywhere new, musically, but he still puts out a solid record.

  • All Things Possible
  • One Day
  • I Gave Up
  • Love Walked In
  • I Haven't Met You Yet
  • I Will Love You Still

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Another great compilation of songs! | Posted August 31, 2012
I love Mark Schultz' mix of songs -- ballads to songs that want to make you get up and dance.  He is such a great songwriter -- just takes you through the whole gamut of emotions.  I could sit and listen to Mark sing all day long.  It was great to read the stories behind some of the songs, too.  Great, great album!

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Company | Posted August 30, 2012
 A great album - to show us that God is in our company everyday, every moment. The music "all things possible" is my favorite! Because a lot odf Mountains can stand in our face, but God is with us, to pass troght them! lol

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All Things Possible, Mark Schultz | Posted August 29, 2012
This music is Wonderful!!!!  I Just Love it!!  Beautiful work!!  Thought provoking. This song makes you really stop and consider all that God does through all our hurts and failures. And "With God All things are Possible". Or and the children in my Sunday School would quote...."NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE with GOD!!!!!"

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kflock (2)

Fantastic | Posted August 29, 2012
It is hard for me to be objective when it comes to Mark Schultz music! I'm such a fan because his music found me several years ago in a very dark place and shined a light that helped me find my way back to God. This latest album is equally inspiring and reaches to the depths of my soul and has me singing, praising and raising my hands to God and finding strength that no matter how tough life can be on this earth, we find our rest and strength in the Lord! I hope Mark knows that his work is not in vain and has changed lives... at least it has changed mine!

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Inspiring! | Posted August 29, 2012
     This is my first experience listening to Mark Schulz's music.  I am hard to impress but now sure Mark's music speaks directly from his heart about God and his need to tell the world about Him.

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