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Outta My Witts [edit]
by TeTe | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: May 22, 2012

If you've ever heard that you dance too much, sing too loud, rap too hard, or your love for Jesus is waaaaay too serious, then TeTe may have just created the soundtrack for your life with "Outta My Witts"! This high energy, fist pumping, head banging eleven track album is sure to keep you moving on the dance floor until the party is over.

With guest appearances by DJ Sean Blu, C Phresh and her Society Revival labelmates: Rel Paul, Cortney Joi, and Tyman Ray, this fun and up-beat fusion of pop, hip-hop, and R&B will make you want to go a little insane, but in a good way! Tracks like "They Don't Stop" and "Get Up" will definitely make you want to get your weekend started with a bang while other singles like "Get Wit It" help you realize that TeTe has an edge to her that you weren't expecting. She refuses to leave you guessing about who it is she puts her faith in with the hits "He's The Man" and "Without You". And with the infectious "Clone Free Zone" and "On Fire" this project is sure to make this summer feel like a never ending vacation!

This generation is in need of more voices. Not voices that speak their own opinion but voices that speak the truth. TeTe has answered the call and has boldly given us the project: "Outta My Witts", it let's us know that it's ok to be different, it's ok to stand out and It's even ok to be a little long as your crazy is for Jesus.

Track Listing
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01. Clone Free Zone
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02. Get WIt It
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03. He's The Man
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04. Can't Get Enough
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05. WIthout You (feat. Tyman Ray)
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06. On Fire
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07. They Don't Stop (feat. C-Phresh & DJ Sean Blu)
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08. Get Up
09. Revolution 2 The Pandemonium (feat. Rel Paul)
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10. U Suck
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11. I Promise (feat. Cortney Joi)
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Hard-hitting, Fast-paced Truth | Posted May 30, 2012
In her debut album, Outta My Witts, TeTe gives Christian music fans a true alternative to Lady GaGa, The Black Eyed Peas and Nicki Minaj.
The album starts with a hard-hitting bass line and a frenetic pace with "Clone Free Zone."  The song is about not conforming to the world around you, and TeTe definitely doesn't conform to anything out there. It really is an Arsenio Hall moment (things that make you go "hmmmm"). You don't yet know if you will love the album or hate it. 
Next up is "Get Wit It." The starting lyrics tell you of TeTe's beliefs right from the start: "See nothin in the world is bigger than my God." The song is lyrical brilliance, and TeTe's flow is smooth and quick as she gets her point across: "Get with the program; He is the man, the only One, the chosen Son."
The next song sings more praises to God in what feels like a great summer time, top-down, kind of song. There is no other way to say that God is awesome than to just say that "He's The Man." TeTe invites you to come along for the ride with Jesus and really know that He is the one who is greater than every man.
In this time of over sexualized music, the next song somewhat copies the seductive feel of some songs that you may here on your local Top 40 station. "Can't Get Enough" can take on many meanings in today's music and usually refers to not enough sex. In this case though, the lyrics speak of not getting enough of God, and just wanting more and more of all He has to give us: love, grace, mercy, correction--which really is what we all need.
The fifth track hits with strong vocals from Tyman Ray, another artist in the Society Revival stable of artists. Once again the dependence on God is shown: "Without You everything is nothing, Jesus you make everything worth something."  The vocals and lyrics on "Without You" again are impeccable and the strong bass line makes you groove along.
A strong dose of electronica is up next with "On Fire." The beat in this track is somewhat repetitive from earlier songs, and the electric guitar is over processed. I have a feeling that this track would be amazing performed live with ripping guitars and a real drum kit.  This track really left me wanting more. The lyrical theme maintains the consistency on the reliance on God and wanting to have your heart set on fire.
"They Don't Stop" starts out with some smooth vocals, drawing you into what is going to be a real party. This is a fun track and gets away from some of the earlier seriousness.  Parties don't stop; that's what this song is about. It features C-Phresh and DJ Sean Blu.  The party though isn't your typical party; the party here is a Holy Ghost Party. Get your hands up and praise God with a holy fist pump.
The bass line on the next song is sick. It hits hard and fast. Put your hands to the roof and "Get Up." This track has a nice lyrical flow and gets your head bobbin. The plays on tempo throughout the song add a nice tension and break up what could be very monotonous.
Labelmate Rel Paul sets off the next track in a hardcore manner, reminiscent of This'l. "This is the Revolution to the Pandemonium" is the anthem of this generation to get up and make a change in this world. This track hits hard and bangs even harder. This track will be getting top billing on the playlist.
In what may be an even more controversial track than "Can't Get Enough", "U Suck" tells off the devil in just those words: "You suck so bad! … Go back to where you belong, don't get cozy this is not your home." This is a song about claiming your victory and not being afraid of defeated enemy. The lyrics are indignant, angry and real.
The album ends with "I Promise." Cortney Joi comes in for the assist with great vocals.  This is TeTe's most personal track. She promises her listeners, friends and family and most importantly her Lord and Savior that she won't forget where she came from, what she has been through or what He has done for her. This is most definitely the most musical track of the album and really features great vocals by Cortney Joi.
Closing Thoughts:
When I first listened to Outta My Witts, I really didn't know what to think at first. Once I got into it and heard the message being conveyed, I got it. The beats are fast, the lyrics show a great maturity for a new artist and the production of the album from such a small label is great. The album flows together smoothly with a constant theme and at no time do you wonder where TeTe stands. She stands firm for her God and shows that young women can truly take a stand and don't have to be conformed to world around them but can be transformed through the renewing of their minds (Romans 12:2).

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