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Beauty From Pain 1.1 [edit]
by Superchick | Genre: Pop/Rock | Release Date: July 18, 2006

Through movie soundtracks, commercials, television shows, and sold-out concerts, Superchic[k] caught the attention of pop-rock-punk fans everywhere. The mainstream release of Beauty From Pain 1.1 on Inpop/Columbia Records positioned Superchic[k] to reach an even greater listening audience. Featuring all the hit songs from the band’s 2005 album, Beauty From Pain, the re-release also breathes fresh life to the disc with remixed versions of the fan favorites “We Live,” “Anthem,” and “One Girl Revolution,” in addition to the smash hit “Stand In The Rain.”

Track Listing
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01. Anthem
02. Pure
03. Bowling Ball
04. We Live
05. One Girl Revolution (Remix)
06. Wishes
07. Stand In The Rain
08. Courage
09. It's On
10. Suddenly
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11. Beauty From Pain 1.1

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Logan (12)

Excellent | Posted February 18, 2008
Sum-up: The best Superchic[k] album to date.

Songs to download: "Stand In The Rain," "Anthem," "Beauty From Pain," "Wishes," and "We Live."

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Nathan (188)

Refinment through work | Posted December 29, 2008
The success of the many singles (“Anthem”, It’s on” “Pure” “One Girl Revolution”, and the hit single “we live”) of Superchic[k]’s mainstream released Beauty from Pain was apparently good enough to launch the 1.1 version. And despite what fans may think of Superchic[k]’s work ethic considering time between album and album lengths there is no denying that the formula that Superchic[k] uses has been successful and continues to be successful.

It’s not too hard to guess what’s genre Superchic[k] mainly deals in after hearing “anthem”; a rather catchy girl rock song which uses some loud guitar riffs. The song “Stories (Down To The Bottom” with tobyMac, was omitted from the 1.1 version which all but eliminated the occasional hip hop feel that Superchic[k] infrequently uses with the exception quirky rock song “pure” and “we live”. While the background vocals in “bowling ball” are irritating the fast paced, upbeat punk/pop/rock anthem remains intact thanks to a consistent beat and lead singer Trisha Brock’s fine vocals. While “one girl revolution” was originally released on the band’s debut disc Karaoke Superstar and re-mixed on their Regeneration project it the mixed version shows up again on the 1.1 CD probably for the same reason it has showed up on previous albums: the beat, vocals, and riffs all rock (although it’s about time the trend died). The juvenile sounds of the verses’ in “wishes” don’t get much more mature throughout the song is pretty much out classed against the always rocking “it’s on”. Likewise “suddenly” falls short of the intensity of “it’s on” with the average rock chorus. One thing that Superchic[k] thrives one besides catchy girl rock tunes is emotional ballads which are heavily influenced by Brocks passionate vocals on “we live”. The one new song on the disc, the mega hit “stand in the rain” is very artistic with the mesmeric piano and the title track is also an amazingly well crafted ballad which is an excellent point to end the album.

Despite Supechic[k]’s solid music, their mission of inspiring, empowering, and helping their fans believe in themselves is a little shallow. Going hand in hand with Beauty from Pain 1.1 was their explanation of what the band believed in which included not limiting ourselves when it came to changing the world but avoided who we should be changing the world for. With that in mind Superchic[k]s lyrics can be better understood. Though “we live” has great lyrics about embracing the moments that we have (We live we love/We forgive and never give up/Cause the days we are given are gifts from above/Today we remember to live and to love’) the focus is certainly not on God. The same is true of “stand in the rain” which basically takes a simple message of standing through trails and transforms it into an emotional hit with the help of some inspirational music. Sparking a revolution is defiantly on Superchic[k]s mind (which is simplistically portrayed on “One Girl Revolution (remix)” and “It's On”) though remember God’s name is never mentioned or implied. Both “wishes” and “bowling ball” target the need to let go of bad relationships for girls while “courage” centers on an eating disorder. Based on Job 23:12 the message of “Beauty from Pain” is described in the title (‘I wonder why God lets me walk through this place…You will bring beauty from my pain).

Overall the changes on Beauty from Pain 1.1 have left a better album than the original, with a better song selection. The music is incredibly solid from the catchy pop/rock tunes to the riveting ballads but while the messages they send are all positive there is some shallowness to the lyrics that doesn’t just apply to the lack of spirituality.

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username2 (378)

4.5/5 | Posted September 11, 2011
Superchick's Beauty From Pain is probably their best album so far.  After two albums filled with upbeat pop punk songs, the band takes on a more rock driven focus for this one but still retain their old sound on some songs.  The songwriting has also gone through a change as more slow ballad-type songs are present and the music shows growth and maturity. Lyrically, the album deals with more mature themes then their previous ones and it's a nice move by the band to do that at the risk of growing stale.

Beauty From Pain is an ambitious album.  The band's style has changed a bit while still retaining their roots, the songwriting shows growth and maturity, and it sounds cleaner production wise.  All these changes work as Superchick manages to make their best album to date.

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1.1 Mainstream release is not as good as 1.0 | Posted January 28, 2011
The chicks had it very well for the first release of Beauty From Pain. What about this one?

First, it is disappointing to see the omission of the gentle, heartfelt song Stories (Down To The Bottom) featuring tobyMac and truDog. A mediocre Regeneration remix of One Girl Revolution takes its place. Very sad.

However, the addition of Stand In The Rain more than makes up for this. One can wonder why it was not included in the first place. Perhaps it was a way to transition towards Rock What You Got.

Overall, those who already purchased the first Beauty From Pain only need to obtain the Stand In The Rain single. This is the route I suggest for new fans, if still available. Otherwise, this album is nice too.

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pretty good | Posted July 01, 2009
Bein a superchick fan I enjoyed "Beauty from pain 1.1".Though I thought to be dissapointed at first with the record,I have quickly grown to enjoy the songs.My favorite song on the album are "We Live" it's a great story and a great music video.

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LampaFan (182)

Good. | Posted November 22, 2008
Superchick is good. Not amazing, but good. I enjoy their love for the Lord and how they like to have fun, but their talent is limited. My favorite songs are "We Live", "Stand In the Rain" and "Pure". Pretty good, if you ask me.

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Disappointing | Posted August 12, 2008
I really liked the songs I heard of Wow Hits (Pure and We Live), but when I came to buy the album for my sister, I actaully couldn't stand it. I tried to listen to it, but I think it was too heavy for my style of liking, so I wasn't really impressed with Beauty From Pain 1.1.

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SUPERCHIC[K]§ | Posted June 20, 2008
Superchic[k] is the coolest band and this is the BEST cd you could ever listen to!!

After i heard superchick play at creation fest i couldnt not listen to them!!

I bought the cd right there right away and then i listened to it all the way home and i still listen to it every chance i have and i have memorized every song...i cant wait til i can get their new cd on the 24th!!!!!

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Amazing. | Posted June 18, 2008
This is the first Superchic[k] album that I ever bought. I wasn't so sure I liked their sound in the beginning but one listen to this record and I was changed forever. The title song 'Beauty from Pain' is the best one yet!

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Awesome | Posted June 04, 2008
this cd is really good. I love the songs pure, stand in the rain, and anthem. i give this cd one hundred percent and a ten out of ten rating. totally recommendthis cd.

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bull42 (50)

No Pain Here | Posted May 29, 2008
Inpop recording artists Superchick have hit a homerun with Beauty From Pain 1.1. The Cd kicks off with a great song "Anthem". This song should be every young woman's favorite song (I really like this song too). "Pure","We Live" and "Stand in the Rain" all received plenty of air time on CCM radio. These are all excellent songs. "Bowling Ball" and "One Girl Revolution"
are upbeat songs that are excellent. This is a Cd that needs to be a must have in everyone's collection. I saw Superchick live in concert about 2 weeks ago. They have a great live show and are very entertaining. They are a can't miss band when they are in your area.I am now an official Superchick fan.

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