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Remedy [edit]
by David Crowder*Band | Genre: Praise & Worship | Release Date: September 25, 2007

Known for being musically innovative and always being ahead of the curve, David Crowder*Band offers up Remedy, their most accessible release to date. With just shy of 1 million copies sold, the band is set to claim even more ground with the first single "Everything Glorious" gaining ground at AC & CHR Christian radio.

Track Listing
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01. The Glory Of It All
02. Can You Feel It?
03. Everything Glorious
04. ...Neverending...
05. Never Let Go
06. O, For A Thousand Tongues To Sing
07. Rain Down
08. We Won't Be Quiet
09. Remedy
10. Surely We Can Change

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Great, but not quite "A Collision" | Posted October 02, 2008
Funny, but maybe it takes time for each DC*B release to become my favorite as I didn't love "A Collision" compared to "Illuminate" and I don't love "Remedy" compared to "A Collision", yet. Certainly some songs standout on "Remedy" like "Never Let Go", "Surely We Can Change", "Can You Feel It", "The Glory Of It All" and "Everything Glorious". Another gem by DC*B. I'm guessing in another few months this will be my favorite.

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art10 (114)

David Crowder Comes Full Circle | Posted September 24, 2007
Great modern, inventive worship music is hard to come by these days, after all, it seems like you've heard it all before. But all that changed when David Crowder Band first hit shelves. And this release finally cements his place in CCM history. From start to finish, this is the best praise and worship album of the past two years, no contest. Yeah, it's that good.

For those of you who were fans of "A Collision" this is not B Collision. In fact, this album takes the best parts of the first section of "A", and cranks it up to 11, for ten songs. All the songs are number 1 hit material, but it doesn't feel like it. Every song has that Crowder touch to them, and they stick in your head long after listening.

"The Glory of It All" is your typical church worship song, it immediately sets up a worshipful mood, only to move to more of a youth group praise song with "Can You Feel It." "Everything Glorious" is a simple and catchy song, that's pretty lite in feel. It has a pretty great easy listening feel to it in the car. "...Neverending..." has the feel of "Forever and Ever etc" from the last album, which is weird, because it's basically the same type of song, and the same basic message.

But where Crowder really shines in this album is the ballad type songs like "You Never Let Go." These type of songs have a great feel to them, and Crowder really takes the cake here letting his vocals really shine, but never taking the glory off of God.

"O, For A Thousand Tongues To Sing" has that familiar element too since it's a classic hymn. This is a great update, and the listener is never lost in the song.

It's hard to pick a highlight, but "We Won't Be Quiet" is a good pick. It's a great upbeat tune that is a jumble from every element from the last album, minus "I Saw The Light". However, it's so good, it could have lasted longer, like the rest of the album.

Overall, if you're looking for some fresh worship music, look here. It's probably the best of the past two years. The whole album continually carries a hint of familiarity, yet makes every song new at the same time. I only buy a praise and worship album if it's one that's truly original, and redefines the genre, and this album certainly fits that criteria. Expect it in my CD collection very soon.

The last line from the album is "The whole world is about to change." Well, I can't argue with that, especially after they listen to "Remedy." It raises the bar for all praise and worship albums to come.

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Once agian | Posted January 14, 2012
Once agian, David Crowder Band creates amazing works of art in musical form. Worshipfull vocals, wonderfull background, and words that confirm just how much this band loves the Lord. Looking forward to their next work!

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GOOG26 (2)

Remedy | Posted March 26, 2009
This album has some awesome tracks and lyrically is probably one of the best. David Crowder has always been a step ahead when it comes to music, and with the simplist lyrics they move you....

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DCB | Posted August 07, 2008
David Crowder Band's Remedy Album is an inspirational alternative to Worship like Hillsong. Most of the songs are very interesting but my favorite is Everything Glorious.

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bah93 (13)

A+ | Posted July 04, 2008
I really really liked this CD, great worship tunes!! I don't own it, checked it out in the library. But I promised myself that I will get it when I buy "The Bird And The Bee Sides" by Relient K ^_^

Love every single song written for this CD, they all sound different. The Album proves that there are several meanings when it comes to the Glory of God. If you're into Hillsong United, you're gonna love David Crowder. The CD uses a lot of acoustics and some even techno xD Great Music!

My favorites from this Album would be.... man, it's hard to pick :P I would say the whole CD but if I had to pick 2 it would be:
"The Glory Of It All"

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DCB...whoo-hoo! | Posted May 28, 2008
Wow this...I have no words for this cd! What an awesome cd! The lyrics are so great and since David Crowder Band are so gifted its a no wonder its a great cd! I love this cd! Never Let Go is great to listen and it makes you feel great after you listen to it. Great cd and I totally recommend it. LISTEN TO THIS CD!

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Good Cd! | Posted May 24, 2008
I really like this cd! A few of my favs on it are Never Let Go, ... Never Ending ..., Everything Glorious, and O, For a Tousand Tongues to Speak. I really like David Crowder*Bands style of worship music!

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sweet!! | Posted April 27, 2008
i went and saw them once and i feel in love.
there music is awesome!
just to letcha know.
there was one song that i heard before i went and i allways wondered who it was by and it was them.
i was totally freaking out when i found out.

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We Are The Remedy | Posted November 14, 2007
When I bought "Remedy" I came in with low expectations, but after a listen I was extremely impressed.

I was surprised that the band chose to begin the album with a slow song but it works well. "The Glory Of It All" is an incredible worship song, that speaks of what Christ gave for us that we may live/ For the glory of it all. "Can You Feel It?" shows up next with a message of sensing God's presence wherever we go. The first radio single, "Everything Glorious", is the third track and has a great hook with a worshipful chorus. The fourth track is "...neverending..." which speaks of God's unending reign. "Never Let Go" slows down the pace of the album and talks about God's great faithfulness; while "O, For A Thousand Tongues To Sing" is wonderful rendition of the hymn originally written by Charles Wesley. The seventh track is a straight-up worship song called "Rain Down", which calls for God's love and grace to rain down on us. "We Won't Be Quiet" quickens the pace with a call for the church to never stop worshipping. My personal favorite is the title track "Remedy", which is a beautiful song about Christ being the remedy. It also challenges believers to bring the remedy. The album ends on a soft note with "Surely We Can Change" which stays with the theme of the album of the church bringing the cure.

If you are a fan of the David Crowder Band even if you're not you should give "Remedy" a shot.

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cmt06g (26)

Great Album! | Posted November 12, 2007
After the A and B collisions, I wasn't sure what to expect out of the remedy. But this album proved to be on of David Crowder's best. Love it!

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